Wednesday, October 20, 2010

brain dump / mish mash / this-n-that / whatever you want to call it

I swear on a stack of baked Brie that there will be house photography, refried bean revelations, and posting of actual substance soon. 

I just need to find my camera cord.

And AT&T tech support needs to finish sucking the lifeblood out of me.  

So make that soonish.

Until then... 

(1) While I am jazzed to vote in my new district, I am so ready for the November elections to be over so the political ads will cease mud-slinging during my morning GMA Ritual.  I don't care which party or candidate they are touting... they irk me on a bipartisan level! 

(2) Hanging art and photography in La Casa Nueva made me realize that I went slightly overboard on the purchasing of the wedding photos.  As in, I'm getting pretty damn close to Shrine Status.  Our old gallery wall was much more spread out (think: long and skinny) and not nearly as visible as our new gallery wall:

It felt just a tad narcissistic to greet and entertain guests beneath umpteen frames showcasing ME! IN MY BRIDAL GOWN! so I had to par down.  Love the new, more balanced look... have no idea what to do with my leftovers.  The single frames are mixed into some built-in bookcases upstairs and I have a cluster of four in our bedroom (where I'll look at myself and Angel S. - oh! and Evs - as much as I damn well please, thankyouverymuch), but what about the others?  Do I put all that expensive photography in an album?  Create mini nuptial-altars in the spare bedrooms and creep out our overnight guests?  What do you do with professional photography when it's time to make a frame switcheroo?  

(3) This is my first time sharing a bathroom with a boy.  Well, other than vacations and sleepovers (that word sounds skeevy there, but we'll just go with it).  We had separate (itsy-bitsy) bathrooms and closets in the cottage.  Now there is sheared stubble on my countertop and $1.95 shampoo in my shower.  He likes minimal lighting in the morning... I like things lit up like the Taj Mahal.   He likes the bathroom all steamed up... I get too hot and my lotion starts melting off and I get pissy.  He squeezes the toothpaste from the top... I squeeze from the bottom.  I think tomorrow morning we'll just lay down our own choreography to Miss Abdul's "Opposites Attract" and call it a day.  

(4) Why are curtains so expensive?  And no, I can't make my own.  Trust me.  No, not even with the liquid stitch.  Again, TRUST ME.  

(5) The OCD Watching of the December-Release, Oscar Buzz Movie Trailers has commenced!  My three favorites, in ascending order of anticipated awesomeness:

Do not even get me started on Blue Valentine's MPAA NC-17 rating.  This country's tolerance for horrific violence versus sexuality is so out of whack, it'd be comical if it weren't so utterly ridiculous.  Anyhoo, no time to bust out my soapbox, so I'll just say I can't wait to see these two actors in these roles.  

I'm mixing myself a tall White Russian and keeping my fingers crossed for another Crazy Heart caliber performance from The Dude in True Grit! 

A psychological thriller PLUS BALLET?! It's like the Movie Gods said to themselves "This is the year we make Kate's favorite movie."  Black Swan could only get better if Hannibal Lector made a cameo as a pas de deux partner with an appetite.  


  1. SO with you on the curtains! Buying them sucks and I can't make them either. It doesn't help that all of our windows are HUGE and require a minimum of 108" length. Gross.

    Can't wait to see pics of the casa! Good luck with the bathroom routine - hopefully it will get easier. :)

  2. Stubble over the counter is the worst!

  3. Blue goodness I hear that movie is amazing. And beyond redic.

    Ryan Gosling...swooning all over the place. I can't even handle it.

    I also really want to see Black Swan.

  4. I was just ranting about the Blue Valentine rating to a coworker this morning. Also, I can't wait to see Black Swan.
    It's too bad I don't live in Dallas, where we could preview potential Award nominees while trying not to wear matching LEC cardigans ;)

    (Wearing my orange spice cardi today and feeling rather pumpkinish!)

  5. hi! i am new to your blog...but i totally agree! i just got all our wedding photos back and i want to make huge collages around the house...and have even though about the guest room (and lord, the bathrooms!!) but really who wants to see all those pictures? my hope is that we just got married four months ago, so it is kind of new! anyway, hi! :)

  6. Your gallery wall looks fabulous! I bought some new frames last weekend and need to find a way to add them to our wall!

    You have me pumped for oscar season. All three of these look excellent!

  7. Have you watched the documentary "This Film is Not Yet Rated"? It's good but it will make you mad about the ridic ratings system and the MPAA.

    I know what you mean about old wedding photos and not wanting to create wedding shrines. Mine went in a shoebox. Sigh.

  8. I feel the same way about my wedding photos...I feel so weird looking at pictures of myself all over our house!


  9. curtains - jc penney, with a coupon! that's what most of ours are. and they are all grommet top, my favorite! and no, all of our windows are still not covered after year+ in our house. patience... :)

    bathroom situation - we still have separate bathrooms because we have separate work getting ready schedules. I love it!

  10. Curtains are very expensive, but I have an AWESOME person who makes gorgeous custom curtains and she is amazingly inexpensive. Let me know if you would like her contact info.

  11. Um, please tell me WHY curtains are so expensive. Completely overpriced. I can't wait to see pics of everything!

  12. My husband and I share a bathroom, but thankfully we have separate sinks! His has stubble and mine is spotless. He also squeezes the toothpaste at the top, and I squeeze at the bottom. It's definitely interesting for sure!

    Your gallery wall looks great! :)

  13. I hadn't seen any of those previews yet-thank you for linking them! I'm so excited to spend a gross amount of December in movie theaters.

  14. I'm already scared when I watch The Black Swan. Damn do we we need an Angelika wine date for that one!

    I currently have the only wedding photos around in a guest bathroom, but the problem with our wedding modesty everywhere else is that the bathroom now looks like a shrine - even though it's just six photos. Hmmm.

  15. A. I am SO with you on the political ads - I change the channel everytime now.

    B. Have you thought about Ikea for curtains? I took a page from the Young House Love decorating book and went with some simple white ones. Ikea has great curtains that are super cheap!

  16. ps: T was promptly on board with The Black Swan with only the tiniest of hints about a Natalie Portman/Mila Kunis love scene. Should you find yourself wanting E's company...


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