Tuesday, March 15, 2011

well hello again

I'm tellin' you, eschew J.Crew for a few months and they might just throw you a Spring fashion bone or two...

erez (1)
a work-basic with a flirty twist...

erez (2)
erez (3)
erez (4)
easy dresses perfect for layering {and, ahem, perfect for someone's upcoming Italian holiday}...

erez (5)
a nautical stunner...


Perhaps her name is Lola?

Can't win 'em all, chickadees. 


  1. Seriously! Just when I was ready to give up on J.Crew for good, they had to come out with a Spring line that I absolutely love. The first dress needs to get in my closet asap!

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  2. now, if only we could bring back their lady-like, gorgeous heels, we'd be in business.

  3. @*jcg - AMEN to that, Sister! Where oh where oh where are my Juliets??!

  4. I am loving that striped dress! I have been eying it for weeks.

  5. Oh wow, love that first dress!!!! I'm having a giveaway to celebrate spring. IF you haven't entered already, please check it out! Have a great day! Kori xoxo


  6. Two things:

    1. I spent part of my honeymoon in Italy (Rome and Naples) and I wish I had brought more dresses. It was way too hot for anything else.

    2. I have been coveting a couple different versions of that stripey dress - LE Canvas has one and so does LOFT. I think this one might be the cutest, though!

  7. I really love the first two dresses (like a lot), the first one is a fab play ohn the basic black dress that you can layer over. Also, I'm going to need the wedges that go along with that striped dress. and...J. Crew is BACK

  8. I love the black dress! I've been looking for one for an upcoming girls weekend.

  9. I recently purchased the first dress.

    I normally wear a 4 in the suiting dresses, but my PS suggested I size down. Well, WOW, it runs BIG! The 2 was large all over, but since I love it so much, I am getting it altered.

    Also own the second dress...at 5'2, the lengh is perfect in the XS.

  10. Oh, JCrew....I've been ignoring them since my wedding...but then I needed new jeans and OMG THEIR MATCHSTICK JEANS fit me perfectly. Jcrew I love you.

  11. Love all the same ones and tried several on only to discover how SHORT they are! I hate J.Crew sometimes for that. Come ON, we want to dress our age- not in a mini-skirt.

  12. Completely agree... they've been seriously lacking the last few seasons, but their spring stuff is adorable! I've been eyeing that blue and white striped dress... so cute!

  13. Heh. Yes. Those chartreuse shorts have no practical application beyond photo shoots. What's up with that weird tummy ruffle?!


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