Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a new normal

Today, I helped scoop, weigh, and package 5,700 lbs of pasta for a local food bank.  I could only smile at the irony.

Food is a big part of my life.

For better or worse, it always has been.

Happily, the last few years have fallen squarely in the "better" category.  I've fallen in love with my kitchen; I've switched to a more conscious and more conscientious way of eating.  And, most importantly, I've found a joyful balance somewhere in between overeating and Just. Not. Eating. 

At first blush, these new dietary restrictions terrified me.  

Would I be bored to tears by my dinner plate?

Would I become so consumed with "the rules" that I reverted back to old, unhealthy habits? 

Would cooking even be enjoyable anymore?

Would social outings become a pain in the ass? 

I was relieved to discover that, overall, the answer to all these queries is NAY.  

One... the motivation?  Is pretty high at this point.  I can wholeheartedly say that I never thought I'd be working so damn hard at a diet where the end result is... {hopefully}... CONGRATULATIONS! NOW YOU GET TO GET FAT!  And 3 or 4 months ago, when I started researching more natural fertility remedies, you would have had to pry the smoked gouda from my cold, dead fist... I just wasn't there, yet.  I'm there now.  The mindset makes a world of difference in the experience. 

Two... I'm still {relatively} pleased with the options that are available to me.  Planning our weekly menus requires a bit more creativity, but I still feel like we're eating a variety of yummy things.  And the "80% is Perfection" mantra gives me some wiggle room outside the confines of my own kitchen and keeps me the Crazy Voice {the one that screams YOUR MORNING CUP OF COFFEE IS RAVAGING YOUR OVARIES} at bay.  

So!  What does a "normal" day on the HAKU Diet look like?   Usually, a little something like this...

Hardboiled Eggs / Carving Pineapple

- Fruit {taken out of the fridge when I first get up so it reaches room temperature by the time I'm ready to eat it}... usually strawberries, blueberries, and/or blackberries with some pineapple, a kiwi or an orange.  
- Hardboiled Egg {same room temperature song-and-dance as the fruit}... I boil 7 eggs {look for the organics that are enriched with omega-3} for the week on Sunday and store them in the fridge. I've been going strong with the hardboiled eggs for a while now, but had a gag-reflex roadblock this morning - I just could not get that sucker down.  I might switch to scrambled unless my Yoda says there is something magical about hardboiling. 
- Voodoo Herbs - I initially prepare the herbs in the evening and drink half after dinner.  The other half is refrigerated overnight and then reheated {NOT IN THE DEVIL MACHINE MICROWAVE OR YODA WILL DISOWN YOU} for consumption in the morning.  If it's possible, they always taste even nastier in the morning. 
- Coffee - one 8 oz. mug.  I used to drink at least 24 oz. of coffee in the morning {one whilst getting ready, one commuting, and one in the office}, plus one or two Diet Cokes in the afternoon ... so I'm giving myself a pat on the back for Major Improvement here.  I save the precious liquid for my commute, where I can whisper sweet nothings into my mug and reprise Meg Ryan's Katz's Deli Orgasm in the privacy of my own vehicle. 

Mid-Morning Snack
- Raw Almonds
- Cherry Tomatoes


- Fresh-Grind Peanut Butter on a Rice Cake - there are few things rocking my world harder right now than Whole Foods' fresh-grind peanut butter with honey on a Mother's Salted Butter Rice Cake.  All natural, all the way, and 100% tasty.  I have 2 rice cakes with about 2-3 T. of peanut butter in total.
- Leftovers - from supper the night before

Afternoon Snack
- Raw Almonds
- LaraBar - I admit I'm not crazy about these, but they do fill me up... and they are GF, DF, Vegan, free of all unnatural sweeteners, etc, etc, etc.   I prefer the flavors that are fruity {Cherry Pie, Blueberry Muffin} to the flavors that are more "dessert-like" {Cashew Cookie; Coconut Cream Pie}... and by "prefer," I mean "swallowing them doesn't make me want to club a baby seal." 
- Avocado Half - mashed, with kosher salt.  Yum.
- Hummus with Carrots

- See Menu Sundays with the "HAKU" label. 
- To keep on track with not just GF eating, but also a diet generally low in starchy carbohydrates, I try to limit carbs {again, not talking about fruit or green veggies} to one meal a day.  If I eat rice cakes for lunch, I try to keep dinner at a protein and veggies, and vice versa.  This makes menu scheduling a little more complicated, but so far, it's working out nicely.  
- Voodoo Herbs

Things I Drink

- 1 Gallon. {room temperature - filtered water} - That big dude up there is my best friend at work.  And the glass pitcher next to the voodoo herbs above him is now a permanent fixture on our counter top. 

- Not much different {especially as far as breakfast, lunch, and snacks go}
- Most Friday nights are Pizza Nights - now with GF crust, but bring on the cheese {2 oz}
- I usually save my 2 or 3 Glasses of Red Wine {small glasses} for Saturday Night, as we often go out to dinner {sushi and Asian restaurants being the easiest places to find a wide variety of things I can order}
- I really miss weekend trips to Einsteins for bagels, mostly because it's something E and I have done together since before we got married.  And I miss frozen yogurt runs - another old standard in our weekends.

- My grocery bill has gone up - considerably.  We always ate fresh veggies with dinner, but fruit & veggies are now huge staples in my diet.  Organic produce {not to mention meat and eggs} is pricey.  So are GF products and other foodstuffs not laden with preservatives.
-  Big salads would really round out this extravaganza, but raw veggies are extremely hard on the stomach {I had a question about that, I think}, hence the reduction.  I do eat carrots with hummus, and I could definitely  create more salads that incorporate fresh greens with cooked veggies.  Mental Note to do that!

And there you have it.  Further proof of my bebe brainwashing.  Promise you'll hog-tie me and force-feed me a cupcake if I ever write a post about the joys of making one's own shampoo.  


  1. You know, I'm 54, and long past my days of babies, but I eat pretty much like this too. Except instead of gluten-free, I eat whole grain bread and tortillas. I drink more, too. Anyway, the point is, in my experience this is the right diet for many of us, and however you have gotten here your body is probably saying, "yesssss." I wish you all good fortune.

  2. This post just saved my life! Thank you for spelling it out for those that are overwhelmed by this concept (me).

  3. I'm totally impressed. Making changes like this in your diet is really difficult so, kudos to you for making it happen!

    As to your comment about your grocery bill going up, have you looked into an organic food co-op? I am part of one where I live (Tulsa) and while it sounds like something a person who makes their own shampoo would join :) it isn't. Basically I go once a week, pay $30 and get a bag full of fresh, organic produce and I can pay another $30 for a bag of organic meat/cheese. When I compare what I get to buying it at whole foods I am always saving at least 10% if not more. So...sorry for the co-op commercial but I thought I would mention it in case that could ease your grocery bill burden.



  4. wow! kudos to you and best of luck! I just had my first child and though it's a lot of work, it's totally worth it!

  5. I love the sentence "The mindset makes a world of difference in the experience". Simple, yet profound!! How very true--and it applies to everything--kind of like "Time will tell"!

  6. Call me wacko - but your diet sounds delicious to me right about now. I'm so f'ed up from eating crap for 2 weeks in Paris that my body would love love love for me to clean up my act at eat your way.

    Bravo for all the work you're putting into this new lifestyle. Praying for you and Evs!

  7. I am a complete lover of veggies and your fresh produce looks delicious!

    If you need inspiration with salads-I love boiled egg on my salad (either spinach or romaine), with cooked green beans and beets. Also I can always add cooked baby carrots, brussels sprouts, corn (not sure if you can eat that), green peas, asparagus, edamame, bell pepper, onion, and broccoli. These are all yummy and feel a bit European to me for some reason when I eat them cooked but cold on a salad! I actually prefer cold (or room temp) cooked veggies to raw ones on my lettuce salad a lot of the time!

  8. I have my own voodoo fertility herbs from the natropath and they are so bad it took a good 5 days to get past the gag reflex. It will be worth it! I am scared she will put me on a diet like this. I do want babies, I really really want babies, but I also love me some cheese and carbs. The first dilemma of motherhood!

  9. If I had a printer or a fridge right now this would totally be printed out and hung up for all to see.

    Ok 2 things! How do you feel about quinoa? I think it's GF! Secondly, it's heavy on the raw stuff, but I think you will love this: http://saladpride.blogspot.com/

  10. I was out of town when you started posting about the baby diet, so I didn't get a chance to read and comment until now.

    Goooooood luck to you m'dear! My hubby and I have been TTC since November, so I can definitely appreciate where you're coming from. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one out there considering alternative methods here.

    I don't think I'm at the point of the voodoo herbs, but I'm almost there, so it's really comforting to see someone going through it and surviving the diet and the tea (and the restrictions! Cheeeeeese! I will miss you!)

  11. Kudos, friend! I love that you're still able to exercise your creativity in the kitchen.

  12. Thanks for sharing! I love hearing about this.

    And FWIW, I make all-natural soaps AND I LOVE IT. ;)

    (I also love cupcakes. So there is that.)

  13. Thank for sharing. Good for you for doing this!!! Your situation is in my prayers!

  14. this is amazing- i completely believe in the power of food! my dad had cancer before I was born and opted for a food diet change instead of chemo and it worked wonders for him. cancer isn't baby making, but still! good luck with all your endeavors!


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