Wednesday, August 25, 2010

couple crush

I try not to get too invested in the lives of the Hollywood Elite.  Yes, I love red carpet fashion (a daily dose of The Fug is a necessity in my workweek!), lie in wait for the release of celebrity wedding photos, and occasionally sneak a People magazine into my grocery sack, but I pass on All Things Perez and attempt to remember that I don't actually know these people, regardless of how many of their "in-depth" interviews I skim.

Sure, there are actors who have a soft spot in my heart - mostly of the olderish generation, people I've grown up watching on the silver screen... Diane Keaton, in all her menswear glory; Robert Redford; Meryl Streep; my dear Sir Hopkins.  And there are card-carrying members of the Glitterati I simply find stunning (official,  lamination-worthy ranking of my Lesbian Island and Five forthcoming in their own - well deserving - post).  

But I've never had a true Celeb Couple Crush.  Riddle me two people blessed with fame, fortune, good looks, and each other and I likely wouldn't give two hoots if they split tomorrow...  But there's just something about these two that make me root for 'em.  

Michael C. Hall has been a favorite since the golden days of Six Feet Under (a series whose superbness remains unmatched in my book).  So thoughtful was his portrayal of David Fisher that I had him pigeonholed for future roles... more or less unbelievable as an actor unless another "quietly complex homosexual male member of an ensemble cast" was waiting in future wings for him.  Well the joke's obviously on me, seeing as MCH continues to dazzle me season after season with his portrayal of Dexter.  Disc 1 of Season 4 arrived in my mailbox today (Evs made me pick between HBO and Showtime last year... Slave-Driver, I tell you!) and I'm riveted, per usual.  

I'm not sure what it is about Jennifer Carpenter... It could definitely be her resemblance to Selma Blair, who tends to steal my heart no matter what mess of a gig her agent shovels her into. {Describing an ensemble as "butt ugly" on the premier of the latest Project Runway? Yes please! I'll take more of that and less of Nina Garcia's pinched expressions.} Or perhaps it's that her Dexter character has developed from practically intolerable to rather endearing... I relate to Deb's awkwardness.  And her ability to use "fuck" 18 times in 6.7 seconds.  And you can't deny the girl's killer - yet accessible - fashion sense!  {Jennifer's - not Deb's... I think Dexter's costuming director is single-handedly keeping Express in business with Deb's separates selection.}

Honestly, they just seem FUN.  And smart.  And relatively unaffected.  And adoring of one another - in a non-sickening fashion.

I mean, really, who wouldn't want to party with these two? 

Do you have a Celebrity Couple Crush?


  1. Love this pick! I cannot WAIT for the new season of Dexter. I have such a soft spot for Deb's dirty mouth - she kills me.

    Our celeb couple crush is Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard. They get us every single damn time, with their perfect Brooklyn hipness and their adorable daughter Ramona and their "who's cooler than us and our acting choices but doesn't even know it?" existence.

    Sidenote: I am actually pumped to watch the Emmys this year. Kinda crazy for me, but I'm there. I don't even know who to root for, I loved so many shows and performances last year!

  2. I've never watched Dexter, I feel so out of the loop on this. Much cue up the DVDs.

    I LOOOOOOVE the Fug Girls, and there are some days my daily dose is the only thing keeping me going at work. Have you read Tom and Lorenzo's blog? Their recaps of the Miss Universe costume portion are hilarious.

    Oh, and I totally have a Freebie Five list. I enjoy revisiting my list often ;)

  3. They seem like a great couple! I love that they are not in the spotlight and famewhores like other couples. Not to mention that they are on an awesome show!

  4. It used to be Ryan and Reese...not so much anymore, obviously. I do love me some Tim and Faith though..mainly because she was ready to kick some bitch's ass for grabbing her hubby's balls. And I don't know what it is about them, but I like Heidi and Seal...and to keep the VS going..I now like Miranda and Orlando. :)

  5. No celebrity crush here, unless, of course, George Clooney started boning David Letterman. BUT, I do love me some Dexter, regardless of the number of bad dreams it may give me. And what the hell with the ending of season four???

  6. Never seen Dexter, but Boyfriend watches it.. Maybe I'll hear more and give it a go.

    Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.. Except for the fact that their childrens' names are a little bazaar, but I don't much care.

  7. michael c. hall and jennifer carpenter..they are both so awesome in Dexter- lovelovelove that show...we are on to season three!

  8. They are just fabulous. So sweet and kind to each other and just plain darling!

    And my celeb couple crush is just going to show how sad my life really is, but, mine is Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen. He's totally un-PC, but, I think he's a comedic genius and Isla is precious with her Aussie accent--and their daughter is perfection--hello, her name is Olive. OK, now that I've outed myself...

  9. YESSSSSS! Oh how I love this post. I love MCH (in SFU and Dexter!) and Jennifer plays Deb so well. And you're right. They make the best couple. Fabulous post my friend :)

  10. I'm obsessed with Dexter and in love with Michael and Jennifer as a real life couple. Dexter is just such a smart and surprisingly funny show. The music?...LOVE the typical Miami music as Dex slaughters someone.

    Word of advice...DO NOT watch the Season 5 trailer (new season starts at the end of September) until you've seen all of Season 4. May-juh (ala' Posh Spice) spoilers!

  11. Oh, and if you happen to have U-Verse Season 4 is On Demand.

  12. Dexter is probably my favorite show on tv, season 1 was flawless. Not to mention that Michael C Hall looks like a genuinely nice person in real life. I hope he wins an emmy again this year.

  13. OMG, I feel like such a loser because we're currently obsessed with Dexter, but I had NO CLUE they were a couple!!! SO WEIRD!!! You're so right though, they definitely dress Deb straight off the racks at Express. I hated her character the first season, but she's starting to grow on me.
    We just started with Season 1 a few weeks ago, and are already half way through season 3. I can't wait to get to Season 4!

  14. I completely agree. They are the cutest and seemingly regular (aside from the ridiculously good looks) couple. While I love Dexter, I think Six Feet Under was one of the best shows ever on television - behind The Wire and The Sopranos.

    If you liked SFU, you must love Peter Krause! HAve you seen PArenthood? He's fantastic in that!

  15. Tori and Dean for sure are my fave!


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