Sunday, April 10, 2011

April Goals

Well, we're back!  We had the most incredible jaunt through Italy - all of which I promise to recap in so much detail that you will surely become sick of photos in which we are sipping wine and/or chillaxing in front of ancient shit, starting domani. {OH YES, there will be poorly accented Italian translations!} 

But, before the Euro-Rehash commences, I thought I'd blaze on through my monthly goal rundown since we appear to be a third of the way through April already {craziness!}.  

(1) Fitness
- Up the ante on the cardio since I'm no longer doing the PB classes (sad panda).  Ideally, I'd like to be doing something active 5x a week.  Let's try for 3 trips to the Y and 2 other activities {yoga, outside power walk or jog} 
- Begin acupuncture treatments as recommended by my doctor  
- Check out the new Uptown Yoga location in Lakewood 
{--> Fail.  Just... Fail.  My only legit excuse for sucking-up any of these is that the acupuncturist recommended by my doctor was not taking new clients last month.  Re: THE REST, see April's Goals below.}

(2) Eating
Repeats: Booze Control / Portion Control / Conscious-Conscientious Eating / Use Pasta Maker Attachment {Booze Control was... Not Good / Portion Control was Fine(ish) / C-CE was Good / Pasta Making... another Fail.}
- Take it easy on the Cadbury Cream Eggs {I had my first of the season yesterday... IT HAS BEGUN} {Finally, a goal I knocked out of the park!  I gave these suckers up for Lent and I think I've only had one on "Sunday Free Days"}

(3) Work
- Repeats: VMs / Finalize Volunteer Posting {Did okay on the VMs / Did not finalize my damn Volunteer Posting... but I am very, very proud of the dent I made on my backlog of translations and petitions during the last two weeks of March!}

(4) Personal
- Repeats: Photographs / Line-a-Day Journal / 2 Snail-Mail Letters / Garden Research / Decorate Shelves {Fine(ish) on all of these... Still need more books for my last 2 remaining shelves.}
- Get old carpet cleaned / get new carpet installed {Old carpet is now newly shampooed and new carpet installation is scheduled for next weekend!}
- Hire housekeeping help for every other week deep cleaning {Still need to bite this bullet... and figure out what the heck to do with The Boom while a housekeeper is here... that dog HATES the vacuum with a mad passion}
- Read new non-fiction book before reading latest novel purchase {Accomplished!}
- Hanging plate project for bottom of stair-well  {Fail... but rethinking my original concept.}

(5) Us
- Repeats: Choose Fabric for Art Project / Select Office Rug {The office is still rugless... but I did order four vintage map prints (Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and North Carolina - each of the states we've lived in) from Etsy seller Saturated Color to adorn the walls!}
- Finalize sight-seeing activities for Italy Trip {Accomplished, obviously}
- Deal with the yard {We've spent a good amount of energy weeding, clearing out old leaves, pruning the hydrangeas, and, um, "mowing"... Still need tree trimmers to deal with the ridiculousness that has become The Balcony Wisteria.  And I think we've decided on a 2x monthly yard service.}

April 2011 Goals

(1) Fitness / Eating
- Get serious. Period. I began 2011 about 10 lbs heavier than I feel most comfortable. I think it's safe to say that number has climbed to 15.  Truth be told, the only reason I'm not 100% pumped to share our Italy photographs with y'all is that I hate the way I look in about 3/4ths of them.  And that just sucks. I've been eating well - real, whole ingredients; balanced meals - but I've slipped on my portion control. And exercise?  In the past month and a half, I just cannot motivate myself. Why? Honestly? A little voice in the back of my mind keeps saying "maybe this is the month... the month that brings an itty, bitty plus sign... and then I just won't have to worry about extra poundage for a while!"  Which - eyeroll - is about the crappiest, most nonsensical excuse of all time.  Life's too short.  Time for more salad, less wine, and a whole helluva lot more cardio.   

No Real Bebe... All Prosciutto Bebe.

(2) Work
- Reduce the number of translations on my desk to five or less by the end of the month. 

(3) House, Us, Etc. 
- Repeat: Use pasta attachment  
- Plant our potted pepper and herb garden; choose new flowers for our front porch pots 
- Get the trees trimmed; lawn service
- Hire 2x monthly housekeeper
- Compile reading list from the {amazing!} book recommendations {seriously, thank you, thank you, thank you!} y'all posted
- Get cracking on our living room design!  
- Begin collecting frames for "wallpaper-style" gallery wall in the upstairs family room. {another huge grazi! to my padre for all the crazy-fun old concert posters he donated to our decor cause!}
- book plane tickets for CO this summer
- HaircutOMGSoShaggy 

Any goals for you this month? 


  1. I hear ya on the waiting for a plus sign. It's hard to think about having a baby and losing weight at the same time.

  2. I would really like to get back to doing some hot yoga. I love it and feel wonderful afterwards yet I keep making excuses!

  3. My goal is to start working out more (time for the wedding fitness to start!), to not procrastinate on school work, and to get my hair done. It has been way too long- color and cut are needed ASAP!

  4. I am finally getting back to running tomorrow. I met up with a potential running buddy and she is way more enthused about the whole thing-which is awesome! I need someone to pull me along.

    Looking forward to your Italy pics. Definitely one of my favorite places to visit.

  5. Prosciutto baby....that has me cracking up. Only because I know I had one of my own when I came back from Italy. And I'd be lying if I said it was completely gone. I feel ya on the losing weight. Why is food so delicious and working out is just so...blah? It's a cruel and mean reality.

  6. I hear ya on the +15lbs thing. I've lost 8 and still have 15 to do until I'm completely happy...cardio is just so blah!

  7. Oh goodness, I did the same thing. When I was trying to get pregnant somehow the gym became "that place I used to go." (Pretty sure I started going to Chick-fil-A instead.) And that's how I ended up 15 pounds heavier than I was on my wedding day when I finally got pregnant. Whoopsies! I had actually signed up for WW five days before I found out I was pregnant. Not looking forward to my return visit to the gym and WW in a few's going to be ugly!

    Can't wait to hear about your trip to Italy!

  8. So my proscuitto baby resulted in an inability to zip my bridesmaid dress which arrived Thursday night for the wedding I'm in this Saturday. Hmmm, now that it's being let out, I feel no need to cut back this week. . .

  9. There's an acupunturist in my family's office building. Many of the tenant's in the building just walk down the hall and have their treatments done.

    4515 Prentice St., Suite 104, 75206

  10. Welcome back! I like the little drawing of your prosciutto bebe--I kinda of feel the same way--except mine is just a sugar cookie bebe and that's waaaay less cool than a prosciutto bebe.

    April goals? Attempt to go to the gym for ONCE. I've become an effing lazy ass.

  11. I know can be frustrating when you want to lose weight and people tell you that you look great (because it happens to me!) but seriously, prosciutto baby or not, you look gorgeous! I can't wait for the Italy recap.

  12. funny story, I was gaining weight at the beginning of the year, and TOTALLY wanted it to be because I was pregnant, not because I was overeating. And we are NOT trying to have a baby right now...I just wanted some other reason other than the fact that I have no self control...specifically with the cadbury eggs and reese eggs. You look great!

  13. I'm adjusting my portion control...rather, trying to have control over it right now, too. It sucks, but we can get through it together!


  15. Oh I was so guilty of avoiding the gym when we first started the baby-journey as well. As were many of my friends. Still waiting on the plus sign myself, but many months later I'm finally motivated to start working out again and quit writing off the additional lbs as "future baby weight".

  16. I LOVE those Saturated Color maps! Thanks for sharing. The MS one would be perfect in our house.


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