Thursday, June 9, 2011

ThunderShirt Review, Vol. 1

Y'all.  Today?  I started writing a post about Chipotle

Yes.  Burritos-As-Big-As-My-Head were my muse.*

*In my defense... (a) a naked burrito bowl sans rice / cheese is by far the most delicious and satisfying low-cal, low-fat "fast" food readily readily available on the go that is also HAKU friendly (my bowl = 485 calories / 16.5 fat grams... not terrible for a lunch out packed with protein goodness) and (b) budget-friendly takeout that's organic, sustainable, and local?  'Tis true... check out it's rating on Eat Well Guide.

But, I came to my senses and decided on a two-part review of the ThunderShirt instead. 

What. The. FUCK. Mom
Jesus.  Even The Boom's bored out of her mind.

I realize I'm scrapping the bottom of the barrel here.  I  KNOW.  Admitting you have a problem is Step 1 and all that jazz.  

But until I work the other 11 steps to blog-material-serenity... THUNDERSHIRT REVIEWS IT IS.  

So.  The ThunderShirt.  Much like a swaddle blanket for wee bebes, this stretchy jersey wrap claims to have a "dramatic calming effect for most dogs if they are anxious, fearful, or over-excited" by applying "gentle, constant pressure" to your pup.  

Anxious and Over-Excited don't begin to describe The Boom.  Most Neurotic Terrier Ever to Puke All Over Your Car hits a bit closer to the mark.  I've never seen a dog detest riding in the car more than our little beastie.  And the  vacuum?  Apparently a threat more viscous than a trip to the vet.  

We've tried a myriad of meds, food bribes, and every trick in Cesar Milan's repertoire to no avail.  After spying the ThunderShirt elsewhere on the interwebs, I asked trustworthy peeps {namely, Twitter... the Internet knows all} for the inside scoop.  Armed with some pretty positive feedback {and a 45-day money-back guarantee}, I hit "purchase" on my Amazon cart

This afternoon: ThunderShirts Are Go!  

{I've been waiting the entire post to say that.}

As I mentioned in my superbly shot and narrated intro video, my biggest Boom Gripes are (1) Vacuum Bark Attack and (2) Nervous Nelly Carpooler.  I did not anticipate the ThunderShirt helping with the Dyson Dilemma... She doesn't seem anxious with the dust buster or vacuum... just really fucking pissed off. 

Let's see how my hypothesis shook out, shall we?

{Arrrggg, Chipotle might have been the better pick...}

Yup. No Dice with the Vac-Attack.  Slightly disappointed, but not surprised.  However, Car Travel is our real conundrum... So if the ThunderShirt works a Road Trip Miracle, I'll consider it money well-spent. 

LUCKY FOR YOU, The Boom is headed to Waco on Saturday, the little jet-setter. So we'll tackle Review Part 2 on Monday. 

I can feel y'all quivering in anticipation. 

Note: No sponsored posts here.  I paid $36.00 for my ThunderShirt just like all the other suckers out there.  Although, if the peeps at ThunderShirt happen to be reading this drivel, The Boom would like to request you introduce a new line of colors that would better compliment her luscious tan and white coat.  Steel Gray is just not her color. 


  1. Bhaha! Your last 'constructive' on comment on the 2nd clip made my day! Thank you!

  2. A. Chipotle burrito bowls are the best thing ever.

    B. The beagle totally needs the thundershirt. Or, you know, brain surgery. Girl is out of control--if a leaf so much as falls from a tree, the entire neighborhood knows about it. This is why we are shut ins and don't know our neighbors, they hate us.

  3. I laughed out loud more than once while reading this. My mom has wanting to get one of these for our lab mix that is scared of storms. Do they come in XXXL?

  4. LOL- I'm actually really excited about this! Our terrier mix is the world's most neurotic dog. Seriously- the Boom's vac attack is nothing compared to Lucy's total mental breakdown. She goes psychotic when she sees it, jumps on it, bites it, grabs onto it and hangs from it. We can't even open the closet door because if she sees it, she goes crazy. Same anytime she sees a dog outside, or a bunny, or the UPS truck, or a coffee grinder. If there was ever a candidate for Thunder shirt (or electro-shock therapy) Lucy is it. I'm so sad that Thundershirt was a letdown!

  5. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you trying this out, as I am not allowed to myself. Whenever I ask my husband if we should give it a try, he politely points me in the direction of our closet where a sickening amount of DAP and accessories call home since I decided that that is what we needed. That would solve it all.

    We have a Belgium Malinois (think big dog that the Secret Service use) who loses her shit over different things of unimportance. Someone walking past our house? Personal Assault on her and her own. Vacuum? Attack, we are under attack! However, car rides? Our big girl turns into a shaking, whining, anxiety filled baby. She is such a wonderful, loving girl any other time.

    Thanks for taking one for the team!

  6. aw, man i hope it does the trick for car rides ...somehow? we've got a scared-of-the-vacuum dog here too. though he just runs upstairs and gets in the bathtub so it's way less annoying (and kind of sad!). car rides are worse and involve BARKING and jumping into the drivers seat (all 70 lbs!) and usually putting the car in neutral while rolling the window down. but this dog is also anti-pressure (he's not a hugger) so i don't think this would work for us either.

    have you tried rescue remedy? people always recommend this to me but it never seems to work. although i guess if it's being recommended it worked for someone?

    and lastly, I HAVE CHIPOTLE FOR LUNCH! (none of this bowl stuff, burritos are where it's at)

  7. Love your comment at the end of the video clip 2, it made my day! My beagle is crazy as well, but I know she would never keep that thing on her. She got a snuggie for Christmas one time and at first she sat there and looked as though she had been violated, and then she did everything in her power to try and get it off. I myself would love to have a sunggie, so I am not sure what gives. Anyway, hope it does help your car ride. Can't wait to see part 2.

  8. I'm so jealous that the ThunderShirt works for The Boom. We bought one in the spring for our dog, Wilma, because she can't stand car rides. Sadly, it didn't work at all. She was just as anxious and stressed with it as she is without it. But, the store we purchased it from did let us take it back for in-store credit so that was a plus.

  9. Never heard of this device before, but I loved the videos. Second cracked me up at the end.

  10. Too funny! Maybe if you get the housekeeper you wont be bothered with the vacuum barks. Or vacuuming. Just a thought ;)

  11. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the car trip to Waco tomorrow!!

  12. I highly suggest Rescue Pet as well. ( I worked in a naturopathic office that used the human counterpart for some of America's highest stressed CEOs and decided to give Rescue Pet a try for my neurotic cat.

    I won't embarrass her by sharing her horrid behaviors for coping with stress, but I will tell you that this stuff works miracles and we no longer want to leave the cat on the side of the road. More importantly, it never altered her overall mood and energy like some of the medications we tried.

  13. ZOMG this is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time! I'm sorry about the Boom-I really hope it works in the car! My dog is a big lazy lump o' beagle mix who doesn't freak out too much-my biggest discipline issues deal mostly with curtailing the cat-poop snackage. Good luck in the car!


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