Wednesday, June 8, 2011

grabby hands

Recently spotted, hearted, and - in some cases - swiped...

This ad caught my eye whilst perusing the June issue of Elle Decor in Yoda's waiting room {Score another point for the Hippie Asians... excellent magazine selections}. One glance at Madeline Weinrib's website, and I was one smitten kitten.  
Madeline Weinrib 3
{note: those are actually Marimekko fabrics Ms. Weinrib is fondling above.}
Interior Design may not be my forte, but I know what I like... and I LIKE THIS.  
Madeline Weinrib
More than just a little bit. More than just a lotta bit, actually.
I basically want to get all Single White Female up on Madeline Weinrib's arse.
Madeline Weinrib 2
Or perhaps just this bedroom's arse.  Hard to tell.

Solitaire Tunic
The Summer Tunic Quest actually began with this beauty from Anthropologie...

Delectable, am I right?  But, in true Anthro Form... $98.00.  Undeterred, I pressed onward... and happily stumbled upon this post whilst creeping about on Urban Grace Interiors {as I'm apt to do}.  Brilliant!  Almost 50 bones less for an airy blouse of a similar vein... Unfortunately, Destin, FL is not easily accessible for an after-work shopping trip.  Sad panda.  
BUT WAIT!  A ray of hope!  SteinMart, FTW! {Also, perhaps, Ross}
Aaaaaaand Bonus Points for the reduced price tag of $34.99!

Cadet Chino Shorts
I feel like cute shorts past the age of 25 are hard to come by.  Or maybe that's just my knee fat talking.  Either / Or, I'm putting all my shorts-eggs into Canvas' basket. We'll see just how wise that was upon the arrival of Friday's FedEx man.

Any fabulous finds on your end as of late?


  1. Fabulous! Dreamy summer tops need not cost a fortune. I'm currently wearing a similar one from Forever 21!

  2. I'm having the worst time finding shorts that flatter me! It's so sad!

  3. GRABBY HANDS! As you know, I've been lusting after that tunic. Must be making a stop by Stein Mart soon!


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