Sunday, May 15, 2011

Menu Sunday

Later this week, I'm going to dive right on it to a post covering a pretty major change in my eating habits.  I've been dipping my toesies into the shallow end of this "diet" for a while... then there was some doggie-paddling for a week or so... but this week, it was all about full-on submersion.  It's a pretty big change for me... especially since it requires major cuts in the gluten,** alcohol, sugar, and {GASP} {SOB} {CLAW AT THE AIR} diary, but so far, I'm feeling good.  

**Folks who jump on the GF Train for no reason but fad-dieting really toast my cookies for some subconscious reason, so I feel compelled to mention these nutritional exclusions are doctor-recommended.  

That said... this new "game plan" presents some challenges in the kitchen - which are... fun... I think.  I'm still figuring it all out.  But if y'all have any favorite GF/DF recipes {or products! I really need a GF tortilla rec} that you'd like to share {especially ones that don't include rice... we're almost-riced out!}, I'm all ears!  

Lemon Chicken with Peppers, Broccoli & Tomatoes
adapted from Cooking Light
Lemon Chicken w/ Broccoli & Peppers
This was good - not fantastical, but very comforting.  It's something I'd make again if I were starving off a cold or recovering from the flu. I'm betting E's {pictured} was slightly yummier than mine with the pecorino!    Modifications: The orange peppers were so pretty this week, so I went with one of those instead of red. I don't care for canned artichokes and we were out of the frozen variety, so I used a crown of brocoli instead {steamed in the microwave for 2 minutes, then stirred into the pot near the end of the cooking time}.  I thought we had an entire box of instant brown rice, but we only had about a cup left. I stirred in that cup according to the directions {adding only a cup of broth + the lemon juice} and made 1 cup of basmati rice with the rest of the broth - adding in the basmati with the broccoli. That seemed like way too much rice {I'll reduce to 1.5 c dry  next time}, so I sliced up nearly a pint of yellow cherry tomatoes to even things out.  SO BASICALLY THIS IS NOT AT ALL LIKE THE ORIGINAL RECIPE.  Oops. 

Southwestern Falafel w/ Avocado Spread {except not}
Southwestern Falafel, plus
I've made these several times in the past and always loved them... I'm not sure what went wrong this time, but they were super bland. Perhaps that was due to the fact that I did not smother the patties with cheese or Whole Foods' spicy guac as I have before.  I tried to love the accompanying avocado spread, but ended up tossing the whole batch - I used fat free Greek yogurt in place of the sour cream and it was all I could taste...  even though I decreased the amount to 1 T.  So, likely my own fault. At least it 100% DF this way.  Moral:  Don't eat these plain. Slice some avocado over it, at the very least.  Modifications:  No cheese.  GF tortilla chips.  Used a whole egg.

Asian Turkey Meatballs with Lime Sesame Dipping Sauce
Saucy Balls!
Asian meatballs ready for the oven
It's the second go round for the Saucy Balls.  Verdict?  Still Yummiliscious. Modifications: Nearly nada {aside from GF panko}... just sprinkled some sesame seeds on top of the balls before cooking for a little extra texture and served them with lightly sauteed snap peas and broccoli {Evs also some rainbow cous cous on his plate}.

Pilaf with Balsamic Chicken, Spinach, Tomatoes & Walnuts
adapted from Cooking Light
Spiced Pilaf with Balsamic Chicken, Spinach, Tomatoes & Walnuts
This would have been out-of-this world except I undercooked the basmati and didn't realize it until it was too late to add a bit more broth.  Modifications: For the chicken, I baked breasts in balsamic vinegar.   I cut the rice from 1.5 c. to 1... and adjusted the broth accordingly {although, obviously, I decreased the liquid too much!}.  

Friday Pizza Night: Grilled Chicken Pesto Pizza
Pizza Night!
Friday Pizza Night shall henceforth be known as Diary Night... a/k/a, The Most Glorious Night in the Week.  This week, we had grilled chicken and yellow sunburst tomatoes atop Rustic Crust and homemade pesto.  The cheese on my slices only totals between 2 and 3 oz., but after ZERO dairy all week, this felt down-right decadent!  AND I HAD ONE GLASS OF WINE CRAZY FRIDAY NIGHT Y'ALL. 


  1. You can just use corn tortillas as GF and if you need to make bread crumbs.... I like the udis bread and use the end pieces to make the crumbs in the food processor. I have celiac so I have to be GF which is a bummed but there are a lot more GF products out there than tree used to be!

  2. DUDE. Why are you not asking me about this?

    Anyway, I know a lot of people feel the way you do about voluntary GFers with no medical reason, but like, gluten? Is bad for everyone! I'm not saying I wouldn't be eating it if I could, but the stuff is actually pretty hard on your body in the quantities most people eat it today. It sucks at first, but really, I hardly ever even think about it anymore except when a bread basket comes at dinner.

  3. Why all the gf cooking? I support it since I eat gluten free, but just wondering why the big change?

  4. I've been G-F for almost 6 months now and it gets so much easier with time. Mine is also medically required, so it makes it necessary and not a diet choice, so I suppose that makes it easier. They make some really decent G-F pastas that don't taste too different, so that's an option if you can't take any more rice. And I agree with Sarah on the corn tortillas. I haven't even tried any of the G-F flour tortillas available because the corn work fine.

    As far as dairy, my sister is vegan and she swears by all of the coconut milk products available.

  5. like PP mentions, corn tortillas are a good alternative, and I was at a point where i couldn't do dairy either, but I used to drink rice milk which worked well for smoothies, etc. For food ideas: I did chili (veggie chili) and just ate it without toppings, black bean cakes (zomg! with some guac instead of sour cream), hummus with veggies, stirfry (you can find GF soy sauce), GF pasta salads, fish tacos...ok that's all i got :)



    Feeling like such an imbecile right about now!

  7. You probably already know, but Tasty Kitchen, ala Pioneer Woman, have some really delicious-looking recipes for GF cooking!

  8. I think I am stating the obvious here since you already are privy to 'Skinny Taste', but she has a Gluten Free section in which I have made some fab things for my intolerant friends! Good luck!

  9. Kati - So you know I have Celiac. Translation: Daily battle ameliorated by daily discoveries. Ones that will not curl Ev's toes include : Bob's Red Mill pizza crust mix (makes 2), quinoa, millet as a casserole crust, sweet potatoes sweet potatoes sweet potatoes, this recipe, Bob's Red Mill GF hot cereal, and pretty much all indian, asian, and mexican cuisine sans soy sauce and flour tortilla. It's not so hard after about 2 months...promise!

    p.s. The other perk with losing flour on the sweet tooth side is twice as much ice cream....

  10. I've been Gfree for about 3 years now due to medical reasons and there are a lot of great sites out there. I have other allergies so have to be careful with a lot of the gfree breads, mixes, etc but many of those are very good. LOVE the Bob's Red Mill pizza crust.
    For wraps, if you need some variety from corn tortillas or a larger size wrap, I really like Sonoma Gluten Free Wraps (made with ivory teff). I found them at Whole Foods. Which also carries gfree gnocchi (YUM!)
    One thing I try to be careful of is not eating too much corn or rice - quinoa is a great option and I use that in tabouli and in a lot of salads.


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