Tuesday, February 15, 2011

maillot, oh my!

With temperatures in the 70s this week {7 days ago, the high was 16 and the wind chill was negative 1... today I'm wearing a dress with bare legs.... oh Texas}, my mind is wandering to lazy dock days spent sipping Corona Light and combing the tangles out of speed-boat-blown hair.


The surge of sunny styles flooding my in-box aren't doing my Summer Fever any favors either.  But I am pleased as punch to see stylish one-piece swim wear continue to increase in popularity!


The last time I felt super comfy in a two-piece bathing suit, we were honeymooning... and even then, fully standing / fully supine were my preferred bikini-body positions.  Anywhere in between and I've always been a little... squishy.


Three years ago, I purchased a fire engine red one-piece with a plunging neckline, a low back, and loads of runching....Male Reaction?  Encouraging.  Quite Encouraging, actually.  Likely due to that deadly combination of Confidence + Highlighting One's Best Assets + I CAN EAT A BURGER IN THIS!  


I've been hooked ever since.  


You best believe I shall be purchasing all one of these sassy maillots to wear on holiday with my jaunty European children.  Or, uh, to the pool at the Y. 


What's your piece preference when it comes to swim wear?


  1. Ohh, I love, love, LOVE that last one! I am partial to a tankini--I know, how 1990s of me. I have a few true bikinis, but, those are reserved for the few times when I'm feeling skinny and really, really, really tan--aka, never. I do love those one pieces though! So grateful that there are cute one pieces out there, ya know?

  2. Ooooh these are cute! I'm going to be rocking the one piece this summer for sure (and with some major cover-up action added too), and these are great options.

  3. I just bought a super cute one-piece that looks like a tankini...genius...and love it! It's comfy and forgiving for this post-baby body.

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  5. A one-piece usually. It has to work for my long torso though. Those are great swimsuits.

  6. I randomly bought a one piece over the summer, and I loved wearing it! It has a crazy plunging neckline and I got way more looks in that than a bikini :) haha!

  7. The red plunging halter to AMAZING! I typically go with a 2-piece, but that suit is so perfect I'm very tempted to buy it! I don't know how you'll ever decide on just one but the first one and the red one are my faves!

  8. i'm normally a bikini kind of girl...mainly because of my freakishly short torso. i like squatty in a one piece. but i'm thinking this summer i might need to invest in a nice tankini...something that will be forgiving to a body that has spent the previous 9 months pregnant and eating my weight in blue bell ice cream.

    you should do a tankini post, because those maillots are TO DIE FOR. beyond stunning! you have fantastic taste.

  9. I wish I looked fab in these suits - because they are gorgeous! - but my short torso + long legs + unskinny thighs means that I really need the break of skin that a bikini provides to make me look normal. It's strange, and seems counter-intuitive, but put me in a one-piece and I instantly look 20 lbs heavier. However... these are so lovely I might give them another shot this year ;-).

  10. I love all of those! It is so hard to find a one piece suit that isn't ugly sometimes!

  11. i love one piece suits, even when i did have a bikini body. i feel more comfortable and love being able to eat lunch on the beach without feeling gross!

  12. I actually look horrible in one pieces, which makes me sad, but my torso is seriously squished down short and one pieces make me look like a pale Oompa Loompa. I usually do the two piece but stay lying down or in the water ;) Although this year, I'll probably do the "Mama Mumu" (however you spell it) and hide in the shade.


  13. get them all! I love the red one, too.


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