Monday, May 30, 2011


Someone remarked yesterday -- "Nothing makes you feel completely inadequate as an adult quite like a heinous sunburn."  True Words.  Despite a near perpetual mist of SPF 30 at the BNC, my back looks like a red and white checkerboard.  Thus, I officially embrace old-school squeeze-and-rub {that sounds naughty} sunscreen and outright reject the spray styles, as they've proven QUITE LITERALLY to be hit or miss.  

Speaking of the Byron Nelson... T'was fun!  After a few lessons learned the hard way {Uno: If you've been given a fistful of free food and beverage tickets, perhaps don't leave them in your other purse. Dos: It doesn't matter how nicely you ask or how many fancy business cards you produce if you've forgotten your skybox passes on your desk at work.  Tres: FOR PETE'S SAKE MAKE A LIST OF SHIT NOT TO FORGET NEXT TIME}, we settled in on the greens for some good golf / people gawking.  As promised, Dallas was out in full force, and I had way more fun almost as much fun playing Spot the Golf Hooker / Frat Douche as I did scoping out the putting and driving.  The PGA's cell phone regulations put a damper on my would-be photographic safari of Desperate Women in their Hunting Habitat, but {unfortunately} the images of butt-cleavage in bandage dresses is forever burned in my retinas.  

By the by, thank y'all for your Golf Tourney Attire suggestions... I should have snapped a Before, but this shot featuring under-boob-sweat, sun-swollen limbs, and ratty ballcap is much more historically accurate. 

OOTD: Byron Nelson...HOT

I wore a swimsuit for the first time this year yesterday.  Which of course meant I spent a good hour before we left for the lake trying on every suit I own and rejecting them all for one reason or another before finally settling on the Most Non-Offensive.  Gladly, there was a minimal amount of self-loathing, and I felt pretty comfortable with myself all day.  Progress!  There was, however, a truly-fucking-obnoxious ache as I remembered packing those suits away last year.  Closing the lid on that bin for another season, I was just positive I'd be shopping for nylon with a lot more room in the belly region right now.  I've been doing this on some level, consciously or not, for too long... passing up a really great deal on a dress I adored because of the probablys and the what ifs.  I thought I was thinking practically... Now, I'm just praying the $200.00 I shelled out for a fabulous one-shouldered, slim-fitting cocktail dress will turn out to be a complete waste of money in a few months.  

I don't get the Jennifer Aniston Hair Hype.  Does The Rachel require Follicle Fame... forever?  Y'all, it's not that great!  It's kind of thin and... normalish.  Your hair would look just as good or better if your job was Professional Prettiness.  

As of this morning at 1:30 a.m., the Six Feet Under Project is complete.   63 hours of my favorite television show ever to air.  I'm usually not one for Bonus Features, but after rewatching the series finale with Alan Ball's commentary, I might have to go back and do the same for all the episodes offered with this option.  I don't have a clever way to say this... This show is brilliant and groundbreaking.  As cheeseball as this sounds, it profoundly affected my college years... and knocked the air out of me all over again this year.  Watch it.  

I've completely shocked myself with what I really miss eating, and what I don't even think about.  I would sell a kidney on the black market for a hot, melty sandwich {I'm talking with cheese and real bread. Don't waste your time with alternative suggestions}... We watched a Man vs. Food Nation preview special last night, and I practically cried as Adam reminisced about Brennan & Carr's hot beef sandwich.  Sandwiches were a staple back in law school... but not so much since... maybe two or three sammies a month, tops! And yet, I haven't had a diet coke - of which I used to drink GALLONS - in over 6 weeks and I wouldn't go back to drinking them even if I could.  Oddness. 

Well, we're off to lunch {NOT AT POTBELLY} and errand-running.  I've tricked myself into thinking perhaps I'll do a craft this afternoon from my aptly titled Pinterest board... we'll see how that goes.


Happy Memorial Day!  Cheers to lazy days!


  1. I love that dress on you! I tried it on and it was not as flattering on me.

  2. Couldn't agree more about the sunscreen. Laid out for the first time today, used spf 30 (in a spray can) and my legs are the blotchiest, red mess I've ever seen. That stuff sucks!

  3. Yeah, I've definitely come to the conclusion that I'm a old school sunblock kinda gal after getting some very splotchy burns in Mexico after reapplying many times to no avail. But, if it gets the husband to apply something while golfing I'll keep buying it.

  4. I was drooling over those hot beef sandwiches too! I hate the spray sunscreen because it makes you look all oily, and it's grimy. I've banned the use of it since our honeymoon last year. I look like a greased pig in most of our photos. Yuck!

  5. you look cute! enjoy those boobies now girl. i can't wear a cute dress like that anymore and i miss my old boobs. just you wait til little baby cheesefiend gets at those.

    okay. i've spent four sentences talking about boobs. cut. off.

  6. The Boom is so cute--I miss her--and you and Evs!!


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