Monday, April 25, 2011

Menu Monday

I hope you all enjoyed your egg hunting, brunching, and Cadbury Egg eating! I know we were thrilled to be in Austin with the family, sunning on the Shady Grove patio, dying eggs, Alleluia Chorus-ing, and sipping Milk Punch at Green Pastures. 

It was a short week, but I managed to pack in a little bit of quality kitchen time... {and take a Charleston Soul Food Cooking Class!}{!!!}... here's what filled our plates:

Slow Cooker Coconut Chicken Curry
Evs thinks he doesn't like Indian food.  He claims it is "smelly and gross."  So when I make it, I tell him it's Thai food and he raves and raves and raves.  Bonus Points for the crock pot cookery.  Modifications: I used a whole {albeit, small} onion and about 1.5 lbs of chicken.  I adjusted the cook-time to the original  6 hours on low. 

Orzo & Turkey Stuffed Peppers
So pretty!
I started with this recipe from the Novice Chef  and ran with it a little to cut a few carbs and add a bit more protein.  I halved the orzo and added 1/2 a pound of lean ground turkey, browned with a pint of halved yellow grape tomatoes {instead of the tomato sauce}... shallots with the fresh spinach instead of onion... chopped chives and fresh basil from the garden instead of dried oregano... chicken broth instead of vegetable... less cheese, more red pepper flakes.  So pretty - and they tasted even better than they looked!  It was fun to play around with the recipe - there are so many variations of stuffed peppers out there that it seems like it would be pretty difficult to screw them up - just use what you have in your produce drawer and pantry!  

Would be prettier w/ cilantro but oh well!
Not nearly as pretty as the peppers, but quite tasty!  The pork cooks up super fast after it's pounded flat, making this a snap on a busy weeknight.  Next time, I'll make the marinade the night before to let the pork really soak in the flavors.  Modifications: Whole wheat tortillas instead of corn.  No sour cream.  Added chopped avocado. 

Saveur Cooks: Charleston Soul Food
If you have a Sur la Table that offers cooking classes, I highly recommend you peruse the schedule to see if any of the courses tickle your fancy... they are fabulous!  I received a gift certificate for the class of my choice for my birthday and finally secured a spot in the Charleston Soul Food course, boasting the following menu:

Creamy She-Crab Soup ~ Roast Cornish Hen with Black-Eyed Pea & Ham Salad ~ Low-Country Shrimp & Cheesy Polenta ~ Spicy Custard-Stype Mac-n-Cheese ~ Fruit Cocktail Bread Pudding with Hard Whiskey Sauce. 

Low Country Shrimp & Grits
Oh. Hell. Yes.  It just doesn't get better than that, y'all. I'm pretty sure I consumed at least a cup of heavy cream once all was said and done, but it was worth it!  Not the kind of food that I cook on a regular basis, but definitely a few dishes that are near and dear to my cholesterol levels heart... It was fun to cook something outside my comfort zone for an evening, and now I have several great recipes for splurge-worthy occasions!  

Jan & Terry's ancho chicken tacos!
I can't take credit for these, but I wanted to brag on Jan & Terry for a minute... Mis padres tag-teamed this Cooking Light dish for us on Saturday evening, and these tacos were scrumptious!  I've already dog-earred the recipe in my copy of the May 2011 edition for future menu planning.  Modifications: J&T used purple cabbage instead of slaw, and finely chopped garlic + salt instead of garlic salt.  


  1. I've been waiting on that coconut curry recipe since you teased us with it on Twitter :) The hubs and I are on a super restrictive diet and I have plans to play with some stuffed peppers this week. I'm thinkin lots of spinach and peppers and those yellow tomatoes that are going bad in my fridge. Yours look pretty!

  2. all looks so tasty! Like you, I sometimes have to tell my husband what he's eating is something else (or chop certain things up very small) but he always eats what I make happily. Aren't husbands great that way? The stuffed peppers sound and look amazing. Sneaking a whole bell pepper by my husband who *thinks* he doesn't like peppers might be a challenge, but I'm up for it. Might be one of those "eat it or make yourself a sandwich" nights at our house. :)

    The cooking class sounds amazing. I so wish we had a Sur La Table nearby.

  3. @melissa - yeah, I should have added that Evs basically just ate the filling out of two of the peppers and then made himself an Annie Chung's soup bowl to round out his dinner instead of eating the entire pepper. Lame, but I probably should have seen that one coming.

  4. That all looks great...but I want to know more about milk punch!

  5. Everything looks yummy - especially the curry chicken. Loved seeing your weekend tweets & photos too!

  6. delish! my hubs is like yours...he says he doesn't like "ethnic" food but then will eat the crud out of some thai! it's all in the verbage. like how i disguise ground turkey meat....he never has to know! unless he sees the container in the trash!

  7. oooh thanks for the recipe ideas - love the sound of this slowcooker dish!

  8. Mmm she crab soup!!! And I'll also try the Indian dish. My husband thinks it's weird that my dad cooks Indian for holidays. I guess it it. But damn it's good food!


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