Monday, May 2, 2011

May Goals



How is it May already?

I guess that whole Italy thing made the month by even faster, but damn, I still don't feel as if we've been back to the grind for 3 weeks!

C'est la vie, right?

(1) Fitness / Eating
- Get serious. Period.... Blah Blah Blah, I feel fat, Blah, Blah, Blah.  I've jumped onto the C25K program {the $2.99 iPhone app is fabulous, btw!} and added in some strength yoga. Eating has been great - not overly restrictive, but no longer a free for all {especially when it comes to portion size}.  Lots more fruits and veggies. Back to the small {sometimes "diet" - which I hate, but that's just the way life goes right now} lunches.  {New Favorites: MorningStar's new entrees... especially the lasagna and chili... way less preservatives and sodium than your normal Lean Cuisine}.  Wine: 3 days per week.  Estimated pounds lost based on clothing size: 4 or 5.  

(2) Work
- Reduce the number of translations on my desk to five or less by the end of the month. I think I have 8 right now.  With the number of clients I've seen in the last 3 weeks, I'm considering that a small victory. 

(3) House, Us, Etc. 
- Repeat: Use pasta attachment FAIL. But I'm going to blame that one the new eating regime.   
- Plant our potted pepper and herb garden; choose new flowers for our front porch pots ACCOMPLISHED! I will admit that the daisies are not looking good at all - I think the wind got to them - but my veggies are herbs are rockin'!  Check it:

Basil was repotted after my "fountain planter" failed in the drainage dept.
3 wee peppers
1st Big Bertha
Sage and Chives 

- Get the trees trimmed; lawn service. Lawn Service: Procured! Tree Trimmer: Procured... but likely being reported to the Better Business Bureau for breach of contract.  Don't fuck with attorneys and their wisteria. 
- Hire 2x monthly housekeeper. One would think I'd have a bit more fire when it comes to this goal, but I still haven't taken the plunge yet. 
- Compile reading list from the {amazing!} book recommendations {seriously, thank you, thank you, thank you!} y'all posted. DONE! I'm likely covered when it comes to reading material for the rest of the year!  I'm starting with Room, The Art of Racing in the Rain, and Shadow of the Wind, as soon as I finish rereading Middlesex {almost forgot how amazing this novel is}!    
- Get cracking on our living room design! Um.  I ordered some art?  For the bathroom.  
- Begin collecting frames for "wallpaper-style" gallery wall in the upstairs family room. {another huge grazi! to my padre for all the crazy-fun old concert posters he donated to our decor cause!}  Not even started. 
- book plane tickets for CO this summer  DONE!  Labor Day Weekend: Estes Park... It's on! 
- HaircutOMGSoShaggy DONE!  And lightened!  See gratuitous photos of the hubs and myself. 

Easter 1

May 2011 Goals

(1) Fitness / Eating / Health.
- Continue the C25K. Start attending yoga outside of my living room, 2x weekly.  
- Continue the acupuncture treatments {that I just started this weekend}... this includes herbs that, to put it lightly, I am not fond of
- Continue with the "diet" - which, now, after the counsel of both Western & Eastern practitioners, includes no processed carbohydrates {or processed anything}, no superfluous sugars, no cold liquids, no Diet Coke, minimal coffee/tea.  {Not intentionally being cryptic for dramatic impact - just don't feel entirely comfortable at this point delving into specifics... any Curious Cathys are just going to have to play Name that Preexisting Condition... which might just have to be my new go-to drinking game!}

(2) Work
- Repeat: 5 translations or less. 

(3) House, Etc.
- Repeats: Housekeeper, Living Room Design, Frames for "Wallpaper Gallery"
- Reserve hotel for CO
- Plan NOLA weekend 
- Order parent albums {27 mo later isn't bad, right?}

Any more monthly goal-makers out there?  


  1. I loved both Middlesex and Room. Strangely, both gifts from my mother in law... ????

    My only goal this month is to have this darn baby! = )

  2. I so enjoy reading posts like this! I might have to borrow this idea and start posting my monthly goals and results.

  3. C25K is awesome. Such a great workout! I started doing Couch to 10k after I finished it and I am shocked at how much cardio strength I gained doing C25k. Without it there is no way i could ever run for over an hour on a treadmill (not always continuously, I should add).

    Also, been thinking of you lots recently with all your health stuff. Hope all is well. xoxoxoxo

  4. Echoing your sentiment of how the hell is it May already?! I've got a to-do list a mile long, so I may be jumping on the monthly goal train too to try to help keep my sanity. It's been a long time since I've had acupuncture done, but it did seem to help me. Would love to hear more about your recommended "diet" and what the Eastern take on this was. I'm all for cutting out processed and refined (well, my mind is but my stomach really wants the yummy stuff). It can't help but...well, help.

  5. So...i'm going to give some unsolicitated advice...if you are going to Estes Park, you might want to look into staying in Boulder for a night. It seems like it would be your style and it's only about 30-45 minutes away from Estes Park. Two great hotels there are the Hotel Boulderado and the St. Julian. Oh, how I love my hometown.

  6. Your herb photos look magazine worthy! Good work on those goals, and I'm really glad to see 4th bullet under "house"!!!

  7. My goals look like this:

    January: start making goals.


    So hats off to you on doing any of these.

    And I just read your last post and you didn't eat shrimp for 20 years?!?! Horrors. It is a STAPLE in this house. Love, love, love.

  8. Coming to CO?! So fun. Let me know if you are interested in the inside scoop on anything :)

  9. Room is my favorite book I've read over the past year. Couldn't stop thinking about it for weeks. Hope you enjoy it!


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