Thursday, May 5, 2011

PPT: Rolled Paper Flowers

Paper Flower Wreath

Forever a lover of neatly organized folders and labels and tabs {electronic or old-school-style}, the day I figured out how to "tag" individual blog posts in my Google Reader was a mighty fine day in Organized Nerdsville {Population: Me}, indeed.  I have all the usual suspects {Recipes, Home Decor, Healthy, etc}, some specifics {Holiday Decorating, Party Ideas, Living Room Ideas, blah blah}, plus some "really specifics" {Paint Colors for Bedrooms, Coffee Tables}.  Definitely some oddities in there, but that's just how my ol' noodle operates, and each little category tends to be put to work eventually.  

Except for one.  


I cannot remember the last time I actually completed a craft.  

Scratch that.  My paint-penned ice chests created in honor of fraternity mountain and beach weekends were pretty masterful.  

Let's just call a spade a spade and say "I cannot remember the last time I actually completed a craft that didn't involve an artistic representation of a beer bong."  

And yet I haven an entire collection of non-lameass crafts {Chevron Covered Ottoman Trays! Vintage Fabric Flag Banners! Lavender Olive Oil Bath Salts!} just sitting around, gathering virtual dust in their properly labeled and filed Reader folder.  

Well, NO MORE!  I shall make these damn paper flowers if it means missing this week's episode of 16 & Pregnant kills me!  

Paper Flowers

How daintily-fabulous are those?  I'm especially enamored with the sheet music varietals.  They would be perfect for a feminine fiesta, shower, or even a casual wedding!  Or make your house guests smile with a vase  full on a bedside table or bathroom countertop.  

Sheet Music Rosettes

I'm mentally searching for my glue gun as we speak. 

*** all photographs courtesy of Jones Design Company


  1. Love this, just as I love this Valentine book wreath -

    Unfortunately, I'm in the same boat re: crafts.

  2. wait wait wait. There are tags in google reader?!

    You've changed my life.

    And, yes, those are adorable. But I think you could make them AND watch 16 and pregnant!

  3. Pretty!!
    I want to know how to tag in google reader!!

  4. I have a vase that is just waiting for some of these paper flowers! I'm not very crafty, but I might have to give these a whirl :)

  5. Ha! This is the second time I've come across paper flowers today. There is a tutorial in Do It Yourself magazine too! They watercolored old book pages and sort of crinkled them before turning them into petals. Great idea!!

  6. I love the look of those paper flowers! I've seen a few weddings where they're incorporated as part of the decor. Seems simple enough to make


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