Monday, February 7, 2011


Phew-eeeee, folks.

Two ice days and one snow day?

36 hours in Vegas?

The Super Bowl in Dallas?

 a busted out door faucet geyser?

I officially need a vacation from my vacation from my snow days.

While I recuperate, have a listen to the most chuckle-worthy pieces of "ad" space I've heard in a long time {a.k.a. the only reason I'm glad NPR's pledge drive continues to march on} {if you'd like to contribute to the routine tranquility of my morning commute, click here!}.

Dammit Siegel, these are cakey!

{for some reason, the links aren't showing up in Reader... click through for hilarity!}


  1. You know I love NPR. And I can't get enough of Alec Baldwin's spots, either. Wish I could come up with a witty pitch like his.

  2. Hi Kate!
    Did you get my email... trying to get your address to send you a valentine CD mix... email me!


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