Sunday, July 24, 2011


Know what's funny?

Well, not so much funny ha-ha... More like funny get-your-shit-together-Kate.

Anyhoover... know what's funny?

When you don't post anything to the interwebs for, oh, say, 13 days or so, and people think it's because you are some sort of super special mysterious secret-keeper but it's really due to the fact that you've done nothing for the past 2 weeks but come home from work, peel off sweaty layers of light wool suiting, and lay under a ceiling fan in your underpants whilst solidifying the Official Rules of the Official Lost Drinking Game. 


{Drink whenever Sawyer invents a new nickname.}

{Chug when Sayid goes all War Crimes Sexy on someone.}

{Do a shot when a seemingly unnecessary expedition party is formed.}

{Toma una copa whenever Hurley sabotages any chance for an island-induced Master Cleanse.}

{A female cast member appears on screen outfitted as if Wardrobe took a bad trip to the Buckle circa 1998... IMBIBE, bitches!}

It's gotten out of hand, y'all.  I'm blaming Netflix On Demand - which I fully intend on milking for all it's worth until the September 1st Gougings begin.  I've got 4 seasons of Lost left... think I can manage it?

Aside from my sloth-ness, here's some Productivity(ish) Bullet Points:

- Meeting Miss Alice, who's just about the sweetest itty-bitty meatloaf I've ever had the pleasure of squeezing.  Bonus Points: She seemed to not hate me.  Extra Bonus Points: I got in a great chat with her mama whose move from the Big D to NE I still mourn.  It only makes sense that such a fabulous lady be blessed with such a fabulous baby!  

Baby Alice
{apologies for all the grain... Gloria's lighting scheme didn't mesh w/ the iPhone camera}

- Eatin' the shizz out of Maggie's Orzo Pasta Salad... as is becoming a summer tradition around these parts! Sweet Lord Jesus, I love this stuff. 

- Reading, reading, reading... Sarah's Key, The Girls from Ames, and - an old brain-massager - The Rainmaker have all made good company in this oppressive heat. 

- Picking a new rug!  It's finally coming together in our difficult living room... 

New rug

- Brainstorming shower ideas for another very special mama and her baby girl... I can't wait to share the invitations once everyone receives them {perhaps this Thursday for PPT...}.

- Prepping for my very first 1st-chair trial... which should last all of an hour or so... and perhaps end in a Default... but I'm pimping out my trial notebook and brushing off my vehement "Baylor lawyer" hearsay objections... you know, just in case. 

- Mentally playing "Would You Rather: Sayid or Jack Edition."

Aaaaaaaand we're off track again. 


  1. I'm glad you're alive. That is all.

  2. I L-O-V-E Lost, but I have to say the beginning was better than the end...I am anxious to see how you will feel about the ending..and you can totally finish it before September've got 6 weeks.

  3. Ok I feel better now, although I still wish you were a super secret-keeper! I have also started (but not yet finished) Sarah's Key!

  4. I LOVE Lost! My husband and I have watched all of the seasons... twice. It was a marathon effort, but so good.

  5. OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH what a good idea, watching Lost on Netflix! I'm totally copying, and I might play the drinking game too...

  6. Netflix on Demand has been the death of my productivity too! And, ya know what, I'm ok with that.

    Also, Jack vs. Sayid?? It's like Sophie's Choice. How more chicks on that island didn't end up knocked up, I'll never know. JUST SAYIN'.

  7. LOVE the rug and can't wait to see it in person!!

  8. Welcome back! I would totally take a cyber break for a LOST marathon, too. I just told Nick this weekend that I want to watch the series again -- start to finish. He didn't sound interested. Maternity leave activity, perhaps?

  9. I love the new rug! I think rugs can be one of the hardest things to pick out. I'm canceling Netflix before Sept. 1 too. I can't believe the price hike.

  10. Why choose? I want boooooth! (but if I really have to choose? Sayid fo sho.)

  11. Can't wait to see CSP's invites! Love her and am so excited for them. I'm sure they'll be fab.

  12. I know the Lost Drinking game to be true because of twitter :-) Hating the netflix cost increase, but I love that rug! I hope you post pics on how it's all coming together.

  13. How funny...I just made her orzo pasta salad today and I'm eating it right now for dinner! It's just a freakin' fabulous recipe!

  14. Um, yeah, Hi, GUILTY of thinking you were being a super secret keeper. (As you know.) But drafting a LOST drinking game in your underroos is an acceptable substitute I GUESS.

    Um, Jack or Sayid? Sayid.

    Sayid or Sawyer? Sawyer.

    But then again, we ARE trapped here on this island so there's time to make, uh, multiple decisions, if you will.

  15. I'm with ya on the strip off you clothes and lay under a fan every time you come in from outside. It's so stinking hot these days. Also, loving your new rug. I want to see the whole room!

  16. you can get through Lost, I'm doing the same with Arrested Development before we ditch netflix streaming...

  17. I am totally enjoying my Kate inspired blog break for lost marathon! I have barely blogged since June... and I'm kind of ok with it. I do miss my pals though. I'm going to be better about reading, even if I can't bring myself to write.


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