Monday, January 10, 2011

in a perfect {etsy} world...

... snow in Texas always means a day off work and unnecessarily wonderfully, gloriously large marshmallows bobbing in cocoa.

Whimsy & Spice

... dessert arrives on something fluted, pedestaled, and minified promptly after breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

... bath time is celebrated with aplomb aplum acherry.

... lunch is picnic-ed in springtime Central Park, 365 days a year. bottles never catch a cold. 

... and peace travels with us everywhere. 


  1. OK, I am stuck at work and I can see the snow out my window--so unfair!! Yes, I am a child and need to play in the snow.

    I love this post! Such fun pretties.

  2. Those Whimsy and Spice marshmallows (and everything else they make) are from another world kind-of-good. And her photos... equally as amazing.

  3. We NEVER get a snow day. NEVER!

  4. So cute! I have the umbrella print, but set in Philly's LOVE Park.

    Snow days are much more fun when you're employed. We're gearing up for one tomorrow.

  5. Adorable finds!! Makes me want to make my own marshmallows.

  6. For your Marshmellow fix, check out Plush Puffs. Just got some for Christmas and oh. my. gosh. :)

  7. I checked out the Fairy Bubbles store and ordered the Whipped Soap and Body Butter in Pink Sugar...amazing. Thanks for sharing.


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