Sunday, August 29, 2010

Menu Sunday

Here's what's on deck to fill our tummies this week...

SundayWhite Chili Casserole
from member Food & Wine on Tasty Kitchen - modified to 6 servings

MondaySpicy Beef Kebabs
Alton Brown, 2005 - The Food Network 
- will serve with Near East cous cous 

TuesdayGreen Chile Stew (Ground Turkey & Potatoes)
Stew Mix from Central Market's Hatch Chile Fest

WednesdayZucchini Absorption Pasta

ThursdaySlow Cooked Puerto Rican Pork Carnitas
from member The Noshery on Tasty Kitchen - modified to 4 servings 

As you can see, I've fallen a bit in love with Tasty Kitchen - mostly because I can search specifically for recipes centered around a key ingredient or method (more crock pot creations?  yes, please!) and then filter by those that have the highest user ratings.  I find this is a little more difficult to do on Cooking Light and the Food Network - my other two online go-to's.  TK really shot up to the top of my list when I discovered the serving modification tool... Now I can decide just how many leftover portions I'd like to get out of that originally-humongous casserole!  

And the winners from last week's menu line-up...

Samma's Stuffed Shells (here) - Modifications: I reduced the ricotta to about 12 oz and added about 3/4 of a packaged of thawed chopped spinach.  I also threw in some roasted Hatch chiles with the onion and garlic! 

Slow-Cooker Red Beans & Rice (here) -  Modifications: This turned out AMAZING, but did require some significant tweaking... Instead of smoked turkey sausage, I used Hot Chicken Hatch Chile sausage from Central Market's Hatch Chile Fest (cooked partially in the skillet before going in the crock pot).  In continuing with my Hatch Chile Obsession, I used roasted Hatches instead of the green bell pepper.  After putting everything in the slow cooker in the morning, I came home from work to find the beans were definitely cooked through but the mixture was quite watery.  Next time I would use 6 cups of water instead of 7.  The flavor was also a little bland (maybe because I didn't have the smoky taste in there).  I dumped the entire concoction into a pot, skimmed off a bit of the water, added a generous dousing of Louisiana chipotle hot sauce and some salt, and simmered for about 15 minutes... Absolutely delicious!  Moral of the Story: The Southern Living recipe was a great base, but it needed a bit more zip... Still an incredibly easy crock pot recipe, even with the 15 minutes extra of tweaking time! 


  1. MMM, looks like it is going tp be a great food week!

  2. I love tasty kitchen too. I haven't used it to sort by ingredient, but thats a great idea.

  3. I'm intrigued by those carnitas. Have a yummy week!

  4. Kate, love your blog! I've been meaning to leave a comment forever, so it seemed appropriate to do it now since I made that White Chili Casserole this afternoon after reading it on your menu. SO good, reminds me of chilaquiles if you've ever had that? I made a few changes (I posted about it on my blog, but nothing major. looking forward to hearing how the other recipes turn out for you!

  5. Thank you! I read this as I was doing my menu planning for the week and needed one more to add. The pulled pork was the perfect fit! I made it tonight and all I can say is...YUM! It was a huge hit with my husband and I'm thrilled that I can add it to my repertoire for the fall/winter. My only advice is to cut back on the salt. I made the full version because I could only find a 4lb pork butt and cut back on the salt from 4 tsp to 3 tsp and it was still on the verge of being too salty. I served it with corn tortillas, monterey jack cheese, cilantro, and chipotle salsa. So, SO good! Thank you so much :-)


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