Tuesday, January 25, 2011

you wanna get in my world, get lost in it? boy, I'm tired of running, let's talk for a minute.

Yesterday, on my evening commute, a song came on the radio, and I was instantly transported to the first months of Evs' and my courtship.  

First kisses.

First Mexican Martinis at La Fiesta.

First snog-fest at Crickets.

First snog-fest in the library.

First snog-fest tubing the Guadalupe River. {Bonus Points: that one was tricky.}

You get the picture... Good memories.   And it made me smile remembering how that tune cropped up when we were discussing "First Dance" songs and perusing an iTunes folder Evs aptly titled "Songs That Make Me Think of Kate" {Which? Swoon.  That's love, folks.}

The song?

"Promiscuous" a la Nelly Furtado and Timbaland.

Ahhhhhh, the sheer romance of it all!  

It was the Summer of 2006... We'd been seeing one another for all of a nanosecond, and that song was blowing up the Top 40 stations.  My Future-Betrothed was clerking in Dallas, and, in between unfathomably ritzy events {Oh The Golden Years of Big Law!}, we spent our weekends driving lazily around the big city in a beat-up Toyota Tacoma, windows rolled down, car-dancing as only a couple-a white kids can, belting out...

I'm a big girl, I can handle myself
But if I get lonely, Im'a need your help,
Pay attention to me, I don't talk for my health
I wantcha on my team...
So does everybody else! 

Baby we can keep it on the low,
Let your guard down, ain't nobody gotta know.
If you wit'it girl, I know a place we can go...
What kinda girl do you take me for?

That little ditty is undoubtedly the first of "our songs" that was {sadly} {I mean, can you imagine the choreography potential?} deemed an "Inappropriate Representation of our Marital Union."*  


We did manage to work some of our castoffs into our slideshow...

- Cable Car by The Fray - also a mega-hit of '06.

- Rain King by Counting Crows - really, anything by Counting Crows triggers a collective grin... but this guy, Mrs. Potter's Lullaby, Holiday in Spain, Omaha, and Angels of the Silences top our list. 

- Climb to Safety by Widespread Panic - this is somewhat of a theme song for me, being one I listened to on repeat in college... and then, in law school, before every single exam, including the Bar, followed shortly by the consumption of exactly 2 jalapeño, cheese, & sausage kolaches from Shipley's Donuts. {I attribute 85% of my moderate academic success on this combination of electric guitar and complex carbohydrates.}  I introduced the Evster... and that was it... Magic.**

... and some of them just... didn't... quite... fit:

- Under My Umbrella by Rihanna - When we traveled to Greece in August of 2007, this track had just hit the islands.  You could not walk past a cafe or club without hearing it.  It was remixed each and every way possible.  Vacationing Italianos in white capri pantes were belting it out on the beaches, during karaoke night.  Even if you started out loving that tune {we didn't}, after a week, you abhorred it.  Then you spent another week muttering "under my umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh" on the cobblestone alleyways and, all of a sudden, you loved it {again... or for the first time}.  Survival tactic?  Perhaps.   But damn, if we don't enjoy everything Rihanna has put out since then.  

- Irreplaceable by Beyonce - Gawd, I have no idea why.  But there is definitely a car-dancing routine to that one too.  To the left, to the left...!

- Apple-Bottom Jeans  by T Pain - I don't care how classy your wedding band was, if you got married in 2009, this was played, Do Not Play List be damned. Once you get past the initial cringe, it's a crowd-pleaser, I tell you. 

And while these melodies may never make the cut for the Ultimate Romance Compact Disc Box Set {yours for the low price of $39.99 + S/H}, they all take me back, jog my memory, and trigger a fond chuckle followed by some 1-1-2 fist pump action! 

What are y'all's Non-"Songs"?

*How Sweet It Is by James Taylor was our ultimate choice for First Dance Song.  Because, really, who could ever get sick of anything by James?

** lyrics from Climb to Safety were also featured prominently in our wedding program:

 "After all that I've been through, you're the only one that mattered;
You never left me in the dark here on my own.
I can your water rising; let me be your ladder.
I promise you'll be dry, never be alone."


  1. This is awesome! Reminds me of my college summer days in Waco spent belting out "Umbrella" at the top of my lungs at house parties, totally thinking it was cute, as well as Cricket's! And the summer studying abroad in London thinking that "Apple Bottom Jeans" was a karaoke must at the pubs there. That said, mine and hubby's non-song definitely has to be "Whatever You Like," by T.I. Pretty sure we had a few "snog-fests" to that lovely jingle.

  2. Ours is way classy: Faded by Soul Decision. Ah, the (fuzzy, warm beer soaked) memories.

  3. God we have so many. We have a lot of songs that remind me of driving around in R's car in high school- basically the whole Andre 3000 "The Love Below" cd- especially "Prototype." Also Jimmy Eat World (the Middle, etc). Beyonce "Naughty Boy"- dont ask, but there is a cary dance to that one!! Another would have to be anything on the Missy Elliot "Under Construction" cd. In high school we knew every song on that damn cd.

  4. This post crackes me up - I had to come read it when I saw the title b/c I heart heart heat that song. I used to run to it all the time. This is actually really funny to think about but I am drawing a total blank on inappropriate "us" songs - oh "back that a$$ up" by Juvenille. And many other NOLA rap favorites.

  5. Apple bottom jeans NEVER gets old. NEVER. My name on my kickball team is "boots wit fur" (and yes, I do have some junk in the trunk to back up that name)

  6. Gotta love our non-song: Make Me Better by Fabolous ft. Ne-Yo.

    "I'm a movement by myself, but I'm a force when we're together."

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  8. Oh my goodness, Climb to Safety is my favorite WSP song but as much as I wanted it to be our first dance song, unfortunately the beat doesn't really allow for a pas a deux. Our other "non-song" song is Love and Luck by Jimmy Buffet (which is the first song we ever danced to) and would have totally worked as a fun shag type first dance, but the lyrics say "rub yours on me and I'll rub mine on you" and I just couldn't imagine playing that in front of my Grandma!

  9. This post makes me laugh. Mine and the hubs non-song is "Fooled Around and Fell in Love" by Elvin Bishop. Ohhhh yes. We like to keep it classy.

  10. During law school, Mr. A bought Cher's Greatest Hits. We used to drive around BELTING IT OUT. We have arm movements and everything.

  11. Oh, and given my occupation, when I hear Apple Bottom Jeans, I always hear "Boots with deferred."

  12. HA! Boyz to Men Motown Philly. No clue- how this happened, but I ended up buying Hubs the actual CD, based on his love. It took me a day of driving around Atlanta to find that one.

    Our first dance was Shamaa Lama Ding Dong (we love beach music).

  13. I love it, that is hilarious! Our non-song is definitely Gold Digger. We L.O.V.E.D. that song! I think husbie had it set as my ringtone for a few months. Ha! I don't think that one would have gone over well at our reception...

  14. Aw great post - good memories of songs! I was married in 2009 too!

  15. WOW! Great post! My fave song memory is: "Wanna be a Balla" by Little Troy. We would cruise up and down "the Valley" (a.k.a. Valley Mills Drive) and we thought we were so cool.

    Not only did this post take me back in time, but back to Waco (where I'm from!) Oh how I miss La Fiesta (the best hot sauce) and Crickets (fell asleep on the Harley Davidson game after too many 'ritas at On the Border). We didn't have any snog-fests in the library (prob cause we were married - ha!), but Hubs let me go in the Law Review office w/ him. :)

  16. Glory Days will always, always make me think of my husband since it's his standby karaoke song. And, the Dixie Chick's Easy Silence since that song just struck a chord with me while we were dating.

  17. Our official song is by Old Dirty Bastard-Baby, I Got Your Money. This was always on when we hung out in college. Ah, memories.

  18. I hated Umbrella when it first came out, but now I love it because it reminds me of the beginnings of S and my relationship. One day I caught him off guard as he was belting it out and I have been smitten ever since.

  19. Funny! I met my husband at a Panic show and we always call that song "Climb to Beer Line" because it clears the crowd out at shows. Yikes!

  20. Cheesy 80's music (our era), REO Speedwagon especially. The mullets, oh the horror.

  21. Dude... Apple Bottom Jeans = wedding awesomeness.

    You should see my brother and my aunt cutting a rug to that song, it's complete hilarity. Someone in my family needs to get married in 2011!!!

  22. I laughed out loud at the first bit of this. Why is it that so many real our songs are so horribly inappropriate? :)

  23. Such a cute post. I, too, have a lot of random songs with people/boys/friends based solely on an amazing memory around that song and not so much the lyrics themselves. All of my top 5 songs are wedding inappropriate.

  24. One of my favorite moments from our wedding was dancing to "Apple Bottom Jeans" with my hubby's frat buddies from college. That and "Party in the USA." Love your blog!


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