Wednesday, March 2, 2011

never quite thought of it that way

{a dinner-table conversation: recounted...}
E:  Did you know Alice in Wonderland is being released from the Disney vault right before my birthday?

K: Hmmm...

E:  I'd kinda like the DVD.

K: M'mmmkay.  I think I can handle that.

E: It was my favorite as a kid.

K: That's because Lewis Carroll shared some of his LSD with Walt's animators.

E: Whatever, Nay-Sayer, Alice was an independent free-thinker who went on adventures.

K: Actually, if I remember correctly, she was quite the follower.

E: Okay, smartass, what was your favorite Disn---

K: ---THELITTLEMERMAID.  We used to put diving rings around our ankles in the deep end of the city pool and then burst forth from the chlorine with an aggressive hair-flip.  It was, like, the best game ever.  And I can still sing every single word of "Part of Your World"---

E: ---I know.  I've heard you in the shower.  You scare the dog.

K:  Ariel was the coolest.

E:  You mean the chick who cut out her voice box in order to impress some dude with her legs?  A dude with an ascot, no less.

K:  Ummmm...

E:  Tsk, tsk.  And I thought you were such a Modern Woman.


He has a point.

Although, I hear Ariel is a lot hipper these days.

Hipster Ariel

I hope she knows about the Heritage.  


  1. Oh and I TOTALLY have done a hair flip or two (or 100) and break into 'part of your world' at the drop of a hat!

  2. HAHAHAHA!!! You KNOW I did the Ariel hair flip! I was Ariel for Halloween one year too. I can't believe I just admitted that.

    Although, I gotta say, Beauty and The Beast is probably my favorite because of the moral of the story--blah, blah--can you tell I used to be a teacher?!

  3. My parents had a jetted tub with a sloped back- PERFECT for splashing up out of the waves. Obviously.

  4. I swear every girl of our general age group (1) can do an Ariel hair flip with complete apomb, and (2) knows every word of Lisa Loeb's "Stay". Ahhh, the Reality Bites soundtrack!

  5. This is great. I loved Ariel too, because she was the only one with red hair (I'm Irish and infatuated) but I can't remember the song for the life of me lol

  6. The hair flip.. ahh the good 'ol days in the pool!! And I too can bust out a wonderful (to me!) rendition of part of your world!

    Alice in Wonderland was too much for me. Although I enjoyed it a bit more in college...

  7. hee hee hee!

    the hair flip was THE BEST thing to do in the swimming pool. and part of your world is just about the best song to sing ever.

    i could watch lady and the tramp over and over again, too.

    i am NOT an alice in wonderland fan at all. you can even tell that to Evs!

  8. Bahahaha. The hair flip. Did that all summer long!

  9. I'm seriously laughing out loud at my desk while my coworkers stare at me with confusion. Oh wait, a guy just rode by (on his bike) wearing a toboggan and a cowboy hat on top. I think it's safe to blame my laughter on him!

  10. I can't stop giggling at this convo. We totally used to 'do the Ariel' in the pool complete with songs, too!

  11. Hahahahaha. Thanks for letting us be a fly on the wall! Hysterical. I have to admit, though - Alice in Wonderland is an all-time favorite.

  12. haha! Hilarious. Little Mermaid was definitely one of my favorite disney flicks and the hair flip coming out of the water was a must during summertime pool games :-)

  13. OMG I totally forgot about putting diving rings around you feet and being Ariel! I did that SO much. The Little Mermaid is by far the best Disney movie. Three words: Under the Sea!

  14. HHAHAHAH. i love this. and i too played that game.

  15. LOL, Little Mermaid is my FAVORITE!


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