Monday, March 29, 2010

"more wag, less bark"

We saw this on a car decal today.  Kind of love it... adding it to my Bumper Stickers for Better Living file... seems like another one of those Mantras to Remember When You Are A Lawyer Married to Another Lawyer... or if you're simply One Part of a "High-Spirited" Pair.  

One of the vows Evs and I wrote together and then... uh... vowed (duh) to one another reads "I will speak to you with encouragement."  It's my favorite vow.  Admittedly, not my strongest.  But Favorites count for something, right?  This year, I'm shooting for an "E for Effort," if not a full blown A+.   

And for the sake of paraphrasing a nifty little Life Reminder for myself, and in the name of metaphors-involving-adorable-wiggly-puppy-dogs,  More Wag, Less Bark gets the job done.  

Speaking of adorable-wiggly-puppy-dogs and marriage and Tillamook Extra Sharp Reserve Cheddar (well, maybe not that last part, but everything's better with gorgeous cheese, yes?)...

Bragging on Evs a bit here... My "paper" anniversary gifts included two coffee table books I've been drooling over for months (Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens, People & Domino: The Book of Decorating), but my oh-so-savvy hubbers made a covert "I-Just-Know-She'll-Like-This-Even-Though-She-Didn't-Send-Me-Ninety-Four-"Reminder-Links" Purchase that is surely my New Favorite Frivolous (Non-Clothing) Thing Ever:

{Yes. That's an actual subset of Favorite Things.  Just ask Julie Andrews.}



PERFECTION!  The Boom thinks so too! 

My favorite spreads...

Brooke Shields & Border Collie by Bruce Weber, American Vogue, January 1991

Tania Mallet & German Shepherd, by Eugene Venier, American Vogue, July 1981

Manolo Blahnik with Luna (and shoes!), by Ivan Terestchenko, Japanese Vogue, May 2000

Cartoons and article snippets like this one from the 1910s cracked me up - "Every dog has his day; there are fashions in dogs, just as there are in frocks, complexions, and viewpoints, and a 1917 woman would blush to be seen with a 1916 model dog!"  

"Love Fashion, Love Her Dog," illustrator unknown, American Vogue, February 1917

A few more from the glossies, courtesy of Daily Mail:

And more snippets of our low-key celebration...

"Paper" for Evs... The Velveteen Rabbit

+ Adirondack Chairs (I cheated and used our dating anniversary too - 4 years = Wood)

Surprise Mini Wedding Cake at Fearings - extremely thankful for the amazeballs service since the top tier of our wedding cake is still sitting at my grandparents' house in Waco...
First Anniversary Fail. 

Picnic (sans grub / plus April's Esquire) in the Park

Grilled Chicken with Mango & Avocado Salsa, Spanish Rice, and Kathryn Hall Cabernet

The Boom: Always on Patrol

Cheers to You... Yours... and More Wags, Less Barks. 


  1. I have an extra of those Wag More stickers on my fridge (I bought two). It's a pinkish color with brown text/border. If you would like it, it's yours. DM me on Twitter!

    I like how the Boom approves of your book. :) You can definitely see her interest.

  2. such a pretty anniversary post!

  3. Happy first anniversary :) I love the gifts (Velveteen Rabbit is one of my favorites), and I love that you went with traditional gifts. We did the same, and I'm already trying to come up with my creative gift for cotton.

  4. What a wonderful anniversary weekend! I am coverting your book right now, and headed to Amazon to look for it right now!

  5. what a great weekend! the canine fashionistas book looks amazing! my fur-baby would be all over it!

  6. What a fun post! I'll definitely be checking out that book! Those wag more stickers are really popular here in Annapolis, but it was a trend I didn't mind following, and i've got a blue one on my car that I love :)

  7. Crazy! I bought a box of dog treats this past Saturday and inside was a "Wag More, Bark Less" bumper sticker! It's currently on our fridge. I love the message.

  8. Happy Anniversary! I have enjoyed reading and laughing through your blog. I saw on Elizabeth Ann Designs that you two are celebrating in Oregon. I live in Portland and have lived in Eugene before, and as any food obsessed Portlander would, I would be happy to share places of food and drink! Have a wonderful trip, it is great here!

  9. Happy Anniversary! I love that the boom is right there as you're opening presents, our dog is exactly the same. Definitely going to have to check out those books!

  10. Happy Anniversary!

    I wouldn't stress about missing out on the tradition of the top tier of your cake. Ours was NASTY. We ate less than a bite and threw it away. So gross. And it was only frozen for a month (we cheated!). The problem was the fresh flowers were left on top when it was packaged, and is why we ate it after just one month. This happened to couple of other girlfriends, and theirs' were similarly ruined, too. Hopefully yours was packed better and is free of decaying floral pieces!

  11. Good Job, Evs! That book is great! You know I just loooove the great dane pic! :)

  12. What great anniversary gifts! Paper comes from wood, right? So I think the chairs fit in perfectly. :)

  13. that vogue book is to die for. congrats on the one year! no worries about the cake. hubs and i had ours and we still forgot to eat it till about 4 months later. no bad luck on us yet!

  14. Happy anniversary! Dogs and Vogue sounds like the best combo ever.

  15. Congratulations!
    That Vogue looks awesome.. those pics are all amazing!


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