Tuesday, April 27, 2010

wedding fashion update

Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments and emails today regarding my wardrobe choices this past weekend... It was a very fun opportunity to bust out some of my favorite dresses from events past, as well as an excuse to purchase a new frock!

The one-shoulder dress is by Trina Turk and was one of my many "I'm Getting Married & It's an Excuse to Buy New Clothes!" investments...  Its definitely my favorite from that bunch and would have been my choice for Sal's actual wedding had I not been reading (I felt it was a little too bright and bold to be standing at the pulpit amongst a very classically attired wedding party).  I wore it to my own bridesmaids' luncheon and morning rehearsal:

For the rehearsal, it was actually paired with the pink pashmina that I wore to the Bride's beach house on Thursday evening... it was a gift but I believe was purchased from a street vendor in Paris (not that that helps at all but, you know, inquiring minds...). 

The blue and white shift is from Zara and was purchased three years ago for my friends' D & D's wedding in Natchez, Mississippi (Good Lord, I cannot believe it's been almost 3 years!). 

And the dress I sported at Sal's wedding is a recent buy from Nordstrom... Designer is Donna Morgan, it is still available, and the price is definitely right! 

Hope that covers everyone's questions! 


  1. Gracias!!! Maybe the Trina will turn up on eBay someday. Also heart the Nordies!

  2. OMG I've been lusting over that Donna Morgan dress from Nordstrom for like a month! I posted about wanting it on my blog and now you've inspired me to get it.

  3. Gah! It's backordered until July!!! Booo.

  4. I always forget about Zara and there is one right down the street. After knowing where you got that adorable shift I will have to start frequenting Zara more. Thanks for sharing!


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