Saturday, May 22, 2010

in the market for a dream gown?

I'm selling my wedding dress!

To find out more... 

... visit Once Wed...

... or Wedding Bee

{Note: If nothing else, y'all know I love an excuse to post wedding photos!  Haha, um, ha, but seriously... BUY YOURSELF A DRESS!  It's super duper good luck... I wore it on a highly successful day! Pinky-Swear!}


  1. Whoever gets your dress will be a lucky lady... what motivated you to try and sell it (aside from the obvious reason that you won't be wearing the dress again)?

  2. Your dress is so gorgeous Kate, it will make someone else's day !

    I keep thinking if I should sell mine... I'm in two minds.


  3. WHAT!?!?!?!? YOU ARE SELLING THAT GORGEOUS DRESS. Too bad I'm not in the market ;-)

  4. Oh my god - I want to get married again for your dress. You are selling?!

  5. I freaking love your pics and your dress...but you know that :)


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