Friday, April 29, 2011


Oh you betcha.  I set the alarm.  I made my tea {and later, coffee}. 

Kate Middleton & Dad

 I weighed in on Twitter {always the picture of dignity}.  I wiped a few tears. I coveted the hats. 

Royal Wedding 8

Is Kate's gown the most pressing point of debate in the world today?  

Kate Middleton's Gown 4

Nope.  Nope.  Nope. 

Britain Royal Wedding

{Although, kudos to Sarah Burton and the late Alexander McQueen - jolly good job!}

Royal Wedding 6

Royal Wedding 9


{double props to Ms. Burton for Pippa Middleton's gorgeous frock}

Royal Wedding 5

But it's nice to pause for a tick -- to be a teeny-tiny wee bit of an oh-so-happy moment in history -- to celebrate two young people who shoulder responsibility and tradition with such grace and class -- to believe in a fairy tale where the princess didn't have to rip out her voice box or play doormat to secure a happy ending.

Royal Wedding 7

Kate & William
Royal Wedding 3
Kate Middleton's Gown 2

So, yes, I stand firmly with Team Royal Wedding.  
Ratty sorority tee, booty mug, foul-mouth, and all.  

Royal Wedding 1

Royal Wedding 4
Royal Wedding 2

A very, very sincere "Cheers!" from one {ever slightly less poised} Kate to another.

Britain Royal Wedding
aston martin

just wed
Congratulations, you crazy kids! 


  1. Thanks for posting the lovely photos! I am far too lazy to wake up early but hopped on my laptop as soon as I woke up.

  2. I'm so sad that I didn't get up! I was awake at 2!

  3. She was absolutely stunning! And sidenote, thanks for the links to the youtube videos...hilarious :-)

  4. Can't believe I actually got up (set my alarm for 4:20am!), but so glad I did. I mean, shoot. It's a Royal Wedding! No regrets. Well, until later tonight, that is, when I fall asleep in my soup.

  5. Great recap, great wedding, great everything. I love the whole deal, and I am unashamed!

    And those videos are PERFECTION!

  6. Love it! This was so exciting! Great post, I hadn't seen the "getaway" yet! Too cute!

  7. Nice threads, Billy, but for God's sake ditch those pusillanimous spurs. Gotta love the little girl ("enough is enough") in the kiss for the crowd shot.

  8. I had a fabulous time watching the event unfold! Kate is gorgeous and she looked amazing in her dress!

  9. And the Oscar for most hilarious and creative way to begin a post ever goes to..... Kate for "iPhone Alarm Screenshot"! Bravo, chica. You're the best.

  10. I love this post and I love that we experienced it together through twitter!

  11. I loved this post, because it perfectly describes how I felt about the royal wedding. I got numerous comments from coworkers that they just "don't get it" and this post just really sums it up - there's nothing to get, it was just magical.


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