Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the big easy

Evs and I had such - bold, italicized, double underlined (which isn't an option, I'm aware - but if it was, I'd be all over it like white on the rice underneath a massive vat of Louisiana red beans) - a brilliant time in New Orleans this past weekend (thanks in great part to all of y'all's recommendations - muchisimas gracias!)...   We both agreed it's the best mini-trip we've taken together!  

So... a little pictorial recap...

We Ate.  Lots. 

{proof that delicious food does not have to be beautiful}

I'll pause for a moment to pay homage to the cuisine of The City That Kindled in Me a Love for Shrimp.  I love fish.  But prior to our visit, I just wasn't a fan of those slippery little crustaceans. Which, as a Baby Foodie, was an embarrassment.  {Although, truth be told, I have always loved the hibachi shrimp at Benihana and the like.  Which, again = EMBARRASSMENT.}  Now?  Kinda adore those critters.  And I ate them with wild abandon not once, not twice, but thrice in NOLA.  Anyhoo... I won't even review all our restaurants because everything we ate was phenomenal {although, Cochon wins for Best Appetizer / Muriel's for Best Entree / Commander's Palace for Best Dessert + Overall Meal / I am wholly unimpressed by Cafe Du Monde b/c of (a) terrible service and (b) I am not a "warm pastry person," unless we're talking really amazing, non-sticky cinnamon rolls}, but for posterity's sake... What + We Ate, NOLA-Style:

Friday Supper: Donald Link's Cochon**
Appetizer (Ours): Fried Alligator w/ Chili Garlic Aoli
Salad (His): Shaved Squash Salad (not listed online)
Entree (Hers): Catfish Courtbuillion*
Entree (His): Smoked Beef Brisket w/ Horseradish Potato Salad
Side (Ours): Lima Beans
*{entree winner}
** {thank you for the correction - brain fart!}

Saturday Lunch: Cafe Pontalba
Whole Shebang (His & Hers): Creole Combination
- Red Beans & Rice w/ Smoked Sausage
- Jambalaya
- Shrimp & Chicken Gumbo

Saturday Snack: Cafe Du Monde
- (Ours): Beignets, Cafe Au Laite

Saturday Supper:  Muriel's Jackson Square
Salad (His): Spinach Salad
Salad (Hers) Muriel's House Salad
Entree (His): Blackened Redfish w/ Louisiana Crab Stuffing
Entree (Hers): Pecan Crusted Puppy Drum w/ Crab Relish
Dessert (Ours): Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee

Sunday Jazz Brunch: Commander's Palace
Appetizer (His & Hers): Yaya Gumbo 
Entree (His): Pecan Crusted Gulf Fish w/ Champagne Poached Gulf Crab
Entree (Hers): Chili Shrimp & Goat Cheese Grits (not listed online)
Dessert (His): Pecan Pie w/ Vanilla Bean Icecream
Dessert (Hers): Peach Crisp w/ Bourbon Icecream (not listed online)
Drinks (His & Hers) (Lots): Mimosas

We Drank.  
Sometimes Like Mature Adults.  
Other Times, a Bit Like College Students.  

{Hurricanes. "Huh... tastes like a frat house."}

We Soaked in the Sights.  

We Sported Various Pieces of Flair.  

We Experienced San Fermin en Nueva Orleans.  
And I Kicked Myself for Not Packing My Flamenco Scarf.  

We Grooved to Jazz.  
Lots and Lots of Jazz.  
Jazz in Little Haunts.  
Jazz on Bourbon.  
Jazz at The Ritz.  

We Discovered a Man Who Needs to Move to Nashville Immediately.  
Unfortunately, He Currently Resides in a Semi-Depressing Bra Bar. 

We Howled at the Moon.  
Which I Freely Admit is My Favorite Goober Bar Ever.  
Give Me Dueling Pianos and I'll Give You My Heart.  
Also... This is Josh.  I Love Josh.  If Josh Was On American Idol, I'd Actually Watch That Show All the Way Through, for the First Time Ever.   

We Had a Beer with the Back of Rod Stewart's Head.  No, Seriously.  

We Witnessed What Happens When Good Bridesmaids Make Bad Decisions, re: Dress Sizing.  

I Took Nearly 100 Photos.  
Only One of the Two of Us.  
Probably Not a Winner for the Christmas Card. 

Simply cannot wait for our triumphant return to the Crescent City!  


  1. I love New Orleans! It has such a good vibe.
    Ummmmmm--that is all I can muster to say about that bridesmaid. I'm glad you took a picture to share with us. bwahahaha.

  2. Such fun! I love Nola! Minor quibble...Cochon is actually Donald Link's restaurant, not Besh's! Looks like you had a great time, though!

  3. Looks like you had a fabulous trip! I've never been to New Orleans but it is definitely near the top of my travel wish list.

    That bridesmaid, what was she (and the bride for allowing that) thinking? So glad you shared that with us!

  4. I love love New Orleans! Grew up right around there. It's my favorite city in the world, so glad yall had a good time!
    PS- I am determined to get married in the St. Louis Cathedral...but with better-fitting dresses :)

  5. I big pink puffy heart NOLA. It's one of my favorite places in our little U S of A. Haven't been in years, but am dying to go back.

  6. I've never been to New Orleans, but it looks absolutely amazing!
    That bridesmaid is a hot mess, too funny!!! The embarassing thing is that she's likely clueless to the fact that she completely botched the whole thing!

  7. I have been to NOLA a few times now and while it is actually not my favorite place (I'm totally over the nakedness and drunkenness and everything smelling like pee and puke-ness of the city) it does have some of the best food I've ever eaten. (although I have no fewer than five friends and close relations who have gotten food poisoning there. And not the "I'm too old to admit that I drank a vat of cheap beer on bourbon street and then ate a hot dog from a sketchy looking cart on that same street so I will tell everyone that I have food poisoning" kind but the real deal) But not at cafe du monde. That place sucks. The service is ALWAYS awful. And there are better beignets elsewhere in the city.

  8. Looks like a great time! I went there years ago and would love to go back. Love that bridesmaid dress...do people not have mirrors?

  9. AHHHH SO JEALOUS! My boyfriend and I went to NOLA for New Years '08 (our first trip together) and I fell in love with the city then!

    I'm so glad you had an amazing trip! Now I'm itching for some oysters and etouffee and maybe a big ass beer or two!

  10. YAY YAY YAY!!!

    So happy for you about shrimp. Because I love those damn things, and now I can give you some of my fave shrimp recipes!

    I hope you bought one of those FUBP shirts.

    Also: I've been giddily dreaming up possibilities since the girls-trip-to-nola twitter convo last night!

  11. I live in Nola! glad y'all had an awesome time here and enjoyed great food!

  12. I said the same thing when I tasted the Hurricanes at Pat O's... "Hmmm. Tastes like college."

    I'm shocked no one warned you about the poor service at Cafe du Monde. It is one of those places where "You don't go for the service" much like The Oasis in Austin is a place where "You don't go for the food." The beignets and cafe au laits are so cheap, though, the poor service didn't bother me.

  13. Sounds like great fun! The flamenco scarf would have been perfect. But no Tujague's (aka: home of the most fortunate conception), I see. Another time, perhaps. xo T

  14. Love NOLA! My hubby's from Baton Rouge so we eat LOTS of Cajun and Creole food. If (read: when) you go back you must go to Cafe Amelie on Royal. Great food and the best adult drinks I've had in NOLA.

  15. I'm ready to go!! And I'm super happy that you discovered the goodness in shrimp!!

  16. You make me want to leave RIGHT NOW!!

  17. Ahh!! Love NOLA! So glad you had a great time! I need to go back sometime soon! We also drank like college students when we visited the crescent city! GREAT pictures

  18. I've never been to NOLA but am dying to go. Looks like an amazing trip!

    I'd kill that bridesmaid if she was mine.


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