Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fotos de la Casa Nueva: Parte Uno


How's about a little (partial) home tour?  Come on in! 

Admission: I'm an instant gratification type of gal when it comes to decorating.  I so wish I could be one of those people who enjoys combing Craigslist ads for months on end and gets a little thrill out of waiting patiently for showroom sales... but I'm just not.  I want Home Decor Perfection, and I want it NOW.  Desafortunadamente, the tree growing in our front yard is of the Cypress, not the Dinero variety.   

So we're going to play Let's Pretend on our tour, yes?  Yes!  Fun game, fun game!  

Awesome, possum... Here we go...

Directly to the left off the entryway, is the Pink Lady Room Office: 

{If you're a Before / After Person, please envision all the trim, chair rails / wainscoting, doors, and built-ins as dark wood.  Below the chair rail the walls were painted hunter green... above, a sickly sage.  I realize actual "before" photos would have been smart, but failed to save them before the MLS listing came down.}

Let's pretend we own office furniture!  {Our current, teeny-tiny dinning room table is first on the A List of Replacement Furniture... it will then be lacquered black and repurposed as a desk.}  Let's also pretend  Sherwin-Williams' "Doeskin" paint chip didn't LIE TO MY FACE and pretend to be a lovely taupe.   In the name of all things Swiss-Cheese-Holey, I swear I did not pull a Trista with the pink.  I'd also like to state, for the record, that it's more palatable in natural light.  Promise.  

Directly across from the office, to the right of the entryway, is our Master Bedroom: 

{Again: Before = Hunter Green.}

Let's pretend Kate got over her issues with spending $250+ on one freaking 3x3x3' block of wood.  Thus, let's pretend we're not still using bedside tables from Hobby Lobby.  Let's pretend two, more substantial - yet not clunky - pieces flank the bed.  Let's pretend they are a nice cherrywood.  And let's maybe pretend the lamps are a bit bolder, slightly funkier.  Maybe a brightly colored base or maybe just shade switcharoo... hmmmmm.  While we're at it, let's pretend I've gotten off my lazy bum, ironed, and reattached our bedskirt.  

Let's pretend you, Dear Interwebs, are my Official Curtain Consultant... What do we think of the Ikat?  Is there too much pattern?  Have I stumbled into an confusing color scheme?  Fashioned a bedroom that only Dr. Seuss on Xanax could love?  Do tell! 

And, for context, let's pretend Home Depot already installed our new carpet... in the same Shade Family (but slightly lighter) as the Ikat print.  

Corner TV Hutch: 

Corner dresser (mine) (yes, there's another pattern in the mix there)... Let's pretend my apothecary jar boasts some sort of turquoise filler as a tie-in.  

Master Bath and Closet: 

Perhaps the only finished "rooms" in the house!  We didn't make any changes in here, although heavy, block glass might be in that window's future.  

I spy... Evs' Adult Cowboy Dresser!  I admit, I did a spritely little dance of glee when I figured out I could banish it it fit perfectly in the back of the closet!  

We'll end on that high-note, amongst the shoe-shelves... I need to ponder those damn curtains for another good hour!  Until next time... a little Sneak Peek into the open floor plan... 


  1. Love it! Gorgeous house! :) I love the patterned curtains, too!

  2. How pretty! I like the curtains!

  3. I love the curtains! Before I even read the part about you being unsure it was my favorite thing in the whole room! Everything looks great and all of the built ins add so much charm. It looks great!

  4. I love those curtains! Where did you find them?

  5. Ooooh! Love the office with it's built ins. It's like a dream of mine. Your bathroom and walkin are amazing as well! Ah, for a real soaker tub!

    Honestly, I love the curtains. Great choice :)

  6. I am DROOLING over your closet. And that sequined number in the foreground!

    Homegoods recently has had a bunch of gorgeous turquoise lamps. An interior designer friend of mine snatched up a bunch. Also, especially in Dallas, you will be able to find some awesome bedside tables on Craigslist that are ready to roll!

    Everything looks great so far! I did go with the decorating at first, but I've stalled out with some arduous projects in the dining room and master left to complete.

  7. Gorgeous entry and I LOVE the Ikat curtains! Can't wait to see the rest.

  8. Love the curtains! I'm very much an instant gratification kind of person too--which is why I've been in my home for 2.5 years and still refuse to post many pictures of it online because gosh darn it, it's still not done. Sheesh.

  9. It is all just beautiful! I love what you did with the office, and the bedroom is great!

    You can come do our makeover anytime!

  10. Kate, loving the house and your paint jobs. Amazing what white can do! Agreed on the Ikea curtains - so fun!

  11. your closet is amazing. and i love the ikat curtains! i think it looks great.

  12. LOVE those bird prints in your last picture! Please tell me they are from etsy or somewhere easily obtainable?? The house is looking fabulous btw!

  13. So jealous of your huge and super organized closet! Everything looks great and I love all of the built in shelving. Can't wait to see more :)

  14. Love the built-ins and SO JEALOUS of your closet!

  15. LOVE your house! It's beautiful!

  16. I love the entryway!


  17. The office looks so different (and wonderful!) with all of the dark wood painted white. The walls will be very easy to repaint--but the color looks quite nice in the photo. It's home!!

  18. i die for your closet. stunning!

  19. Its beautiful! I love the built-ins in your office :)

  20. Your new house is to. die. for. Seriously.

  21. Love it all!! Congrats, that door, that tub/shower, and closet. Aaaarghhh. Congrats!

  22. LOVE the curtains! And am jealous of your closet. And your bathroom. When I moved into my house, the bathroom looked like it was out the 1985 time capsule. And fixing the bathroom ain't easy. Lucky!

  23. Love the curtains - I think they go perfectly with the color scheme and design. And I love that the office is so close to the master - that would save a LOT of yelling in our house. Everything looks so great so far!

    We know that we are going to invest in new bedroom furniture at some point, so I found some great temps at TJ Maxx for $99 each (I don't love them, but they work for now). Congrats again - everything looks awesome now (and in the imagined state).


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