Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eat, Pray, Groom

I've read Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love twice.

The first time, Evs and I were gallivanting  through Greece.

Ol' Liz was traveling.  I was traveling.  

I loved it. 

The second time I read Ms. Gilbert's Modern Day Odyssey (harumphf!) - sans spanakopita and Nykteri and the glimmer of the Mediterranean - I was utterly kerflummoxed by my reaction...

What a fucking WHINER

I felt like every single one of Gilbert's "revelations" could have ended with the hashtag #whitegirlproblem.

I still agree with her general premise... that is, it's impossible to fully love another person until you really love yourself... but her whole self-indulgent "journey" rubbed me the wrong way.  If the only way you know how to better yourself is to check out for an entire year and wander the globe, you're royally screwed.  'Cause guess what?  Real Life is going to smack you right in the face the minute you're back schlepping dirty clothes to the dry cleaners and wrestling with the photocopier and scooping dog poop on your front lawn.  Traveling is lovely.  But it takes a whole lot more to find happiness within yourself and with a partner in the mundane, messy, moments of everyday life than a bunch of fancy stamps in your passport.  Just ask 99% of the contestants on The Bachelor.  

Anyhoo, point being, Eat, Pray, Love now falls solidly under the "Meh" Column in my book.  As does the movie.  Save for when Javier Bardem is speaking.  


Julia Roberts' hair in Eat, Pray, Love was magnificent!

And these photos shall be traveling with me today to the salon.  But shhhhhhh!  We're not to utter the words "strawberry blond" lest we give the-husband-who-doesn't-deal-with-hair-changes-well a heart attack!   Let's just say "subtle Fall warmth!"  

And yes.  This post was merely another gratuitous opportunity to paw through our Greece photographs and talk about my hair.  You totally have me figured out.   


  1. Holy hell am I jealous of your Greece adventures. That looks SO. DAMN. AMAZING right now.

    I hate Julia in general (and definitely in EPL), but yeah, great hair.

  2. that hair color would look AWESOME on you. can't wait to see it!!

  3. She does have pretty hair, hm? It'll look lovely on you!

    I lost any and all interest in the book after seeing HSN/QVC's gazillion commercials on how we (you!) could own (yay!) items from Elizabeth Gilbert's (not yours!) journey! The adult equivalent of a Disney movie action figure, swell and noooo thank you.

    You'd better get your butt back here and post pics as SOON as you get home from the salon. *taps foot*

  4. Her hair was really amazing in the movie. And, I think you'd look great with some "subtle Fall warmth"

  5. Lets face it I was jealous of Elizabeth Gilbert. Who doesn't want to check out of life for a year to travel the world? Sign me up! But the whole premise that she risked everything to take this year off is a farce! She got to go on all these wonderful adventures paid for by a book advance. So you get to travel around the world on the publisher's dime and end up with hot Brazilian lover. Wow what a risk!

    Javier Bardem is totally seksi - the only real redeeming quality of the whole movie.

  6. It's funny that you had those two reactions to the book. I've never read it, but I feel like the reviews are kinda love it or hate it. I saw the movie and I agree- Julia's hair is definitely worthy of copying!

  7. I just tried to read the book a few months ago and I agree completely. I was found it annoying, self indulgent and whiney. It was also kinda boring. But her hair in the movie is amazing! I especially love it when she pulls it back into a low smooth bun. I want to figure out how to do that.

  8. I think this is an excellent post. And I agree 100%. And I want to go to Greece.

  9. A. That picture of you overlooking the ocean with your hair braided? Is perfection.

    B. Javier Bardem--you know my feelings on him. Swoon.

    C. Her hair was gorgeous. And it will look fabulous on you.

    D. I actually really enjoyed the book Eat, Pray, Love--although, I agree, I mean, she was a touch whiney and jeezus, look at all this stuff you get to do! I'd like to take off for a year and write about my travels, but no. Anyways...I enjoyed the whole getting to know yourself, creating new relationships aspect of the book. But, I do agree that c'mon Mz. Gilbert, stop the whiney! But the movie? Gave me the sads. Not nearly what I expected. Except for Javier. He makes it all OK.

  10. I had your 2nd reaction when I read Eat, Pray, Love. Elizabeth Gilbert annoyed the crap outta me. My book club was in love with it, except one other girl and myself, and it was a blast being the ostracized by seven other girls. Planning on seeing the movie when it comes on DVD - I'm too afraid that it'll annoy me.

  11. I wonder if reactions are based on life experience...I read it while getting divorced and identified with her and sort of had my own metaphorical travel. I sat on my bathroom floor and cried the way she had in the beginning and thought "finally, someone knows what this feels like"...

    I won't see the movie though, I'm afraid it would ruin it.

  12. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Javier... I heart him so much. I also heart strawberry blonde hair, and wish I could pull the color off. I'm sure you will look fabulous with that color. I'm a little jealous!

  13. Javier is nice...Elizabeth Gilbert not so much. I'm reading Committed right now and honestly...I'm not so committed to it. Everyone talked about how she was this life changing author so I caved and got one of her books...big mistake!



  15. I also need some subtle fall warmth... can't wait to see how it turns out. I think that shade will look great on you.

  16. I could not agree with you more! I blogged similar sentiments when the movie debuted (only w/out fabulous Greece photos to showcase my change of heart!).

  17. Did I know you went to Greece? Preston and I want to go there so bad. I need information from you!

  18. I realize I am late to the party in commenting on this one, but I had to laugh about your reaction to EPL the second time. I could not agree more! I almost stopped reading during India because I was so bored over reading about her learning to chant. You're not curing cancer, honey.

    I have decided there are two types of women in the world: Those who loved EPL and those who did not. I am the latter. I think half of my friends could have written a post breakup book that was as compelling as hers. Not to mention, I had a hard time mustering sympathy for a woman traveling the world on a half million dollar book advance.


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