Thursday, June 10, 2010

Taco! Burrito! What's Comin' Outta Your Speedo?!

{I tried for a good 20 minutes to find the video clip... Major YouTube Fail.}

I've been perfecting my taco recipe for about a year. <--- This is a statement that makes it seem as if I'm slaving away in my kitchen, mortar-n-pestle-ing my way to a flawless conglomeration of spices and seasoning by way of blood, sweet, cayenne pepper, and tears.    

Which is sooooo what I want you to think.  

However, in reality, I've pimped out my tacos by building upon pretty familiar territory:

Thank you, McCormick for your 64-cent, clean ingredient wonder packet!  Why mess with a good (and easy) thing? 

So you've got your spicy pouch of gloriousness... here's what else you'll need: 

Tomato-y* Tacos with Guacamole 

*Dust off your Go-Go-Gadget Gear... we're about to sneak veggies into a true Man Meal!  

- 1 taco seasoning packet (I prefer the hot varietal!) 
- small glug of olive oil
- 2 T finely diced purple onion 
- 1 lb. ground meant (93/7 fat content for me)
- 3/4 c. of water
- 3/4 pint of cherry tomatoes (the yellow sunbursts give the best flavor for this recipe), quartered 
- salt / pepper / red chili flakes (per usual) 
- 2 avocados, fruit removed and chunked - save 1 pit
- 1 or 2 spoonfuls of finely chopped purple onion
- 6-8 cherry tomatoes, finely chopped (for the guac, I prefer the red grape 'maters)
- 1 t.+ lime juice 
- kosher salt 

Rando Tips

#1: Don't refrigerate tomatoes!  The chill will make the fruit grainy.  Keep those suckers room temperature... Some days, I allow mine to sunbathe on the sill! 

#2: I like to dice up an onion or two on Monday for easy access throughout the rest of the week.  
#3: I never seem to have a fresh lime or lemon on hand when I need one... thus: my little plastic friends filled with fresh citrus juice chillaxin in my fridge.  See Lime's friend, Lemon, too?

{Yes. That IS 4 containers of mustard you see.  
Sign us up for Hoarders: Buried Alive by Condiments}


Add a small glug of olive oil to a non-stick skillet over medium heat.  Partially caramelize the first set of onions, then add the ground beef.  Crumble and brown meat.  Line a colander with heavy duty paper towels. Place browned beef and onion mixture in the colander to drain excess fat (the paper towels keep the onion bits from escaping through the colander).  Rinse skillet.  Return the beef and onions back tot he skillet and fill with 3/4 cup of water.  Replace on the stove over medium heat and stir in the seasoning packet.  Bring liquid to a boil.  

Add first batch of quartered tomatoes (the yellow sunbursts, if you can find them!), stir and reduce heat to low.  Allow the mixture to simmer, stirring occasionally, until tomatoes are practically disintegrated and the vast majority of the liquid is absorbed.  Oh, and salt, pepper, and red chili flake the shiz out of that beefy goodness!

Meanwhile, whip up your guacamole!  Pretty darn fool proof: place the chunked avocado, diced onion, diced tomatoes (the red grapes this time!), lime juice, and kosher salt into a bowl and mush with a fork... yep, it's that easy!  I usually don't stray from these ingredients, but Rachel, a true Goddess of the Guac, has what looks to be a great recipe as well!  

Don't forget to save one of the avocado pits to plop back into the leftover guacamole... with the pit sitting on top and the bowl covered tight with saran wrap, your guac won't turn brown in the fridge! 

Now you've got your perfectly seasoned, kicked up taco meat (with a little something extra!) and your simple / simply delightful guacamole... Grab a couple of warmed flour tortillas (one of these days I'm going to get ambitious - and lardy! - with the PW's recipe), line 'em with the guac, top with a layer of beef, and shred a hunk of sharp cheddar or pepper jack over the whole shebang for the finale**...

**I regretfully admit that I failed to flex my cheese saddlebags muscles on this particular South of the Border outing as I'd just finished detailing my box grater.  Lazy, but true.  

Taco recipe yields enough meat for 5 good sized tacos / Guacamole serves 2 people + 3 covert chip-dips by the chef during meal prep time!  

Can you say... Ole!  


  1. Ole for sure! That looks so yummy. I love tacos. You know that uber-annoying Progressive commercial, where annoying lady asked guy what she's thinking of, and he guesses "tacos"? I can tolerate just that one section of said ad, because I feel like I am always thinking about tacos!

    Also, why does the pit or citrus juice stop the browning? I need a scientist to put this in right brain terms for me.

  2. yummm! i love burritos and especially guac! that was one of my fav SNL skits!

  3. Yum! That sounds delicious!

    I cannot get enough Mexican food.

  4. Coming from a Dallas Diva, who I envision has ate more than a few types of tacos, I will give this a shot.
    Your guac is a proven winner.

  5. That looks really good. I love, love spicy Mexican food.

  6. I didn't know that the avocado pits help keep the guac green. Thanks! That's awesome!

  7. Hold up....the pits help keep it from turning brown? This is the best news all week. This might change the way I eat and make guac!

    Also, the tacos look yummy! I love the idea of cherry tomatoes cooking with the meat at the end. I'm gonna try that next time!

  8. Thanks for the tomato/fridge and avocado/pit tips! Where do you learn these tidbits? :)


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