Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mixed Bag of Random

Are you ready for the randomest post ever?

I thought so!

First up... Our new dining room table got a major makeover yesterday...

Dining Table

It's no secret that I like a lot of color {selecting cream pillar candles for the centerpiece was an uncharacteric show of restraint} and pattern. I wasn't so sure all these pieces would come together so well {neither was the clerk at World Market who watched uncertainly as I commandeered the dining set floor models with swaths of batik and Mexican stripes for 45 minutes}, but I love the result! 

 Dining Table

Dining Table & Bench are World Market's  Mahogany Verona
Dining Table are World Market's Mission
Runner is World Market's Batik Leaf
Purple Placemats are World Market's Mancha Stripe
Red Placemats are World Market (similar to Amazon Stripe)
Napkins are World Market's Buffet Table Napkins in Gold
Fiestaware Plates and Salt & Pepper in Tangerine
Latte Bowls are Anthropologie
Copper Mexican Glass Tumblers are Pottery Barn (no longer available)
Iron Centerpiece is Horsefeathers in Salado, TX
Ivory Pillar Candles are World Market

Next up... a simple solution for our laundry room...

I love having a laundry room in la Casa Nueva.  Unfortunately, the width of our washer / dryer prevents the door from closing all the way, making the laundry room visible from the kitchen.  Not a Massive World Problem, but I tend to toss different dirty items to-be-washed on top of the washer and it just looks messy.  

So, I bought a basket.  


Ta-da!  Small Personal Problem solved!  Cadbury Egg to celebrate my genius!  

Finally... my skincare regime... 

I've gotten a few emails recently about the products {namely, Bliss products} I use, and so, I give you my mini super skin squad...

Skin Type: Dry
Breakouts: Rarely
Problem Areas: Extreme Dryness, Forehead Wrinkles and Crows-Feet, Occasional Blackheads on Nose

Every Day Products:

- Cleanser {Morning & Night}- Bliss Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk - this product came highly recommended by Maggie, and, while I only just purchased it, I love it!  I was using a travel size sample of the Youth As We Know It's cleanser since I'm such a fan of that line, but I wasn't enamored. The Cleansing Milk reminds me of my favorite Jurilique cleanser which is difficult to find, more expensive, and comes in a huge glass bottle that is cumbersome for travel. 

- Serum {Morning & Night}- Bliss YAWKI Serum  - this goes under my moisturizer for maximum anti-aging benefits.  Like the entire YAWKI line, this product smells amazing!  

- Moisturizer {Morning & Night} - Bliss YAWKI Moisture Cream 

- Eye Cream {Night} - Bliss YAWKI Eye Cream - I used Clinque eye cream for several years and was very happy with it... This blows the Clinique out of the water!  I've really noticed a decrease in dark circles and this + the serum really seem to be plumping out my crows-feet.  

Occasional Products

- Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask  - I whip this out about twice a week {at night, after I cleanse, before I apply serum, moisturizer, and eye cream}.  It really helps to brighten and make you look well-rested. 

- Bliss Triple Oxygen + C Energizing Cream - I was using this as my daily moisturizer until last October.  I liked it, but it wasn't giving me enough moisture for my dry skin, especially in the winter.  In the summer, I might go back to using this as my morning moisturizer.  Right now, I use this after I cleanse post-mid-day workout.  

- Boscia Luminzing Black Mask - I use this as needed {usually once a week or once every two} on problem areas only {T-Zone}.  I love this mask for a deep clean and removal of dead skin, but, for the price, the tube is small and you have to gloop {technical term} a lot of product for the mask to peel off properly... hence the switch to use only in problem areas. 

- Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha-Beta Daily Face Peel Pads - Fabulous for a mini-peel at home... I use these twice a week.  

And there you have it!  Randomness at it's finest!  Cheers to Thursday! 


  1. I've been having an insanely busy day, but was totally going to do a post about that cleanser today, too! Maybe I'll still do it and we will wow the internet with our super-fandom of the Clog-Dissolving Cleansing Milk. (I use a hyphen even though the product incorrectly omits it. Hyphen Nazidom FTW.)

  2. Love the tablescape, marvelous job :) I especially like the red pepper artwork, so cute. I am coveting your your washer and dryer and while I need a new refrigerator waaay more than washer and dryer I really want those!

  3. Love the dining room table! We're getting a new one this weekend and I'm very excited for it.

  4. Your dinning room table looks fantastic! I love the pepper painting and all of your wonderful World Market finds. I have heard so many people rave about the Boscia Mask. It's moving to the top of my beauty wish list!

  5. Nice World Market purchases. It looks festive. You and Maggie have now convinced me to try that cleanser. Sounds perfect.

  6. love the red washer! if the door will not close you could take the door off andhang a pretty curtain. just an idea!

  7. Love your table! It looks awesome!!

    And I loved seeing your skin care regimen! I recently bought the Youth as we know it moisturizer and it makes my face red and burn a little. I stopped because I really need to find out it that's normal.

    I was kind of turned off to Bliss face products (LOVE the hand cream! LOVE!) but I'll have to try out the other ones and see how they do!

  8. Your skin sounds similar to mine -- super dry, rarely break-out, already getting crows feet, etc. I haven't tried Bliss products, but a couple that I like are Kinerase daily moisturizer w/ SPF for morning moisturizer and Olay Pro-X Restorative Cream Cleanser. The Kinerase seems to give my face a healthy boost of a glow in the morning, which is no small feat when you have dry skin. The Olay is nice a creamy (sort of like Cetaphil) but lathers. Definitely no break-outs, and my skin hasn't dried out.

    Btw, I saw a while back you posted that you like TJ's Tea Tree Tingle body wash. Do you find that's not too drying in the winter, or is your face the only area with dryness issues? I'd like to try it, but I'm hesitant, especially since the TJ's isn't very convenient to me.

  9. Thank you so much for putting all the skincare stuff in one post for me. I lurrrve you. And the dining room table looks fab, can't wait to share a bottle or two of wine around it with you kids.

  10. @Melissa - Oops, that wouldn't have been me... Unfortunately we don't have a Trader Joe's in Texas... a TRAGEDY of massive proportions, if you ask me! I'm dying for one! I use SoftSoap Spa Radiant and enjoy it, along with an olive oil soap my aunt brings me from Greece.

  11. I L-O-V-E your blog.
    You have to be pretty much the COOLEST PERSON EVER!
    Thanks for your awesome posts. They do not go unappreciated!

  12. Your dining room looks lovely! I adore the peppers... my next kitchen/dining room will have some sort of food photography. I wish I had the wall space in my current home!

  13. LOVE the table look! The batik runner is awesome, especially with everything you selected to go with it. Quite striking! The centerpiece and candles set it off beautifully!! XXOO

  14. A) Love the dining room set-up! I admire your ambitious use of color- it's inspiring to this neutral lover. :)
    B) Thanks for sharing your skincare recs! I've started experimenting with the Bliss line after reading such great reviews in Blogland. I looooove trying new products. You might even say I'm a Products Whore. And I'm a-okay with that. It's the best kind of whore to be. ;-)

  15. Yay project dining room table - looks great! I am also pathetically swooning over your washer and dryer. I want new ones so bad!

  16. I'm a huge Bliss fan as well and have several of those products in my arsenal. I have also recently discovered their "perfume" which is their spa scent and I really like it. It is not going out worthy but for an everyday light fragrance I don't mind it at all.

  17. You have a great looking table - love the colors!! You deserve another Cadbury Egg. :)

  18. I am obsessed w/ the clog dissolving milk! Another tip, put the triple oxygen cream all over your face and then triple oxygen mask over that for an added boost of oxygen. That's what the esti's at Bliss do! :)


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