Monday, September 13, 2010

mumble jumble

Here's what's bouncing around in my head on this Manic Monday...

(1) I'm long overdue for a post of actual substance, I realize.  Something's brewing that involves Dirty Dancing, a slumber party thrown by a girl whose name I can't quite remember, and the 1992 Presidential Election... but we're just not quite there yet.  

(2) My Retail Happy Place used to be Target.  In my college days, whenever I was feeling blue, I'd drive on up University Parkway, grab myself a big diet coke at the soda fountain, and load up a cart with everything I'd purchase if I had oodles of moolah.  Then I'd select a $12 sports bra or a Dollar Spot latte mug and leave the rest behind.  I'm sure all those red-polo-ed employees hated my little therapy sessions (apologies - I know I was a brat!), but those almost-sprees massaged my sanity and saved my credit score.  I still love me some Tar-Jay, but World Market is my new Zen Chamber.  On tough days, I swing by on my way home and wander... perusing the seasonal items (decor and beer alike!), tasting a little wine, spying my favorite Spanish galletas...

... and grabbing some gingersnaps and a fun new travel coffee mug for less than ten buckaroos!  

(3) Speaking of Target, I sweet-talked Evs into stopping by the Super-Sized Version near my in-laws' house after Sunday Supper in Suburbia so I could check out the new Tucker collection sans the SMU Crowd.  Overall, I was impressed with the offerings - the tunics and shirt dresses were identically cut to the designer-priced versions, and I only saw one or two items that screamed POLY-BLEND! to me.  But, Bummersville, my favorite of the bunch was obscenely short on me.  There was another contender, but I decided just to stick with the two classic Tucker pieces I already own.  Did y'all come away with any Tucker finds this weekend? 

(4) There's not a ton that's catching my eye as far New Fall TV goes (although I do plan on catching up with the best of last season... i.e.: The Parenthood and Modern Family).  However, the DVR is set to record My Generation... if only because I'm quite apt to INSIST that certain pop culture phenomenons are actually aimed DIRECTLY AT ME and therefore somehow essentially relevant to my life, even if they aren't all that fabulous. {The Verve's "Freshman"? Omg I was totally a Freshman when that song came out, OMG!   Dawson's Creek?  OMG they started as Sophmores when I was a Sophmore and went to college when I went to college and I totally overused SAT verbal vocab just to be annoying, too, OMG!}  Because, like a California Raisin, I heard through the grapevine that OMG "Greenbelt High School" in Austin, Texas is supposed to be Westlake High School which is totally my high school, OMG!  Obviously I'm compelled to watch.  

(5) I'm a bit over halfway finished with Mockingjay, the third book in The Hunger Game's trilogy.  Everyone else on the interwebs has already told you how enthralling these novels are so I won't bore you with more of the same.  I will say that I keep catching up with friends and feeling as if I'm forgetting to tell them something hugely major that's occurred in my life... and then I realize it's these books... which ends up sounding totally lame... especially when I'm all "and, uh, yeah, they're in the Young Adult section."  But I can happily report that Collins has yet to analogize anyone's abs to slabs of milky marble.  Plus any tendency for her heroine to go all emo can be attributed to the complete breakdown of democratic society... rather than her 150 year old boyfriend's refusal to get it on.  So Bonus Points for that!  

(6) Don't forget to enter the GAP Jeans Giveaway!  And thanks to those who've entered thus far! 


  1. I bought the shirt you almost bought.

  2. I thought my generation was actually a documentary! I thought that was such a great idea...

    i bought this tucker painted flowers print 'dress' , and it is also too short.. I didn't realize it was a dress until I saw the tag when I came home. I guess that's what I get for not trying it on in the store...

  3. I can't WAIT for My Generation...although, being from the east side of the lake, I heard it was supposed to be Austin High-whatevs, parts of it are being filmed at my BFFs house. She said they filmed a Christmas wedding scene outside last weekend-yeah, when it was 96 degrees outside, ha!

  4. Love and I mean, Love Target! :) Such great finds!

  5. Pier 1 and World Market are my new retail happy places. I still love me some Target, don't get me wrong (where else can I buy dog food, toothpaste and DVDs?!), but, I can spend HOURS strolling around World Market and Pier 1 smelling candles, looking at plates and wishing I had an unlimited income.

  6. Okay, so I went a little nuts in Target. That dress was too short on me as well (and girl, you know I am 5'4" with shoes on, so I don't know who it fits). I got a dress in the leaf print, the shirt you wanted, the orange-y print shirt, a cream (slightly poly blend) looking shirt, and the darling polka dot burnt orange tie neck op. Did yours have that one? It's perfect Texas burnt orange!

  7. Maybe I just have a ridiculously long torso (don't think so but...) all of the Tucker blouses hit me in a very odd place. Sad too because I was dying to own a few of them.

  8. I tried some tucker pieces on but didn't love anything enough to pull the trigger!

  9. oooh i am starting the hunger games series as soon as i can finish the stieg larsson series. i've heard nothing but great things!!

  10. I bolted out of my office yesterday during my lunch break to hit up Target. I'm 5'9'' and a size 10/12:

    Bought your favorite orange dress.. it's short, but not obscene on me(maybe bc I wear a large in it, the large fits well throughout the body, but the sleeves seemed loose, but maybe that's just the look)

    Bought the signature shirt dress in the darker plum color. Ran really big --- needed to size down to a medium. Love it! I wore it to work today with a brown theory belt and camel peep toes. I'll be hunting down the geometric print shirt dress at other target's tonight.

    Orange/White polka dot blouse: Was very short on me... you could see a slice of stomach when I tried it on with jeans, armholes to wide .. not so flattering

    Blue/Green snakeskin signature blouse: the large swallowed me, and the medium was too short... cute top though

    This has been my favorite designer collaboration for Target so far. Wouldn't it be amazing if DVF (my favorite designer) did a collaboration??? I'd die.

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  11. World Market is a fantastic place for great finds. Their wine selection makes me very happy! A few Tucker pieces landed in my cart via online shopping. Yah!

    I also wanted to let you know that a few of your recipes from last week are gonna be made in my kitchen this week! Keep em coming!!!

  12. LOVE World Market! I always start my WM trips looking for nothing in particular but end up coming home with the best things for our house, kitchen, wine fridge, etc!

  13. I picked up this

    I was surprised at how cute it looked on.


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