Thursday, December 23, 2010


How's about some lighter fare?  Yes?


I took these snapshots of our Christmas decor last week... Not much has changed, except there's more presents under our tree, and I've successfully slaughtered 3 of my 4 poinsettias. 

Even though I'm not feeling so jolly, the twinkling lights and the smell of Noble Fir do lift my spirits... I just can't help myself, I'm a sucker for the holidays!

I found it somewhat difficult to make a dent on decorating this year... we just have so much more space!  Most of my holiday knick-knacks are hand-me-downs or things I've picked up randomly for mere pennies at Hobby Lobby or Target.  I'll definitely be looking out for after-Christmas deals to grow our collection!  But for now...

Lights outside... we tried to go all Christmas Vacation on la Casa Nueva, but this was the most we could manage without blowing our entire fusebox off the grid.

We do have some cute Christmas Tree lanterns to the left of 
the front door that I forgot to capture.

Art Nook in the Entryway... featuring mini poinsettias (now deceased: RIP)

My grandmother (dad's mom) sewed and sequined my "runner" (actually a small tree skirt!)


My favorite Hobby Lobby find: Bouncy Noel Santa!

Crate & Barrel find... love the pom-pons!

Mmmmmmmm Christmas pears!

Tree: Unlit (Christmas skirt is actually a tablecloth from Tuesday Morning)

Tree: Lit!

We've started a tradition of purchasing an ornament on every vacation we take together... 
Our 2010 Editions:
Tillamook Cheese Brick (!!!) from our Oregon Vacation

Fishies from our honeymoon (we forgot we had this one last year)

Christmas cards...

... we now have them displayed all the way up the banister!

What are your favorite holiday decor pieces?  
Any sure-fire suggestions for after-Christmas sales?


  1. Target for deeply discounted Mrs. Meyer's "Iowa Pine" scented cleaning products and candle, as well as super discounted Xmas wrapping paper, napkins and ornaments. I also like going to Restoration Hardware to get marked down ornaments.

  2. everything looks so cute! it's possible that i will be stealing your cards up the stairway idea for next year... also, i have the same snowmen from the table below your photo wall. hobby lobby = favorite random christmas decor shopping.

  3. We always buy an ornament on vacation too. It's fun to see all the ones from years past! I love how you hung your cards from the garland, cute!

  4. Your house is gorgeous! I love the front door! We also buy ornaments on our is the only way I can motivate my husband to help with the tree. As a cheese lover myself, I think I now may need to take a trip to Oregon if only for a brick of cheese ornament.

  5. Everything looks great! And I love that tradition of purchasing an ornament on trips... such a fun way to remember all the places you've been!

  6. We get an ornament from every vacation too and they always end up being my favorite! I looove the cheese brick from Oregon, it's amazing! I also love the way you displayed your Christmas cards, such a cute idea!

  7. Decorators Warehouse (horrible name) in Plano at Independence and 15th (bad location) is really worth the trip. They have unbelievable Christmas decor that goes to 70% off after Christmas. I went last year and it is all I can do to wait for the after Christmas sales again this year. Seriously - give it a try!

  8. Your house is just gorgeous!! :D Merry Christmas to you!!

    Angela/Pretty in Orange

  9. i love your tillamook ornament! i wish i had a house to decorate. my apartment just doesn't inspire me to go all out.

  10. I think your banister is my favorite! I wish I had a Hobby Lobby near me, you found some great stuff there.

    Also, if you go to Oregon again, I can try to pull some strings with contacts at Tillamook to get you behind the scenes access.

  11. I love the idea of getting ornaments on vacation! Sadly there is no Hobby Lobby where I live, but I always hear good things about it. The tree skirt cracked me up, since ours is actually a festive cloth shower curtain from Target!

  12. I cannot believe you have a cheese ornament and it makes the whole world a sunnier place. Merry Christmas!

  13. looks great, merry Christmas! I can see Erin's card from last year on the banister.

  14. I totally need to hit up the after Christmas sales, our decor is lamesauce. I love that you attempted to go all Christmas Vacation with the lights. My husband refuses to put up lights so, ours are sad because it's usually me and a neighbor kid putting up like three strands. The Clark Griswold in me hurts!

    Hope you guys were able to have a good Christmas!


  15. Ugh! So jealous you got the Joy pom-pom hand towel from C&B. I wanted it so badly, but put it off. When I finally went to purchase it, it was no longer available online or in the store near me. Sad elephant :(


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