Sunday, March 13, 2011

Menu Sunday

I started this week off with 5 new recipes to try... Usually this ends up in at least one "Bleh" from at least Evs or me.  While I didn't make it through all five newbies (one got bumped in lieu of revamped leftovers), we did really, really enjoy everything we ate this week!  A total Menu Planning Victory, if I do say so myself!

Here's my notes {I write these up every night after we eat so I can remember my modifications!}...

Y'all.  Y'ALL... So delicious... So easy... Gorgeous Yellow Tomatoes... 
Perfectly broiled top sirloin... 'Nary a carbohydrate in sight...  Just... Y'ALL!  
Warm steak asparagus and goat cheese salad
Cheeky Kitchen created salad perfection. {And I would know.}  Any modifications by me were made for convenience / incompetence's sake... We already had goat cheese in the diary drawer, and I forgot to add the shallots to the cookie tray, so I sauteed them in a tiny bit of butter and, on a whim, stirred in about a teaspoon of whole grain mustard.  I cannot wait to eat the cold leftovers tomorrow!

Peanut Noodles
Another solid K.O. of a meal... I mean, wow.  I've made some decently successful curries in my day, but never such a delightful peanut sauce.  It's reminiscent of pad thai, but... totally different at the same time?  Maybe?  Whatever.  It's delicious!

 Modifications: We are Meat-Eaters-4-Eva so I axed the tofu / doubled the chicken. Definitely use rice noodles if you can find them - the texture is amazing {also - gluten-free!}. Used canola oil instead of peanut as I already had it on hand.  Since we had asparagus last night, I came on strong with sugar snap peas instead... about 2 cups. I thought I had a decent amount of edamame in my freezer but a lot of it got tossed due to freezer burn so I'm glad I quadrupled up on the peas. I wish I'd had some broccoli too!  I also (DOH!) completely forgot to buy coleslaw mix so I had to leave that out as well.  The only way I could get the sauce to "smoothify" was to whisk with wild abandon after nuking.  And, finally, after tossing all the ingredients together, I put them back over the fire for a couple of minutes {while stirring continuously} to get the sauce all velvety and sexy-like.  

Spinach & Goat Cheese Turkey Burgers + Roasted Sweet & Red Taters
Spinach & Goat Cheese Turkey Burger
I'm a-hopin' this week's menu will be a Big Freakin' Winner... Thus far, we're 3 for 3, so we're looking good! Jenna's recipe for homemade turkey burger patties is so incredibly easy - only 4 ingredients!  {Obviously I subbed goat cheese for feta, as that's what we had already chillin' in the fridge.}  I served them atop a toasted whole wheat bun with roasted red onions and whole grain mustard.  Oven "fries" made from red / sweet potatoes {toss with EVOO, kosher salt, cracked pepper, smoked paprika, and ancho chile powder and bake for 30-40 minutes at 375} were the perfect accompaniment!

Chicken Noodle Soup Casserole
{Another} Winner Winner, Chicken Noodle Soup Casserole Dinner!  Good things be happenin' this week, my dears... and I can't take the credit!  All I do is stumble upon the recipe and borrow the genius of others!  Not a bad way to operate during the workweek, yes?  Anyhoo, while I've fallen somewhat in love with the casserole this year, I'm still not usually a fan of the uber-traditional-type... you know, what with all the cream of this and sour cream and cream cream cream white almost-liquid ewwwwww.  It's just not my bag, baby.  But, I'm glad I threw caution to the wind with this one {a recipe that includes not one... not two... but THREE something-cream or cream-of-something ingredients!}.  It really did turn out tasting like ooey-gooey chicken noodle soup in solidish form... which, um, doesn't sound all that appetizing now that I type it all out but... IT IS!  

Modifications:  I used whole wheat pasta, low sodium / low fat soups, and light sour cream.  No matter how far I've come with the Cream-O-Whatever Complex, I cannot stomach the sight of a can of cream-of-mushroom soup.  I used cream-of-celery instead.  I threw in the whole box of angel hair pasta and I think that was a misstep {although, it's admittedly hard to tell when there is no exact ingredient list for the original recipe... Help a sister out, Tasty Kitchen!}.  Next time, I think I'd only use 1/2 - 3/4 of a box.  I had a bunch of nearly-stale tortilla chips so I crushed those up for the topping rather than buy a box of Ritz crackers... Gave the whole thing a little Southwestern Flair... I dug it!

Leftover Twice-Baked Tater
Supper Tater
I'd planned on a fifth fabulous new recipe for this evening... but, turns out, I purchased 1 lb too few chicken cutlets last Sunday and didn't feel like braving the grocery store after work. Plus, I had an uneaten spinach goat cheese turkey patty and 2 very lonely russet potatoes scowling gloomily at me from the depths of my fridge.  Official Decision: Fifth Fabulous New Recipe slated for next Week / Leftover Twice-Baked Taters prepped for this evening!  

For the 2xBP Lowdown, click on over here!  Tonight's rendition included 1 spinach goat cheese turkey burger patty (crumbled), Parmesan, extra sharp cheddar cheese, 2 slices of bacon (cooked super crispy and crumbled), and red pepper flakes.  So, so yum.  SO SO SO! 


  1. I must try the warm asparagus, steak and goat cheese salad AND the Thai Peanut Noodles. YUM! And I'm with you and Evs on the meat....I don't dig tofu.

    ALSO...totally had a dream that I ran into you at a movie theater last night. We saw each other and we were just like "Oh hey" and then walked away. What a let down! In real life, it would be way cooler and we'd enjoy a fabulous dinner together!

  2. I'm drooling....and making the peanut noodles.

  3. I too tried the Chicken Soup dish last week and also used too much angel hair. But, it was really good and next time I'll do the Cream of Celery instead of the mushroom too. I also used the lighter versions of the cream based items.

    How do you have time to do this during the week??

  4. @Brooks Tales - I love to cook, so I don't mind making recipes that take a bit longer on the weeknights - it's relaxing and fun for me! I usually get home from errands or the gym around 6:30 and get cracking on dinner right away. I purchase all of my ingredients for the week on Sunday so everything's already in place. Also, my husband doesn't get home until about 9:30 or 10, so I have lots of time to fill!

  5. I so love your menu posts but am having major goat cheese withdrawal looking at these! Yum! I'm pregnant so only 6 more months until I can indulge, haha.

  6. #JMMarden - you might check the label of your favorite brand next time you're at the market - almost all soft cheeses sold in American grocery stores are now pasteurized!

  7. Get out!! Why don't doctors tell you this? Are they trying to torture us? Thanks for the great tip!

  8. I can't wait to try the warm asparagus, goat cheese, and steak salad! It looks amazing!!!!!

  9. omg - GOOD EATS! That Chicken Soup Casserole is seriously calling my name...mmmm...!!

  10. Just had to let you know that I made the Chicken Noodle Soup Casserole last night. I don't get from work until just before 8pm and I seriously underestimated the amount of time it would take to prepare this meal. However, as we were eating our new creation just past 10pm (I KNOW!!!), I got one of the greatest compliments from the husband: "I could eat this every day for the rest of my life." So thanks for such an awesome recipe! :)


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