Monday, October 25, 2010

regular ol' recap. the boring kind. without photos.

I'm really giving this post the hard sell, as you can see.

We had a good, solid weekend.  There was the aforementioned in-law dinner party on Friday evening which, I'm happy to report, went off sans hitch.  And we finished up just in time to see the Rangers beat the Yankees for a place in the World Series.  

Grown men cried.

(And were still crying the following morning on The Ticket.)

Folks were generally merry throughout the DFW metroplex. 

I'll admit, unless I'm sitting in the stands with a hotdog in one hand and a cold beer in the other (sorry, Hamilton), I'm not the biggest baseball fan.  But it was fun to witness a little piece of history... We even held The Boom up to the TV screen so she could watch the final three strikes!  

Saturday we struck out for Waco to attend the Baylor homecoming game (we will Not. Discuss The. Texas. Game.) and visit the grandparentals.  Begrudgingly accepting this Indian Summer-type weather we're having down here, I donned a green three-quarter-length sleeved, thin sweater and a gray mini.  Festive tailgating commenced and ceased, we took our seats, and then...

Thunder!  Lightning!  Deluge!  1.5 Hour Rain Delay! 

Ahhh, yes.  90 minutes smooshed like stockyard cattle under the stadium.  No diet coke (Waco is Dr. Pepper Country).  No jumbo pretzels (seriously Baylor, get it together - Pizza Hut is not acceptable football fare).  Eventually the game got under way... after the temperature dropped a good 25 degrees.  After two quarters, I'd had enough of the stop-and-start drizzle and perpetual goosebumps, so we packed it up for a costume change at Mama J and Daddy Jim's.  Evs went back to the game after grabbing some long sleeves and pants, so, happily, he was able to catch two historic sporting events in one weekend... for the first time in 17 years, the Bears are Bowl Eligible! (And I fear our New Year's Eve plans are less likely to include sparkly-spangly dresses and more likely to include stadium blankets and hot chocolate... hmmmm). Evs is truly like a little kid on Christmas over this win and it's pretty fun to watch!  

I soaked up the time with my grandparents... we dinned on my "Special Law School Dinner" (filet mignon, twice backed potatoes, and fresh salad... the meal my grandmother served several times monthly whenever I came for dinner whilst studying at BLS) and listened to lots of old stories - some we'd heard countless times before and some that were brand new.  It's very difficult for me to watch my Daddy Jim slowing down (a whole other post I'm not quite ready to write), but he still knows how to hold a captive audience... and he's still the best hugger!  

I meant for Sunday to be uber-productive, but I was somewhat sidelined by a sinus headache (and still frantically chugging Emergen-C as I type).  I made it to Whole Foods, but that's about it.  We did (finally) catch a showing of The Town, although our movie-going enjoyment was slightly watered-down by my faulty Fangdango App (flick started at 5:20, not 5:40... assholes).  I get grumpy when I miss even a preview, so accidentally skipping the entire first bank robbery sequence was a bigtime bummer.  Luckily, the over-promotion of the trailer ended up being an easy road map as we were already in-the-know on the plotline. Bee-tee-dubs: Loved the film... love Ben Affleck as a director (please tell me you've seen Gone Baby, Gone?!) and love him playing into his Boston roots.  Also: Jon Hamm.  Yes.  And please.  

And that's about it, loveys.  Evs tucked my congested noggin into bed with a toasty bagel, some tea, and the latest episode of Dexter flickering from the corner.  Weekend: Kaput.  

But my curtains arrive today!  Master Bedroom Reveal coming soon!    


  1. I love the ginger ale celebrations....way to support your team mate!


  2. Even if this is a regular' ol' boring picture-less recap, I really enjoyed reading it! We won't discuss the Texas game, but I will say I was thrilled to see OU get beat. :)

  3. I love this recap! We went to Baylor, too, so this made our day! :) Even though we did head back to Dallas after the massive downpour. White shirt + suede boots does not = good football attire.


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