Sunday, November 21, 2010


... where the wind comes sweeping down the plaaaain!

Where the waving wheat!  Can sure smell sweet!

When the wind comes right behind the raaaaaaaaaaaain!

I could go on.... but I'll refrain.

{And you know we belong to the laaaaaaaaand!  And the land we belong to is graaaaaaaand!}

{You can take the Girl out of the Musical Theater... but you can't take the Musical Theater out of the Girl!}

{Oh dear.  Where'd those come from?}

Oh man.  I needed this weekend.  So, so much.

48+ hours with some of my favorite people in the world.  No pretension.  No makeup.  No plans fancier than several stupendous home-cooked meals, one helluva long walk, a couple girlie flicks, and an impressive amount of vino.  Plus a delightful / surprising detour to the Super Cao Nguyen Asian Mart.  One of those perfect weekends where you pack skinny jeans, silk tunics, knee-high boots... yet the only items you pull out of your suitcase are running shorts and pajama pants.  

Pasta alla Vodka!

Favorite Photo: We officially look like 13 year old slumber-partiers. Only one thing missing.

10 mile jaunt 'round Lake Hefner = More room for homemade Thai food later!

1 gallon pure Italiant EVOO for $17?  Plus Pikachu?  Adore.

Basil Chicken, Jasmine Rice, & Pad See Ew.  We are Culinary Awesomepantses.

Once more, for good measure. 



  1. And this sounds like the perfect weekend. What is it about no makeup and pajama pants? It just warms the soul.

    Also...I am LOVING the musical theater pics. Now you have me itching to find mine and scan them in!

  2. KATE. The pictures of you in the musicals are sooo precious! You need to post a video serenading us with some Annie or Music Man. It looks like y'all had such a wonderful quality weekend!

  3. What a fun weekend! Love all the slumber party pictures. :)

  4. That food looks SO yummy!! I love the musical pics!!

  5. So fun! I love good girls weekends. And that food has me hungry for lunch at 8am!

  6. perfection. nothing more wonderful that a weekend in with the girls (no matter how old we get!)

  7. So sad I missed it, but so glad you guys had a fabulous time. Love y'all.

  8. Love! The musical flashbacks ... and your girls weekend. I had one of my own in Baltimore. Sweatpants, chick flicks, and cookies were involved!

  9. LOVE IT!!!! And now I will be singing 'Oklahoma' for the rest of the day, which, actually, I'm totally OK with.

  10. Looks like such a fantastic weekend!

  11. I am a big fan of Oklahoma and the word Awesomepantses. I love all of your made up words.

  12. What a fun weekend!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. YAY for Oklahoma! I might (or might not) be able to sing the entire song in sign language. Glad you enjoyed OKC!


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