Monday, January 17, 2011

Menu {MLK} "Sunday"

We've been enjoying a fabulous long weekend that proved to be equal parts relaxing and productive... Lazy Filler Post Glorious Recap to come {resplendent with Instagram Magic, for sure}. 

Until then... here's what's been and will be cooking en nuestra casa esta semana!  

Sunday: Curried Squash and Wild Rice Soup w/ Bison Sausage & Carmelized Onion Rolls

Y'ALL.  Just... No words.

Monday: Penne with White Beans and Spinach
- We are currently noshing on a McGuyvered version of Jenna's recipe, to mixed results (Evs digs / I'm "meh")

Tuesday: Cider Glazed Chicken 
- my very favorite recipe ever from Cooking Light
- with roasted brussels sprouts 

Wednesday: Tacos 
- with black beans and Mexican rice and corn relish

Thursday: White Chili Casserole 
- courtesy of Tasty Kitchen 
- with green salad

Friday: Straw & Hay Alfredo with Roasted Asparagus
- from Cooking Light
- Halved; adding chicken; only using whole wheat spaghetti; subbing broccoli for asparagus
- And yes, I realize I've touted my aversion to white, creamy sauces before but I can handle cream cheese and a little milk.  Perhaps I need to change my classification of "white sauce."  Whatevs. 

Hits & Misses from Last Week's Menu...

First, The Bad.  The Chicken Friend Rice?  Blah.  I was hoping this could become a quick weeknight favorite, given the ease of frozen veggies and minute rice... but, of course, most great things take time.  The carrots, peas, and rice were mushy-ish and bland.  We did enjoy the flavors of the sauce, and the fresh broccolini I tossed in was yum-o.  I would try this again with basmati rice and 100% fresh vegetables. 

Now, The Good.  Thankfully... everything else falls under this category!  The obvious standout was the Pot-Pie - which merited a full post on Saturday.  The Cilantro-Serrano Pesto with Grilled Chicken was genius!  I was concerned with the amount of cilantro in the pesto as I'm not always the biggest fan, but the mint and cotija balanced it nicely.  I did add a few more pecans than the recipe called for, chunked in one more serrano, and substituted straight up dry sherry for the sherry vinegar.  2 cups of cherry tomatoes seemed a bit much and I only had about a cup... I wish I'd had the full 2 cups!  

The Asiago, Potato and Bacon Gratin?  An epiphany!  I kept waiting for the hidden camera crew to jump out and say "SURPRISE SUCKER! You've actually just eaten your entire caloric allotment for the day!"  But no candid camera moments!  The only things I modified... I used an entire double-shallot and about 1/2 c. of green onions.  I also added my requisite red pepper flakes.  And (admission), I used a full cup of asiago cheese.  So sue me, hidden camera crew.  

I chose to serve this as a main dish (increasing the serving size a bit so that there were 4 servings instead of 6) with a big green salad.  I preferred it this way... it felt indulgent but didn't alter the nutritional caps I've set for myself!  

What's on y'all's plate this week?


  1. Wow. Carmalized onion rolls look SO so good!I just finished making/eating Asian Glazed Drumsticks (although I subbed in thighs) from Gina's Skinny Recipes and it was SOO good with rice and broccoli. Also just made Rachael Ray's chicken and dumplings for the 10th time this winter. So yum and so easy!

  2. We had Pioneer Woman's Paprika Beef Stew (or whatever it's called) and it was just meh. We had to add so much extra seasoning that I'm concerned we're over our salt limit for the next year.

    Tonight, I think we'll have pita pizzas. After that? WHO KNOWS.

  3. Those rolls look AMAZING! Nice work :) By the way, we're making the cider glazed chicken tonight, per your recommendation. With roasted carrots. Looking forward to it!

  4. We must read a lot of the same cooking blogs (and have similar tastes) because I have bookmarked several of the recipes you have on your menu. I just saw those rolls last week (boy, you waste no time!) and can't wait to try them.

    Here's a fried rice recipe you might like instead of the one you tried -

  5. @Danielle - Do you peruse Food Gawker? That's where I spied both the soup and the rolls! LOVE it!

  6. I really want to try the cider glazed chicken recipe!! I've seen you mention it on the blog before and it looks fantastic and super easy. Also -- the gratin looks TDF. Yum!


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