Tuesday, November 16, 2010

snuggly treasures

Don't you just love it when you find a little interweb trail of breadcrumbs leading you straight into a treasure trove of gingerbready wonderfulness (I know I'm mixing up my Hansel & Gretel plotline, but just roll with it, por favor)?!  

Early morning found me with a steaming cup of 7-11's finest Columbian blend, oohing-and-ahhing over Maggie's current covet... which led me to Ms. Spade's entire labyrinth of bejeweled and bedazzled footwear... when these caught my beady little eyes... which compelled me to scope out my checking account balance... which caused me to shed a tear... but then!  

Oh, but then!  

Happiness... for relatively little green!  

Personal Favorites.  It's quite possible I need these... because, you know, I throw so many snowballs down here in Dallas. 

In other Holiday-Type News, 103.7 Lite FM is now officially All-Christmas, All-the-Time.  Rejoice!  Except for when they play The Date Rape Carol.  Then I'm back to NPR where it's safe and no one is putting Rohypnol in my eggnog.  


  1. OMG the glasses hat. If I were a dorkier optometrist I'd have to have that. Wait.

  2. These are so funny! I could see Ty sporting some of the hats.

  3. Hilarious! As soon as I saw 'The Date Rape Carol' I knew exactly what song you were talking about!

  4. I was just perusing all the Kater Spade jewelry I am COVETING! There's one charm type bracelet that the charms are tiny type cubes. I'm in love with it.

  5. Of course I had to jump right on over to Maggie's to see THE SHOES! Love. And what cute cute mittens. I love the snowball pair too...but in Dallas, alas...no need really. Do you think I could wear them at the office? THAT'S where I need mittens (hello, freezer temps).


  6. oh how i love "the christmas station"... though i won't let myself turn it on until after thanksgiving or else i get sick of it before christmas.

    and while i understand your aversion to the "date rape carol," the one i really can't stand is "christmas shoes." talk about a BEAT DOWN!

  7. These are too cute.. love the Taxi ones.. HHL

  8. Those shoes are nothing if not a gateway drug.

  9. So cute! I like the taxi and left/right ones.. :D



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