Monday, August 30, 2010


During the workweek, Evs is a night owl... not arriving home until well after sundown, then immediately jumping into quality face-time (and quality Bravo time!) with yours truly - which means no winding-down for the Evster until after I'm snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug in bed with my book.  As a result, the man stores sleep over the weekend like a forest creature squirreling away nuts for the winter.  There's several varietals of napping and, then, the 7:30 p.m. Sunday bedtime.  

Yep.  That's correct.  Your 4 year old is up later than my husband on the Sabbath.

But, hey, the man deserves a solid night's rest! {I don't tell him often enough how much of a trooper he is, how much his hard work is appreciated... but, as a hater of the overly-public-sappiness, I'll keep the cheese off of the interwebs... unless we're talking herbed goat... or manchego... mmm mmm mmm.}

Plus, a girl can't complain too much... because while I relish weekends spent in Coupledom, there's no harm in busting out the SSB once a week, right?

Thusly, I give y'all... My Secret Sunday Single Behavior:

(1) White Wine Spritzers
Big House White + Perrier Pamplemousse Rose 
= YUMMO, Betty White Style

(2) Vampire Smut
... as Evs "affectionately" refers to Vampire Sexytime

(3) Reality Drivel
Thank Gawd for the South! 
Good-bye, Pnina Tornai; Hello Gorgeous (and Opaque) Gowns!

It's not much, but it's my little weekly ritual... a bit different than my old SSB (which involved a frozen Tony's pepperoni pizza - a two dollar holla! - and one foreign horror film followed by something Brat-Packish to take the edge off), but SSB nonetheless.  

What's your SSB?


  1. I thought I was alone in my hate for those Pnina gowns! Who's not going to look back at their wedding day wearing that and wish that they had remembered to get dressed?

  2. I love your SSSB! Maybe I’ll have to take a few cues and use it for my own! Unfortunately, because we don’t have HBO, vampire sexy time is put off til Monday night, so my schedule has to be a bit different. Sunday, unfortunately, tends to be the day that I get all my cleaning and laundry done that I should have been working on each day throughout the week.

  3. I attempted to have an evening of SSB on Friday night, but, that came crashing down when our bathroom flooded. Awesome.

    Anyways, my stanard SSB involves a chick flick (so cliche, but, I can't help it!) or chick TV (a la Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta--love, love, love!) and usually popcorn for dinner. Or something else wildly embarrasing. I think on Friday it was sweet potato fries? Ha!

  4. omg that Rolling Stone cover. I mean, seriously, there are no words. Eric is so gorgeous that it's just plain cruel to the rest of the human race. At least the male part anyway...

  5. Ha! Your "SSSB" cracks me up. My single behavior include: Twitter, old 90210s and eating chips for a meal. Trashy vamp shows used to be a couple activity but have lately migrated to a single activity too.

  6. "Good-bye, Pnina Tornai; Hello Gorgeous (and Opaque) Gowns!"


    Unfortunately, my Sunday behavior is none-so-secret. My husband is pretty much up my butt all day, so while he watches sports, I read. Yesterday I finished Koontz's Velocity (2 of 5 stars) and started the Joy Luck Club (so far, so good).

  7. My husband works 24 hour shifts 10 days a month so I get lots of ssb and I love it! I usually watch my shows and clean during this time. My house will be a mess when he leaves and he will come back to clean laundry and everything all picked up. I don't think he knows how hard I work though because it is always while he is gone.

  8. I've got to go find that yummy Perrier so I can also kick it Betty White style. I think it's awesome that you can appreciate the alone time you have without Evs, even though it's a total bummer that the man has to work so much. So many girls just sit around moping, but you maximize your "me" time which is commendable. Good job, Wife Kate!

    I've been proud that thus far my ATL girls have kept their shizzle church/pastor were even featured in one of the episodes, and I know we don't have no crazy ho's getting married at my house of worship. At least, I hope not..hhrrmm.


  9. i love this! my hubs owns his own business and crazy hours a week result. i refer to myself as a small business widow. in my SSSB time i cook, watch bravo, read, shop...girl time! :)

  10. I have all day Sunday behavior because Aaron works EVERY DAMN SUNDAY. Mostly it involves DVR and the laptop. I should probably start doing more embarrassing things.

  11. We watch True Blood. I cannot get over that cover! ick! haha


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