Sunday, October 3, 2010

Menu Sunday

While the scoreboard wasn't in our favor and we still don't officially have a place to live come October 18th (more on both later), we still had a pretty great weekend enjoying the gorgeous Fall weather con mis padres!  And we have my 5th Year College Reunion to look forward to this weekend at Wake Homecoming!

In between now and then, here's what we'll be noshing on...

Monday: Turkey Meatballs with Pasta Sauce
- via Everyday Food: Great Food Fast cookbook (also here

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Green Chile Pork Tacos
- via Tasty Kitchen user McMom

Wednesday: Spicy Beef Shish Kebabs with Zucchini & Squash
- marinade via Alton Brown on the Food Network 

Thursday:  Black Bean Soup with Corn Pudding 
- soup via Everyday Food: Fresh Flavors Fast 
- corn pudding via Alexandra's Kitchen 

Hits & Misses from Last Week's Menu

Honestly, we ate pretty high on the hog last week - everything was delicious!  Evs' clear favorite was the Mexican Taco Pizza.  Cooking Light inspired this recipe but (as reader Anne warned!) the original seemed as if it might be bland.  For our version, I spread a whole wheat pizza crust from Whole Foods with fat free organic refried black beans.  I topped that "sauce" with my taco meat mixture, roasted corn, a drizzling of salsa verde, and some part-skim shredded mozzarella, and then baked for 20 minutes according to the crust package directions.  Fiesta in your mouth!  

The Cider Glazed Chicken (here) was scrumptious, perfect for the cooler Fall temperatures, and 100% worth the $6.00 I begrudgingly spent on a vat of apple cider (which, um, I may or may not have incorporated into my Secret Single Behavior White Trash White Wine Spritzers).  I already had a box of veggie brown rice mix in my pantry so I didn't make the companion pecan rice, but I highly recommend this very simple chicken recipe.  

And ZOMG Tortilla Pie with Chicken (here) (if it seems like we eat a lot of Southwestern / Mexican inspired dishes... um, it's 'cause we do).  I loved that this casserole recipe was made for a smaller crowd... No math for this Right Brainer!  However, in order to make this a bit more tush-friendly, I did perform some surgery on the original Martha version... I don't have anything to compare it to, but this was so yummy that I doubt I sacrificed any taste in favor of the waist!  Modifications:  Used shredded rotisserie chicken.  Added a can of black beans (drained / rinsed).  Used 2 cans of green chiles (Hatches, obvs) - 1 per layer.  Cut the number of tortillas by 1/3 (4 on the bottom layer / 4 on the middle layer / none on top).  Cut the amount of sour cream (reduced fat) in half (and added a heavy sprinkling on cumin). 


  1. Looks delicious! We'll be making that Tortilla Chicken Pie this week, can't wait :)

  2. Gah I miss Whole Foods pizza crusts! We don't have one here but when I was in SF bro and I would get the cornmeal pizza crusts, either plain or with roast onions and corn, and get chicken from the hot bar to shred on it. Mmmmmmmmm.

  3. mmm, it sounds so good! All of it!

  4. I just realized you probably went to college with my co-worker who is also heading to WFU homecoming this week...small world


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