Sunday, June 26, 2011

Menu Sunday

Good news!  I have a slight Calcium deficiency!  Well, that's not really good news, but it does mean I get to rock out with diary once a day now!  Score one for the cheese whore!  Thankfully, I haven't had any digestive difficulties with this new addition... THE HEART {errrrm, stomach} DOESN'T FORGET TRUE LOVE!

Chicken Sausage & Spinach "Pizza Rolls"
inspired by Iowa Girl Eats
Making pizza pockets!
  Yes ma'am
Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage, Spinach, Tomatoes
That Iowa Girl...  She's a smarty!  I'm looking at wonton / egg roll wrappers in a whole new light now... just imagine the possibilities!  To make these GF, I used rice papers, per the Cook's Thesaurus' recommendation... slightly more difficult to work with but they did the trick. I stuffed mine with 1/2 lb. spicy Italian chicken sausage {purchased fresh, meat removed from casings, browned}, a package of fresh baby spinach {sauteed}, quartered cherry tomatoes, Muir Glen's organic pizza sauce, and a sprinkling of mozzarella. So yum! 

Beef Shish-Kebabs + Rosemary Rice & Quinoa Blend
Black Pepper Steak Kebabs w/ Rosemary Quinoa Rice Blend
Thank you, Whole Foods & Near East, for taking tonight's supper for the team!  Much obliged. 

Turkey, Broccoli & Leek Quish
Turkey, Broccoli & Leek Quiche
Same type of deal as that last quiche I made {click for recipe}... Used 1/3 lb of ground turkey this time + a small crown of broccoli {steamed} + 1 leek {sauteed} + fresh sage and chives + 6 eggs + 1/2 carton of nonfat Greek yogurt + 1 c. mozzarella + salt and pepper.  I am proud to report / the Boom is pissed there was no filling overflow this time.  

Sweet Pea Pesto with Roasted Broccoli, Tomatoes & Grilled Chicken
modified from Smitten Kitchen
Sweet Pea Pesto w/ Chicken, Roasted Broccoli & Tomatoes
Followed the original recipe to a T {save for the Tinkyada GF penne} and then added grilled chicken breast, tomatoes, and broccoli {roasted the veggies for 30 min at 400}.  I triple heart love basil pesto but this was a great new twist. 


  1. your menu sunday posts are some of my favorites. i think i seriously star just about everyone in my google reader for a recipe or two. thanks for posting such a great series!

  2. here I go, I'm beginning my :) Ok, so I seem to always be seduced by your menu posts! :) I love your choices, they look delicious, I wish we lived closer just so I could just smell your yummy cooking from down the street (seriously, I'd bring wine), and love your commentary!


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