Thursday, April 28, 2011

bathtub sisterwife

Or perhaps just "sister."  

grassy girl
Grassy Girl. by Tierney Gearon.

I haven't quite decided yet.

We'll see if she lets me borrow her sequined skirt. 

{Plus I haven't yet told the Evster he's about to be sharing the bathroom with two females.}

Regardless, I think she's a keeper.  Every gal needs a topless pal with a super-magical-cigarette hanging in her boudoir, don't you agree? 


Grassy Girl Says... Please consider a blood donation to aid the emergency relief efforts rallying in the Deep South.  If your blood is weenie-fied like Kate's, see if you're eligible to donate platelets - since your red blood cells are recirculated back into the body, many people with minor iron deficiencies, etc are able to give that way.   It takes a bit longer but you get to eat an entire Snickers bar afterwards, doctor's orders, no guilt. 


  1. That's a cool photo!

    I gave blood yesterday through a drive at work -- this is my fourth time - the more I do it the easier it is (less painful, scary, etc.)

  2. Love the photo!

  3. love that photo!

    I can't give blood (yay freaky blood), but I'll be giving platelets. Yay for you for putting the PSA out there.


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