Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I need this.

I also need a nap.

I am Dog-Tired.  

Not Boom-Tired, though, because she is bouncing around like Richard-Fucking-Simmons.  Where tiredness is concerned, she is the anti-dog.  {Does that make her a cat?  Cats sleep way more than dogs.  Perhaps it should be "Cat-Tired?" Or "Sloth-Tired" - those suckers really know how to loaf around.  Meh.  Whatevs.}  

Seriously, I forgot how exhausting SITTING AT A DESK and WEARING REAL-PEOPLE CLOTHES and SHOWERING DAILY and INTERACTING WITH ADULT PERSONS for eight hours straight can be. 

And that's the end of this post.  I know, I know.  Lamesauce.  


  1. That print is totally adorable and I am laughing so hard at your dog "bouncing around like Richard-Fucking-Simmons". Congrats on getting back into the desk-sitting-real-clothes-wearing-interacting with adults world! :)

  2. perfect print. although champagne did cause me real pain monday morning. oy. and your full embracing of lamesauce? makes my heart happy. have a great day 3 tmrw!

  3. You'll get back in the groove soon enough! Right now I'm bitching and moaning about not finding work, but as soon as I get back into the 9to5 I'm sure I'll be bitching and moaning about work and how tired I am :)

  4. Love the poster - it's amazing how we forget what it's like to have a real job...where's my lady of leisure status? ;)

  5. Thrilled for regarding the job, but, feeling you pain 100% regarding how f-ing exhausting being a grown up is. I could totally professional napper.

  6. I need that poster. and an espresso. stat. <3

  7. I'm really not sure how I made it through 80% of my working life without americanos ("discovered" them 18 months ago!) and I need that poster as well.

    Also, I don't think children appreciate naps as they should. I sure didn't as a child, and now I regret that every single day. I'd kill for nap time.


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