Tuesday, October 12, 2010

an offering

I was hoping to have an amazing, above-and-beyond-crab-gouda-mac-and-cheese homecoming recap post up by now... but it turns out the total sum of my weekend photographer parts = Lyndz & Kate Go On Vacay to Wake Forest - Oh! And Sometimes Evs Was There Too!  

Which... is not entirely inaccurate.

But is also not the complete and honest photo-journalistic representation of last Friday through Sunday.

And if we're nothing but not 110% ethical here on EA, then I just don't know what we are. 



(Wait.  That double-negative is confusing me a tad.)  (Huh.) 


Anyhoo, if we ever {a} snogged (just pretend we went to college in London, alright?!), {b} ate Putters chips, {c} dirty danced, {d} made a Cookout run, and/or {e} wiped DKE basement sludge off our Nine West kicks together in college + your memory card includes an image of my mug from last weekend, por favor email that shit to me so that I can self-promote my funness on the internet.  'kay?  Awesomecoolthanks! 

In the meantime, I'm going to get back to packing my Christmas Spode in last week's Paper City.  

And if you've reached the end of this drivel and are currently thinking to yourself "what a massive waste of time"... 

I give you a link that is the (SAT Verbal Nerd Alert!) Hobby Lobby Seasonal Aisle to my Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

It's only six months until almost My Second Christmas!  Bust out the mistletoe and the mini-man gilded statues!  


  1. This kinda didn't make any sense, but that's okay because you're awesome enough to pull it off.

  2. I've already started making my Oscar contender list. Is that wrong?!
    Because if it is, I don't ever want to be right.
    Of course, one of the titles on my list, Blue Valentine, just got an NC-17 rating.
    I pondered whether it would hurt its award chances for way too long today while trying to avoid ordering more Heritage cardigans.

  3. Ah, wiping party gravy off the Nine West shoes. Brings me right back to Athens.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out with the early Oscar article. I knew you'd dig it seeing as how it really is your favorite time of the year!

    And as for the super lame post on this past AWESOME weekend which failed to mention such details as Red Oak, college girls wearing mini dresses, and football.... I'll let it slide because I didn't take any pictures either. If you get any, send them to me!


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