Tuesday, June 21, 2011

recent tuneage

As we've discussed, I spend a decent chunk of after-work time all by my lonesome... which I happen to enjoy.  {I am excellent company, you know.}  What I do not enjoy is silence.  Bopping around my kitchen with the iPod cranked up is where you'll likely find me any give weekday around 7 PM.  Exactly what is blaring from my speakers is as changeable as a Texas weatherman in February, but recently, I've been punching Shuffle on this gem of a playlist... 

{When I'm not listening to the Book of Mormon soundtrack that is.}

{A big, heaping helping of Irreverence is the secret ingredient for perfect rice, didn't you know?}

Already Gone - Sugarland

American Honey - Lady Antebellum

Angels of the Silences - Counting Crows

Anna Begins - Counting Crows

Battlefield - Jordin Sparks - Shameful. 

Climb to Safety - Widespread Panic - This wee wedding detail makes me feel somewhat hip. Although it more likely makes me somewhat of a poser.  OH WELL.

Don't Want You Back - Backstreet Boys - Even More Shameful.

Father Figure - George Michael - This has got to have a place on the Top Ten Creepiest Fucking Songs of All Time.  I still love it.  Something to do with Ray Anderson's old levitation act at Ester's Follies

The Fear You Won't Fall - Joshua Radin - The only things I remotely miss about watching Grey's Anatomy are (1) Patrick Dempsey's coif, and (2) decent new music discoveries. I mean, had anyone ever heard of Teagan and Sarah before the pilot of that show {one million years ago, it seems}?

Get Out the Map - Indigo Girls - Is it possible to be unhappy with Indigo Girls on max. volume? 

Happy Ending - Mika - a/k/a The Break-Up Song I Wish Had Been Written When I Was Actually Breaking Up With Someone.  

The Heart of the Matter - India Arie - a/k/a The Great Cover of a Break-Up Song I Listened To When I Was Actually Breaking Up With Someone

Kiss On Me - Tyler Hilton - You might recognize Tyler Hilton as Young Elvis in Walk the Line. Or, if you are AWESOME like me, you know Mr. Hilton as Bad Boy Musician Chris Keller from One Tree Hill. 

Kyrie - Mr. Mister


Life Got in the Way - Sister Hazel

Little Too Much - Natasha Bedingfield

Love, Save the Empty - Erin McCarley

Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson - Always

Alabama {Maybe I Miss Your Body} - Cross Canadian Ragweed - The live version. Of course. 

Not Ready to Make Nice - Dixie Chicks

Pink & Black - Tyler Hilton

Sleep On It - Saving Jane

St. Elmo's Fire {Man in Motion} - John Parr - This may or may not be the Official Fist-Pump Song of Hippie Asian Voodoo Herb Drinking. 

Take Me or Leave Me - Rent Soundtrack {Idina Menzel & Fredi Walker}

Texas Plates - Kellie Coffey

The Cave - Mumford & Sons

Theory of a Kiss - Weekend Excursion

Your Love {Is Lifting Me Higher} - Jackie Wilson

Anything new, fun, or different on your musical rotation as of late?


  1. Love that cover of Heart of the Matter - I first heard it in the SATC movie (the first one). It mayhaps has gotten me through my big break up.

    Jackie Wilson is an eternal favorite as well.

    Do you like the Sia song from the finale of Six Feet Under? I think it's called "Breathe Me." I jam to that on the regular and do modern dance moves throughout the house as if I'm on SYTYCD.

  2. Haha, "Father figure" reminds me of Esther's follies too! nothing too exciting over here, Adele (not surprising and horribly overplayed on the radio as of late), taking it old school with some Fleetwood Mac and Wilson Phillips

  3. You are my long lost music twin. Holy moly, I'm reading this and thinking, "Did she steal my awesome mixed cd collection from my car?" I can't even comment on my favorite because I love them ALL!

    We're coming on the edge, running on the water, coming through the fog your sons and daughters. LET THE RIVER RUUUUUUN!

  4. I CAN'T STOP LISTENING to Little Too Much-- love that song!

  5. I've been rehashing my Twilight Saga playlist lately- in fact I was just going to write a post about it! What a coincidence!

  6. I totally totally love Father Figure...I even choreographed an interpretive dance to it that I perform every time it comes on the radio in the car. Creepy, yet strangely awesome. Great music choices!!

  7. wait all these song on ONE soundtrack? amazing!

  8. I think you might appreciate that Don't Want You Back by BSB is on the breaking up with David mix tape that I made myself in high school- the same tape that is actually in my car at this very moment!!

  9. Hi Kate! I have been a lurker for quite some time but had to add a comment after your love for Kyrie by Mr. Mister. Either last season of The Sing Off or the season before a team sang this song. I heard my husband in the kitchen singing along but was saying "Carrying a laser down this road that I must travel." I seriously almost peed my pants laughing. Happy Wednesday!

  10. This has nothing to do with your post, but I saw this Elephant baby shower yesterday and thought of you. I tweeted you, but I don't think you follow me, so here it is. enjoy!

  11. Am LOVING Road to Ride On by Joshua Radin right now. Also: he is dreamy.

  12. I am in a music rut, I need to take notes! This is going to be on my next blog post, suggestions of what to download for our big road trip! I can listen to a great song on repeat, for probably too long, but for some reason Hubby gets sick of it, hahah.


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