Sunday, January 23, 2011

Menu Sunday

Another week, another grocery list, another menu...
... and (eventually) another round of dishes.

Tonight: Nine Bean Soup
- courtesy of my wonderful grandmother
- {my car was filled to the brim with all kinds of goodies this weekend... including many of the housewares variety - tune in tomorrow for the lowdown on a very successful out-of-town shopping trip!}

Monday: Bow Tie "Lasagna"  
- via Tasty Kitchen user Rozanie
- made with lean ground turkey instead of beef, whole wheat spiral pasta, and homemade tomato sauce
- served with green salad

Tuesday: Tilapia in Mustard Cream Sauce
- via Cooking Light
- subbing chopped spinach for the mushrooms (love, love, love the comments on CL for suggestions like this)
- served with cous cous and roasted asparagus

Wednesday: Kate's Night Out!

Thursday: Chile Lime Peanut Chicken
- my own creation stemming from a recipe from Everyday Food implemented our favorite Chile Lime Peanuts from World Market {we shall hope it pans out as I envision it!}
- served with roasted brussels sprouts

Friday: Vegetarian Cheese Enchilada Casserole
- via Cooking Light

Hits & Misses from Last Week's Menu...

Last week's menu was chock-full of easy standards, including Cider Glazed Chicken (Best. CL. Recipe. Ever.), Tacos, and White Chili Casserole (ate half / froze half).

{brussels = simply roasted - EVOO + kosher salt for 20 min - with a sprinkling of Parm}

Sadly, my least favorite / "won't be making these suckers again" meals of the week were the pasta ones.  Which is odd.  Since the runner-up for my Twitter Moniker was Pastafiend.  But, even a squirrel with 20/20 vision gets zero nuts sometimes.  {That didn't work as well in reverse, did it?  Huh.}  

Anyhoo, Jenna's Penne with White Beans & Spinach was a Big Time Bust in my book.  Although, part of the problem could have been my modifications.  I'm pretty for any excuse to use my food processor these days, so I thought I'd make a little sauce out of half the beans, the sundried tomatoes, and some of the cooking liquid from the pasta.  Yeah, Gross. It was like eating refried cannelli beans.  Even so, I'm just not sure I'm a Beans-On-My-Penne type-o-gal.  Evs actually enjoyed it though.  

The Straw & Hay Alfredo with Roasted Asparagus Broccoli? I thought I could branch out and battle my White Sauce Demons with this lighter version... no such luck.  I just don't like the stuff and looking at it makes me gag a bit.  It also congeals if you don't serve it IMMEDIATELY... so while Evs enjoyed the flavors, his bowl was pretty unappetizing in appearance once he arrived home.  Bottom Line: According to all the glowing comments, make this immediately if you're an Alfredo Fan.  If you don't, don't expect it not to be Alfredo-y.  Duh, Kate. 

Now to the All-Star... Make this meal! Curried Squash & Wild Rice Soup {I used bison smoked sausage instead of the chicken/apple} with Caramelized Onion + Rosemary Rolls blew us away!  Everything about this combo screamed DELICIOUS! WINTER! SUPPER!  ... one of those dinners where moaning is involved.  I will say, it was definitely a weekend endeavor... between the peeling and the roasting of the veggies, the general simmering, and the rising of the dough, it's all a bit labor intensive (albeit simple).  But so totally worth it.  

Okay. I'm done. {can we say LONG-WINDED}


  1. Ooo, the bowtie lasagna is on my list this week as well! Sounds like an easy, can't go wrong type meal! I've also got your cider glazed chicken on my menu. Excited to try! Love these posts!

  2. Wow that picture of brussel sprouts is gorgeous- and yum.

  3. I loved the onion rolls too but my husband didn't care for them. Surprisingly, he loves onions and loves yeast rolls but said he doesn't love them together.

  4. Looks great! Those yeast rolls are on my list to make soon, as well as that white chicken chili.

  5. I made the bowtie lasagna recently and really liked it! Look forward to hearing how the Chile Lime Peanut Chicken turns out. World Market has some great finds!

  6. I already told Rachel this, but you guys have inspired me so much by doing these posts. I've been menu planning and cooking way more often than ever before. And while I still have the occasional almost fire (oops) I'm starting to enjoy it. So thanks. And keep posting!

  7. Hey, thanks for the shout out, I am really glad you enjoyed the wild rice soup, I was so relived it turned out well. It was one of those 'wandering through the grocery store and throwing things in my cart' kind of soups. Love your blog by the way!


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