Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Goals

I'll likely say this every month from here on out but... 2011 is really flying by!  I still am not used writing the correct year when dating documents, and now the year's nearly half over... Crazytown. 

(1) Fitness / Eating / Health.
- Continue the C25K. Start attending yoga outside of my living room, 2x weekly.  Still doing C25K at a snail's pace, as I've been counseled to keep my working heart rate under 140 while TTC.  I also have yet to spring for a yoga membership.  I'm okay with failing on that one at this point, though. 
- Continue the acupuncture treatments.  Yoda runs my shit.  To say I'm all over this one like white on rice {or, erm, brown on brown rice, as the case may be} would be an understatement.  
- Continue with the "diet."  Now unofficially dubbed HAKU eating, I do declare this to be the most successful eating plan in which I've ever participated. I probably sound like a one of those definitely-coke-addicted-workout-video-extras, but I've never felt better than I do on this nutritional plan. It can be inconvenient and annoying and sometimes Ifuckingjustwantanentirecookiecake, but it seems worth it.  

(2) Work
- Repeat: 5 translations or less. FAIL FAIL FAIL.

(3) House, Etc.
- Repeats: Housekeeper, Living Room Design, Frames for "Wallpaper Gallery"  FAIL FAIL FAIL... but I did get a good housekeeper rec. 
- Reserve hotel for CO.  Completed!  Thrilled to stay at the Taharaa Mountain Lodge in Estes Park come Labor Day!  
- Plan NOLA weekend.  FAIL.
- Order parent albums. I'm such an All-Star. 27 months might be a personal procrastination record. 

June 2011 Goals

(1) Fitness / Eating Habits
- Generally: Keep It Up!
- Experiment with baking under the new HAKU regimen

(2) Work
- Repeat: 5 translations or less to complete. 
- Convince the Keeper of My Grant Moolah that attending a particular conference in San Diego is imperative to the state of my practice. {It actually is... but it's also in SAN DIEGO}

(3) House; Fun; Personal
- Choose living room rug
- Call shelter to cart off old couch and rug
- Start my latest Complete Series Viewing Project: Mad Men
- Plan Nola trip; book WFU Girls Weekend ticket
- Craft these two items... 

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

Any goals on your list this month?


  1. I absolutely love the dog DIY art, can't wait to see how you make it!

  2. Is the parent album off the list? I hope not!!! The expiration date on my patience is nearing!


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