Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fotos de la Casa Nueva: Parte Dos

Thank y'all so much for your sweet comments on the first round of photos!  We have lots of to-dos, lots of lists, lots of projects... but we love this house... it already feels so much like home! 

Before we get down with Round Two, a couple answers for your questions...

- Our bedroom curtains (which I'm now full-time crushing on) are from West Elm - the Ikat Ogee Linen Window Panels in Ivory/Straw

- The prints hanging in the entryway (the orange birds and abstract) are a favorite (and easy!) DIY project... the "art" is actually fabric!  All materials (fabric + pre-matted frames) were purchased from IKEA. I'm considering doing something similar - but on a much larger scale - over our couch in the living room.  

Now, where were we...

Right & Left Sides of Entryway
oil painting we picked up in Mykonos in the art niche

Looking back at the Entryway

Opposite the hutch / gallery wall is a breakfast bar (featuring the infamous sun mosaics) opening into the Kitchen:

Love the island, not a huge fan of the stark black granite... I feel like I wipe that thing down 10x a day.  Visually and practically, I'd prefer a big, ol' butcher block! 

I also considered painting the cabinets ivory... but, while the light wood isn't the most "current" look, they're growing on me!  

The pantry is long and skinny but has a ridiculous amount of space compared to what I'm used to... there's also incredible storage for things like large ice chests! 

Hallway to the garage (!!!) (I've been driving for 12 years and have never parked in a garage before!) (simple pleasures, people) and laundry room.  

Open dining room from the kitchen.   The bell pepper oil painting is one of my prized possessions - my lovely aunt Joy handed it down to me when I graduated from college and it's a perfect fit in the dinning room! I purchased our dining table from freakin' Garden Ridge when I went to law school... it was really my desk... I don't think I ever ate on it until we moved into the cottage, 3 years later.  As I mentioned in Parte Uno, it will soon(ish) be lacquered black and transformed back into a desk for the Office.  Right now, it looks like doll furniture in this space. 

 There are 2 of those skinny niches... HomeGoods Time!

Stepping down from the Kitchen / Dining Room into the Living Room... which needs lots and lots of help!  More "doll furniture!"  Immediately after a new dining set, a sectional is on my Furniture Wish List.  And some sort of substantial art on that wall (28 foot ceilings going up to the 2nd story in this room!).  

More painted built-ins!  These, like the office, were wood before we moved in.  As you can see, we need lots of... something... to fill those shelves.  For the tops, I'm smitten with these oversized wine bottles from Pottery Barn... but for up to $280 a pop?  No m'am.  I might have to take up antiquing.  Or Goodwilling.  

It's hard to tell until you're up close, but the mosaic around the fireplace is straight-up fugly.  Way worse than the suns.  Part of the broken tile used features cheetah and zebra stripes.  DEMO TIME. 

The old owners decorated in a style I like to call "Navajo Nation."  Please envision a 15 foot, salmon colored,  Native American rug hanging over the mantle.  Gag.   The bar will come down, the built-ins will be topped with something awesome, and I'll leave that strip of space blank (with something major on the opposite wall over the couch, I don't think it needs anything).

Stairway up to the second story. 

Back Porch... love, love, love the fans and we even have a mister system - cannot wait for some summertime gatherings!  

Be back next week for a tour of the 2nd level!  


  1. Oooh! I am GREEN with envy. Beautiful, beautiful house. Looks so lovely, can't wait to see as it continues to progress!

  2. It looks great! We had the same doll furniture issue with our house--it's crazy how furniture that fits so perfectly in a cottage just doesn't work in a large home--which, I realize is an obvious statement, but, uh, didn't think that through very well.

    Regarding the tall wall above the mantle, I think a mural style painting of The Boom is just the ticket. In fact, I'm sure my parents could give me the number of the poor soul who did their dog/cat/peacock mural above their fireplace. Hahaha.

  3. Framing fabric? BRILLIANT. I need something for our bedroom. Will lure my husband to IKEA with the promise of meatballs this weekend!

  4. Loving the new house tour! We've been in our place since February, and we're still working on the decor. (Though it's a rental, and so I have limited motivation.)

    The bedroom is the most challenging -- I think we need curtains and possibly fabric art like yours. I've also already gone through three different sets of throw pillows and am still not pleased (much to Nick's annoyance). And we're working on building and painting our own bedside tables because we couldn't find anything we liked enough to buy.

    Maybe some day I'll post pics? Can't wait to see your space come together.

  5. Beautiful! I want to come live with you now. That back porch area looks perfect for some summer bbqs and a glass of wine or two (or 4 = )
    Enjoy your lovely home.

  6. i'm uber jealous of all of your built-ins, and even more jealous that now you get to have fun finding fabulous art pieces to fill their cubbies. (ps: i think it's dining, not dinning... which is ironic because you always have perfect spelling, i know this because i'm a spelling nazi. just an fyi though ;-) )

  7. I'm loving your home, and the home-tour! It's giving me housey-fever in a bad way. My husband and I are SO. READY. to expand our family in such a way that includes our very own house! =P Can't wait to see the second level.

  8. Ahhh!!! Love, love, love! Cannot wait to see the transformation.

  9. Everything is looking great! Cannot wait to see it once y'all have it finished!

  10. @Jill - ARG! Thank you so much for the Spell Check! I HATE grammatical / spelling errors in blog posts!

  11. ohmigod kate...framing fabric is genius and exactly the sort of thing i need for my apartment. i keep trying to find art that i like and can afford and am failing miserably. but framing fabric will be marvelous. major props.

  12. totally jealous of all your cabinet space in the kitchen!

  13. Your house is fabulous. I am so very glad you were able to get it because, for realz, I was looking forward to the pictures. I can't wait for the second story pics, as well as the before and afters once you have a little more time, money, etc. to get Chez Kate more to your liking.

  14. I went to buy some fabric at Ikea just on Saturday, and it was CHAOS over there (cut your own wtf?). I ordered some online because I am scared of people.

  15. I just die over the amount of storage you have!!!!!! Love everything, but mainly I'm dreaming about having a real pantry. Love the idea of doing PB-style vases/glasses on the shelves in the living room. I have found a lot at flea markets for almost nothing. Can't wait to see more! :)

  16. You may check with a local winery for big bottles, once they've used them, ghey cant be reused commercially, so you may get them cheap!! (My grandfather used to run a winery)

  17. Love it! I'm now obsessed with your fabric art - how do you attach it to the mat, tape? Something fancier than tape?

  18. Ahh, I love it! I can't wait to see more. : )

  19. It looks like such a neat house! Love the big patio outside! And all the space!!! You must be loving it. I'd love to have a whole room just for laundry and a garage and a pantry...I'm a little jealous :)

  20. I hope you dress up The Boom in a Halloween costume this year, that's what I would do with a super cute terrier.

    Will you be dressing up this year?

  21. The house looks amazing!! Love it and can't wait to see everything you do :) andIplantocomevisitsomedayk

  22. Love it!! Those walls are amazing!!! You could do some awesome faux painting in a large house like that! Love the door way too!

  23. The house just looks so nice. I really like the colors you picked.I wish you many happy years in your new home!


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