Sunday, August 22, 2010

Menu Sunday

Yeah, yeah, yeah, more about meal planning, I know.

But I've decided to post our menu for the week on Sunday evenings... {a} because I'd like to look back and see what we've eaten without having to file away a bunch of loose pieces of paper (I have enough of those floating around my kitchen as it is); {b} call if Voyeurism or call it "Kate Likes to Steal Other People's Delicious Yumminess," but I get a kick out of seeing other people's posted menus... so perhaps you'll get a kick out of mine (?) (wishful thinking?); and {c} Sunday isn't a huge day for readership anyhow, so if you're bored to tears by my culinary chit-chat, feel free to skip these posts altogether - you won't hurt my feelings!  

So without further adieu...

Sunday: Grilled Tilapia Fish Tacos with Corn & Avocado Relish
- Simply-grilled tilapia fillets with lime juice & cayenne pepper + corn-avocado relish (modified)

Monday: Turkey, Artichoke, & Spinach Stuffed Shells
- Courtesy of Samma and Giada (adding spinach)

Tuesday: Leftovers
- Kate's Night Out!  Love you, Evs!

Wednesday: Chicken Tostadas 
- My recipe, modified from Cooking Light

Thursday: Slow-Cooker Red Beans & Rice with Hatch Chiles
- Modified from Southern Living

And 2 Notes on Organization... 
  1. My Meal Planner comes from the oh-so-fabulous Project Girl (again, big thanks to Jessica for emailing me the link!). 
  2. When I find a new recipe in a cookbook, I always note the modifications made and our thoughts on the end result directly in the cookbook so I'll immediately remember if a certain meal is worth cooking again.  When I find a recipe online, I email myself the link, then archive it under "Recipes" (how much do you love Gmail?!).  If it turns out to be a total flop, I simply delete the email.  If the recipe is worthy of a repeat performance, I put pen to paper and add it to my file of recipe cards.  
So there you have it.  Not the most creative idea for a series of posts, but... it is what it is?  Or insert another generic cliche here because True Blood is on and I'm out of quippy commentary!


  1. I was thinking about making Samma's shells this week too!

  2. I love meal-planning posts (and I thank you for posting the link to those snazzy meal planners). I do my menu planning over the weekend and I always feel at a loss. It's like on Sundays, I forget everything I have ever eaten in the past.

  3. I really need to get on this. No more wasted produce, or eating out because I have nothing for dinner.

  4. I love your meal planning posts, it can give me some ideas what to do for my meal plans! I'm back at it and we couldn't be happier. My dad is now on board and he's starting to add some items to the plan that he would like to try. Meal planning is a great way to get the family involved.

    I also took the meal planning calendar from your site, better than my made up one!

  5. LOVE menu Sunday! I think I'm going to try those stuffed shells this week as well!

  6. I might have to try some of these- thanks for the new ideas. I just posted my weekly menu too!

  7. LOVE the meal planning posts! You think of things I never would!

  8. Love the idea of posting the meal planning. Gives me lots of good ideas!!


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