Monday, November 8, 2010


I scratched Evs' new car with the garage door six hours after we purchased it.  I spent the rest of Sunday attempting to prove that I am not, in fact, the lamest, most careless wife off all time.  Actually, it was a pretty lovely Sunday after I stopped bawling and Evs stopped muttering under his breath, but, regardless... little time for menu posting!  

Monday: Pasta alla Vodka (& Grilled Chicken)
- modified with whole wheat pasta and half-and-half (not really gonna help the calorie-counter, I realize)

Tuesday: Beef Chimichanga-Tostada Thingies
- I'm winging this one... drawing inspiration from Cooking Light, Tasty Kitchen, and my own culinary creations

Wednesday: "Naked Burrito" Bowl
- with Mexican rice, black beans, homemade pico de gallo, and slowcooker pork "carnitas" from Tasty Kitchen

Thursday: Cider Glazed Chicken with Asparagus Risotto
- Chicken via Cooking Light
- Easy-Peesy-Parmesan-Cheesy Risotto thanks to Archer Farms and a little gettin'-crafty-with-boxed-product magic.  

Hits & Misses from Last Week's Menu:

Everything worth writing home the interwebs about from last week has already had a little fifteen minutes of blogging fame.... save for Williams-Sonoma's Hungarian Beef Stew... which, with cold weather upon us, is a travesty!  

The first time I prepared this recipe, I was wary of the onion quantity... 2 large guys?  Plus 3 cloves of garlic??  Well, the recipe won't steer you wrong... Perhaps it's not a winner for a first date, but the flavor is 100% delicious!  Plus, it's a different take on your normal old' beef stew stand-by!  


  1. I looooove PW's Pasta alla Vodka. Such a great sauce. And easy, too!

  2. PW's pasta is incredible! Your beginning of the week meal posts always inspire my meals! :) Hope your week gets better!!

  3. I did this to my husband's new car...the only saving grace is that it was Christmas Eve. Also, I have heard nothing but great things about PW's pasta vodka. I must try it.


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