Wednesday, October 13, 2010

these are a few of my favorite (fall) things!

Contemplating how much left I have to pack is giving me heart palpitations.  So I'm doing what any red-blooded American gal does when life gets her down... (1) wine, (2) Dexter, and (3) thinking happy thoughts just like Fraulein Maria taught me!  Perhaps after another glass, I'll fasten some jaunty lederhosen for me and The Boom from the breakfast nook drapes whilst  merrily harmonizing Do a Dear...


FAVORITE THINGS (Oldies & Newbies)!

After being a big Sonya Renee fan for several years, I bought myself a little gold K (plain, no gem) as a Good Job for Not Failing Out of Your First Year of Law School Gift back in 2006.  {celebrate the small things, yo.}  Then, several years later, I thought I lost it at a Christmas Party.  Superbummer.  Then... during Packing Fest '10... there she was, hiding under flannel pj pants circa 1996 (what? they're my skinny-goal pajama pants. duh.).  It's a perfect match with my rooster and I'm thrilled with my new daily layered look! 

I already caved and bought "velvet plum" with a 30% off coupon... and "teaberry" and "maplewood" are currently sitting in my shopping cart just waiting for an email promo!  I'm also completely loving my new Pleated Pocket Skirt... perfect for more casual work days when paired with tights!  

Cozy Nightshirts 

I have this white and grey nightshirt... long-sleeved... oxford hemline... henley buttons... soft as can be.  I think I bought it at Old Navy for about $6 two or three years ago.  And when the temperatures fall and it's quitting time, there's nothing better than slipping on that sucker with my Uggs.  Not the sexiest sleepwear (sadly, I have yet to master cooking dinner and lugging out the recycle bin whilst continuously maintaining the casually-come-hither posture below) but it's as comfy as they come!  {similar nightshirts from GAP, above, and VS, below}

Officially obsessed.  Non-greasy, light, and it makes my skin all dewy.  Plus, Evs says it makes my face smell like oranges.  Which apparently he digs...  Bonus!  

What are your favorite things this fall? 

{um, yeah, this photo has nothing to do with anything... except faux-fiesta-awesomeness}


  1. Thank you so much for posting the link to that LEC skirt! I've been looking for a skirt just like that for school, and it will be perfect. I've been on their website several times lately and hadn't even noticed it. I now need it in several colors and can't buy it fast enough. It's the perfect teacher skirt for fall!

  2. DITTO ROWAN on the bli$$ liquid gold witchcraft potion. can't live without it.

    (looks like another brainwashing job well done by bliss atlanta midtown. props, ladies.)

  3. The tile, it is awesome in its strangeness.

  4. Yay creepy sun mosaics! They could hang out with my creepy Danish people on my fireplace mantle. Why do people do such horrid things to perfectly nice houses??

    Gah, bliss products= my crack. I'm out of my current face wash and going bananas. NEED. NEED. I've convinced myself it makes my wrinkles less pronounced and my skin all dewy like when I was 16. I'm not sure if it's my imagination or not, but, I don't care.

  5. I bought 2 of the LEC skirts-grey and navy. Pink is in my cart!

  6. Heritage cardis on sale today! Perfect timing!

  7. Love the initial necklace! Sweaters, leggings, boots :-) A few of my favorite things.

  8. good luck moving! i got that skirt about a month ago. does yours ride up? mine does thus making it super super

  9. I love your Fall items! I wish the temps would cool down here!


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