Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top 10 in '10: Beauty & Fashion

I was going to do a whole series of these little posts, but time just slipped away from me this year (isn't that always the case?), so we'll see how many I can crank out before my not-incredibly-creative-but-decently-catchy title is rendered moot. 

To begin... My Very Favorites from My Cabinets & Closet*...

{in no particular order}

(1) The Heritage Cardigan from Lands' End Canvas.  Like Daisy Ranedone and her rotisserie chickens, my adoration for the Heritage Cardigan cannot be contained.  Higher in quality and lower in price than the J. Crew Jackie, this little sweater swiftly became my ultimate wardrobe staple this year.  You'll find five currently in my possession and Lemon Citron on its way to my doorstep!  {Size Tip: My normal size is a bit roomy, but I stick with it to facilitate easy layering and ensure proper over-the-boob button closure. When in doubt with LEC in general? Size down!} 

(2) Boscia Luminizing Black Mask. If you have eyeballs, a WiFi connection, and any interest whatsoever in beauty products, then you've read the black mask reviews and seen all the Ted-Danson-Wannabe iPhone self-portraits (awkward).  I'm not 1000% rabid over Boscia, but I do dig the black mask.  Does it snag every tiny blackhead ("it looks like a porcupine!")? No, but it does remove every molecule of flaky, dry skin from my face.  Plus it indulges the "Picker" in me without actual damage to my epidermis... Score! 

(3) GAP Black Jeggings. When jeggings arrived on the scene, I wanted to throttle whichever skinny-bitch Parisian was responsible for such a camel-toe-inducing travesty.  Then - desperately in need of a pair of black Always Skinnies in the midst of a poorly-stocked store - I Hail-Maryed GAP's black jeggings in a size larger than my norm.  Low-and-behold, a True Fashion Miracle!  These rarely leave my body on the weekends - they are the perfect lower-ankle length for flats and heels, tuck (and stay tucked) into boots like magic, and are pure comfort to travel in.  They fit like my Always Skinnies (the trick was definitely to take the size up) but are softer and stretchier.  And, they have a proper zipper-and-button fly - no pull-ons here! 

(4) Bliss' The Youth As We Know It Skincare System.  Oh! Whattayaknow!  Those twits over at Bliss conned me into more products!  Yes, it is a rare occasion that I'm able to resist the "suggested items" after a TOT (worth. every. damn. penny.).  I think they put something (CRACK) (just a guess) into those itty-bitty brownies in the lounge.  Anyhoo, lucky for me, everything I've ever purchased from Bliss has exceeded my expectations.  This facial wash, moisturizer, and eye cream is no exception.  I use this system in the winter months (and the eye cream year round) when my extremely dry skin is at it's most beastly! 

(5) Bliss' Triple Oxygen + C Energizing Cream.  Um. See Above?  This would be my go-to moisturizer for the summer months... It's light, airy, and goes on almost gel-like.  It also smells like a Dreamsicle.  Bonus Points, for sure. 

(6) Banana Republic Hero Over-the-Knee Boot.  Much like the bootie of years' past (or, it seems, the jegging of today), I raged against the "OTK" trend at first - my puppies having already spent enough time in Hooker Boots during the Pointy-Toed/Stiletto-Heeled Heyday that was College.  But these buttery grey riding boots caught my eye one day this Fall and I haven't looked back!  I love that they are "convertible"... flap down = knee high; flap up = over-the-knee.  

(7) GAP Boy Fit Trousers.  I'll be the first to tell you I received these completely gratis from the fine folks at GAP and immediately assumed they'd wind up in my donation pile.  "Boy Fit" on my already-hippy physique usually translates to "Shlumpy."  Ironically, the fit is fabulously slimming and the dry-cleaners can't turn these around fast enough to satisfy me during the workweek! 

(8) Maybelline Falsies Volumnizing Mascara.  I've probably sampled every drugstore mascara on the books, but I've always returned to that ubiquitous pink and green tube or, more recently, to DiorShow... Well, no longer!  "Falsies" is the only mascara that actually delivers somewhat on it's outlandishly extreme advertising promises.  My lashes have never looked longer! And for $5.00 a pop, I'll be singing it's praises for many moons to come. 

(9) Spanx Tight-End High-Waisted Tights.  Um. They're tights that are comfortable and make you look skinny.  And they last forever.  Buy them.  End of story.  Oh.  And my apologies for the creepy, dominatrix-like photo depiction.  Yuck. 

(10) NARS The Multiple - in Orgasm.   I'll refrain from making one of the fourteen obvious jokes here and just say that this is the peachy-perfect blush... It warms up dull winter skin and gives that dewy glow in the warmer months. It also works great as a brow highlighter! 

What are your favorite beauty and/or fashion finds of 2010?

*Please note that I have not been compensated for mentioning any of these products (save for the GAP trousers, as reflected above).  
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  1. Oh man, I'm sure my husband will be thrilled when I tell him that there are even more Bliss products that I have been told I must buy. Maybe a little of of the old "but I'm 8 months pregnant and deserve to be pampered, dammit!" that I've been storing up will come in handy here.

  2. AMEN sister on the Spanx! I have a pair of black diamond patterned ones that I l-o-v-e (and might wear more if it ever gets cold in Dallas). and I too caved on jeggings, but being timid on trendy investments went with Target ones because they had a ridiculous sale on the Mossimos. so ridiculous that I got the denim flavor AND the black flavor. verdict? they're pretty great, except they bleed. I wore the denim pair all weekend over Christmas and "blue myself" a la Tobias Funke. that's after 2 washes. hopefully it improves with a few more turns in the laundry. I used to be a big Boscia fan, but I've gone full-on Mario Badescu and never looked back... however... that mask looks tempting! thanks for sharing your picks!

  3. Kate Somerville Tan Towels from Sephora.
    Love them!!

  4. Such a great post!

    I'm dying to try that Boscia mask, I've heard such great things about it! I use that NARS blush in powder, but love the idea of the cream in a stick!

  5. i've been using nars the multiple in orgasm for well over a year now and i love it. and i plan to get the falsies mascara soon as well.

    my new favorite moisturizer is aveeno's positively calming. i got a sample at the derm and it is great. it has spf 30 and makes my skin feel velvety soft.

  6. I want that black mask stuff for my face. Quickly. And it better work miracles! All you pretty faced girls have sung it's praises and now I must leap on to this bandwagon!

    Love those boots. Don't know if I can convince the hubs I need another pair though.. dangit.

  7. I have a similar post to this scheduled for tomorrow! (but without the snazzy photos)

  8. I am obsessed with the Falsies mascara!! I used Dior for YEARS, but, with my makeup budget being a bit leaner this year I had to find something else and I love it. For mere pennies it's amazing!

  9. Okay, so Nars Orgasm is my most favorite blush. Unfortunately I am too embarrassed to tell anyone the color when they ask. I love it!


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