Monday, January 3, 2011

January Goals

I actually like resolutions. 

Not because I'm a self-discipline master who completes lofty objectives with aplomb (lame!).

More because resolutions are hopeful.  

And (somewhat) motivating. 

An opportunity to reset our compasses. 

I think there's a lot of merit in setting resolutions.  

Desafortunamente, I never completely follow-through with the majority of mine.  I do alright with the "spirit" of my resolutions, but I never wrap up a year thinking to myself "Oh yes, you totally rocked that!" - mostly because, come January 1st, I tend to think in sweeping generalities.  I also bop along all easy-breezy for a bit... then give myself a "breather" when I'm having an "off" month week day, because, hey, I have an entire year, right?

Well friends, it's time to get specific up in here!  This year, I'm all about simple, clear-cut, monthly goals.  I won't set myself up for failure (anyone recall "Perhaps I, HATER OF RUNNING, shall compete in a marathon this year!"?), and I'll recognize that my desires and needs might change from month-to-month. 

With all that self-awareness out of the way, let's get cracking with January, shall we?

Goals for January 2011:

(1) Fitness 
Cancel Fancy, Expensive, Now-Inconvenient-to-New-House Gym. {done!
- Take advantage of current new member offer at Pure Barre. {done!
- Attend 3 or, ideally, 4 Pure Barre classes a week for the duration of my unlimited-use month.  {attending first class tomorrow morning!} {I am clearly already badass at this goal thing}
- At the end of the month, seriously assess whether continuing PB classes at the normal rate is worth the monetary investment.  "Worth it" = Do I enjoy the classes enough / Can I honestly commit to continue with 3-4 per week?
- If continuing with PB is not worth it, join the YMCA across the street.  Or perhaps, figure out if my budget can accommodate both. 

(2) Eating 
- Return to abstaining from alcohol 4 days a week.  Remember the pleasure to be had in just one, lovely glass of wine. 
- Concentrate on portion size. If making a recipe where there will be leftovers, divide the portions according to the recipe's serving size before sitting down to eat. {This keeps me from going back to the pan or pot for "one more taste" and from putting too much on my plate initially.}
- Eat more fruit - at least one portion per day. 
- Continue to eat consciously and conscientiously... Continue to purchase and prepare real food, even as I cut calories. 
- Start researching restaurant ideas for our trip to Italy in the Spring!  Make a list of Must-Sample regional cuisine.  

(3) Work
- Check all VMs and return all calls before leaving for the evening. {I'm not sure why this is so impossible for me, but I do believe the Devil himself created the red, blinking voicemail indicator.}

(4) Personal
- Take more photographs with my actual camera.  Specifically, take one decent photo of Evs and myself together and remember to bust out the camera when we are with friends. 
- Write in my One-Line-a-Day Journal... everyday! 
- Write two, snail-mail letters that are not thank-you notes. 

(5) Us
- Pull the trigger on the dining room table and sectional we've (finally) selected. 
- Eat supper at the table... together... one night during the workweek. {With Evs' work schedule, this one is a toughie, but we're giving it the ol' college try. Having an actual desk in our home office will allow him to come home earlier some nights... Of course we need that new dining room table to replace the old one which will be converted into that darned desk... It's the Great Circle of Monthly Resolutions, here!}

There we have it!  I'm all full of hope and motivation and I've got my compass all spiffed up and ready! 


Just recalled that I failed Orienteering during Fifth Grade Live Oak week.  

Is it too late to change my metaphors?




  1. Need a review of the Pure Barre class ASAP. I was lingering on the site the other day, contemplating the new member deal, but the pictures of bendy girls in matching outfits scared me away. Love the outfit, not so much the bendiness of it all.

  2. Pure Barre sounds amazing! Good luck with all of your goals! P.S. "dining" :)

  3. Italy in the Spring? Perhaps if I wasn't leaving my current job for a new adventure we would have crossed paths in Rome in May? Where are you going in Italy- so jealous!

    I'm also on the Pure Barre (or Bar Method) band wagon with you and will be giving it a go. So. gosh. darn. expensive (after the first 30 days)!!!

    Happy 2011!

  4. I love the idea of monthly goals - they are sort of like more easy to swallow bites of a resolution :) I am doing monthly goals, too, with a check in each evening.
    I look forward to hearing how Pure Barre goes :)

  5. I HATE voice mails. I should really do a better job of checking them daily.

  6. @Amanda - We're going in early April - Cinque Terre, Florence and Rome! I am SO SO SO excited!

  7. The blinking red voicemail button is my nemesis. Why does such a small button have such immense power?

    Those are great goals - enjoy accomplishing them!

  8. AHHHH! I'm going to Florence for 10 days in late March to the beginning of April. I bet we will just miss each other! I wish we had pure barre- every other "city" in TN does. Does you background in dance make you enjoy it more, do you think?

  9. OK, yes, I too will need a review of Pure Barre because I drive by it ALL.THE.TIME and think "hmm, when I was a dancer, I had killer legs and abs. I should like to have that again" and then I continue on my merry way to Central Market and buy chocolate. Fail.

    And yes, the Devil Himself created that damn red blinking light. It gives me anxiety just looking at it.

  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one that despises the blinky red light on my phone. I hate Voicemail's!

  11. Along with your review of the actual Pure Barre class, could you do a quick summary of the body types of the girls that are there and what they are wearing? It seems like it would be a great class, but I have never had any dance training and would feel like a fool if I rolled my chunky self up in there with some shorts and a tee and everyone else had on dance leotards!

  12. Very cool way of setting up monthly resolutions!

  13. Because I have a short attention span I've made myself a list of weekly goals. #1- purchase one line a day journal and contribute something memorable and witty each night while enjoying a glass of red ;)

  14. I also canelled my fancy schmancy gym membership, however I have yet to be motivated to get moving any other way. I always portion out my lunch for the next day BEFORE we eat from dinners where we should have left overs. Otherwise, I would keep going back for "just one more bite" until I wouldn't have any lunch!

  15. Very attainable resolutions. I tried to make mine realistic this year as well. We shall see...

  16. I don't usually leave comments, but I just had to let you know -- Pure Barre is amazing! I've been going for 2 months and just bought their new deal. Classes are mostly 20-somethings of all shapes/sizes/fitness levels. Warning: IT IS HARD. You will be sore, but the pain just makes you feel that much more accomplished...and more deserving of that second glass of wine :)

  17. I like the idea of monthly goals, better than yearly goals that are chucked by mid-January by a lot of us.

    where are you going in Rome? trying to remember where we ate....hmmmm....its all so good, you can't go wrong! plan on GELATO its everywhere, and I had it in November..I'm sure I looked crazy but it was that good.

  18. fucking voicemail. bane of my existence.

  19. you MUST try this place called acqua al due in florence... we went on our honeymoon over 3 years ago and we cannot quit talking about it. honestly the best place we went while we were in europe!


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